Southern Atlantic Polytechnic School Fees 2024/2025

As students plan for the academic year 2024/2025, understanding the school fees associated with attending Southern Atlantic Polytechnic is essential. This guide aims to provide a clear overview of the tuition and fees for different programs, accommodation options, and payment procedures to help you make informed decisions.

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Overview of Southern Atlantic Polytechnic

Southern Atlantic Polytechnic, located in Uyo, Nigeria, offers a range of academic programs from National Diploma (ND) to Higher National Diploma (HND) levels. This institution is known for its robust educational offerings in fields like science, business, and general studies.

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Detailed Breakdown of School Fees

The school fees at Southern Atlantic Polytechnic for the academic session 2024/2025 vary by program and student status:

  • Freshers: Estimated fees range between ₦100,000 to ₦150,000, depending on the specific program enrolled.
  • Returning Students: Generally, these students can expect to pay about ₦33,000.

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Other Payments and Fees

Beyond tuition, students may encounter various additional fees, which include:

  • Hostel Accommodation: Optional accommodation costs range from ₦18,000 to ₦30,000 per student.

Additionally, an acceptance fee of ₦20,000 is required for new students to confirm their admission status​ ​.

  • Registration Fee: ₦15,000 per semester
  • Library Fee: ₦5,000 per semester
  • Student Union Fee: ₦3,000 per semester
  • Medical Insurance: ₦10,000 annually

These fees are essential for accessing various services and facilities provided by the institution​​.

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Payment Procedures in Southern Atlantic Polytechnic

Payments of school fees should be completed early in the academic session to avoid penalties or loss of studentship. Southern Atlantic Polytechnic offers flexible payment options:

  • Full Payment at the Start of the Semester: Students can opt to pay the entire fee at once at the beginning of the semester.
  • Installment Payments: There are provisions for paying in installments, which can ease the financial burden over the semester.

It’s advisable to use the school’s official website for all payments to ensure security and proper recording of transactions​​.

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Understanding the fee structure and payment options at Southern Atlantic Polytechnic helps students and families plan effectively for their educational expenses. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask below. And if you find this article helpful, please share it with others who might benefit from this information.

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