AAU Aggregate Score for All Courses

If you’re aspiring to gain admission into Ambrose Alli University (AAU), it’s crucial to understand the admission requirements and how your Aggregate Score is calculated.

Your AAU Aggregate Score is a vital factor that determines whether you qualify for your desired course.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to calculate your AAU Aggregate Score, helping you plan for a successful admission application.

AAU Aggregate Score for All Courses

AAU Aggregate Score for All Courses

Step 1: Gather Your Scores

Before we delve into the calculation process, ensure you have the following scores ready:

  • Your JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) score.
  • Your AAU Post UTME (Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) score.

Step 2: Divide Your JAMB Score by 8

To begin, divide your JAMB score by 8. This step helps standardize your JAMB score for the calculation.

Formula: AAU Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score / 8)

For example, if your JAMB score is 200:

AAU Aggregate Score = (200 / 8) = 25

Step 3: Divide Your AAU Post UTME Score by 2

Now, divide your AAU Post UTME score by 2. This step is essential for determining the weight of your performance in the Post UTME examination.

Formula: AAU Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score / 8) + (AAU Post UTME Score / 2)

For instance, if your AAU Post UTME score is 60:

AAU Aggregate Score = 25 + (60 / 2) = 25 + 30 = 55

Congratulations, you’ve completed the calculation! Your AAU Aggregate Score, in this case, is 55.

AAU Aggregate Score for All Courses

While the general AAU Aggregate Score requirement is 70, it’s essential to note that specific courses may have higher aggregate score requirements.

Below is a table of the AAU Aggregate Score for various courses, based on the 2023/2024 admission requirements:

CourseAAU Aggregate Score
Agric-Economics and Extension70
Agricultural Science and Education70
Animal Science70
Applied Physics70
Business Administration70
Business Education70
Civil Engineering75
Computer Science70
Curriculum and Instruction70
Education and Biology70
Education and Chemistry70
Education and Economics70
Education and English Language70
Education and French70
Education and Geography70
Health Education70
History and International Studies70
Home Economics and Education70
Human Nutrition and Dietetics70
Industrial and Production Engineering75
Industrial Chemistry70
Industrial Mathematics70
Library and Information Science70
Mass Communication75
Mechanical Engineering75
Medical Laboratory Science80
Medicine and Surgery80
Metallurgical and Material Engineering75
Nursing/Nursing Science80
Physical and Health Education70
Political Science70
AAU Aggregate Score for All Courses

It’s important to remember that these are general guidelines, and the actual AAU Aggregate Score requirements may vary from year to year.

For the most up-to-date information, always check the AAU website.

By understanding the AAU Aggregate Score calculation and the specific requirements for your chosen course, you’ll be better prepared for a successful admission process.

Good luck in your academic journey!

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