Check ABSU Post UTME Result 2024 – Easy Steps and Updates

ABSU Post UTME Result: What You Need to Know

The Abia State University (ABSU) post UTME screening result for the 2023/2024 academic session has been released. As an aspirant who participated in the screening exercise, checking and understanding your result is very important.

In this detailed guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about the ABSU post UTME result – from how to check it to what the different status messages mean.

Whether you are looking to check your result for the first time or simply want a deeper understanding of what it all means, this article aims to provide you with the ultimate resource. Let’s get right into it!



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Overview of ABSU Post UTME Screening

The Abia State University holds its post UTME screening exercise every year for aspiring undergraduate students seeking admission into the university.

The screening helps the school select the most qualified candidates by assessing their readiness for university-level education. It involves sitting for a computer-based test (CBT) examination.

For the 2023/2024 academic session, the post UTME screening commenced on October 31st, 2022 and ended on January 31st, 2023. Two screening batches were conducted within this period.

The examination subjects vary depending on the candidate’s chosen course of study. However, English Language is compulsory for all candidates.

Now that the examination has ended, the next important step is checking your ABSU post UTME result online.

How to Check ABSU Post UTME Result

You can access and check your ABSU post UTME result online via the university’s portal. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Portal

Step 2: Provide Your Details

  • Enter your program choice (1st choice during registration).
  • Input your full name exactly as it appears on your application slip.
  • Enter your application number (14-digit pin printed on your payment invoice).

Step 3: Submit and View Result

  • Once you submit the details, your ABSU post UTME result will be displayed on the next page.
  • The result will show your test scores and admission status. Carefully go through to spot any errors.

And that’s it! Within a few minutes you can access your post UTME result from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

Understanding ABSU Post UTME Result Status Messages

After checking your result, it is normal to feel some anxiety over what the status message means, especially if it is anything other than “Admitted”. Here are some of the common status messages you may get and what they imply:


This is the best outcome. It means you scored the cut-off mark or higher for your chosen course and have provisional admission.

You will need to accept the admission offer online, pay the acceptance fee, and proceed with the admission process. Congratulations!

“Result on Hold”

This means certain aspects of your application are still being processed by the school. Your result has not been fully cleared yet.

The issues could include awaiting JAMB scores, O’level results upload, or others. You may need to provide documents or information if contacted by the school. Exercise patience.

“Not Admitted”

Unfortunately, this means you did not meet the cut-off mark for admission into your desired program.

While it may be disappointing, don’t lose hope! You may be eligible for other programs with lower cut-off marks. Explore all your options.

“See Admin”

This suggests there are certain issues with your result or application that need to be sorted out administratively.

You should visit or contact the admissions office as soon as possible to resolve the problems. Make sure you provide any information or documents requested.

“Under Investigation”

This means some areas of your application have raised concerns and are being probed further by the school.

It is likely an issue with your personal information, uploaded documents, or other verification matters. Respond promptly if contacted for clarification or evidence. Be honest.

Other Messages

Few other status messages like “Results on Hold for JAMB”, “See Head of Department”, “Disqualified” etc. may also appear. Whatever the case, reach out to the school immediately for guidance.

Do not panic. With proactive follow up on your part, any issues can usually be resolved or explained.

Next Steps After Checking ABSU Post UTME Result

The journey does not stop at just checking your post UTME result. Here are important next steps to take:

1. Accept admission offer (for admitted students)

If your status is “Admitted”, do not delay in accepting the provisional admission offer. This will reserve your spot.

Follow the admission acceptance procedure stated on the school portal. Make the required payments and provide any requested documents.

2. Await supplementary screening (if eligible)

If you did not initially gain admission, you may be invited for supplementary screening if you meet the minimum cut-off mark.

This gives another opportunity to be considered for admission. Look out for invite notifications from the school.

3. Change institution/course choices (if desired)

If you are dissatisfied with your result, you may opt to change your institution or course choices via JAMB.

Do this as soon as possible while admission opportunities into other programs/schools remain open.

4. Seek admission via direct entry (if qualified)

For some courses like Law, Medicine and others, you can seek admission into 200 level via the direct entry mode if you have certain qualifications.

Explore this option if you have a relevant diploma, NCE, or advanced levels. Each course has its direct entry requirements.

5. Work towards better grades and reapply

If you do not gain admission this year, keep pushing. Take time to identify your weak areas and work hard to improve your grades.

With higher scores, you stand a better chance of admission when you reapply in subsequent admission exercises. Stay determined!

FAQs About ABSU Post UTME Result

Here are answers to some frequent questions about the ABSU post UTME screening result:

When was the ABSU post UTME result released?

  • The results for the 1st and 2nd screening batches were released around January 2023. The exact dates were not announced publicly.
  • You are advised to start checking regularly from the third week of January onwards.

Can I check my result via text message?

  • No. ABSU does not provide post UTME results via SMS. You can only check online through the university portal.

What is the pass mark for ABSU post UTME?

  • The minimum cut-off mark varies across different courses. But you generally need a minimum of 180 in UTME and 50% in POST UTME to be eligible.
  • The higher your scores, the greater your chances of admission.

My result is not on the portal yet, what should I do?

  • If your result is not out long after the published release time, it likely means your screening outcome has some issues that need sorting.
  • Contact the admissions office immediately and follow up persistently. Provide any requested information/evidence to get it resolved.

I scored below the cut-off mark, can I still gain admission?

  • If your scores are lower than the stated cut-off mark for your program, your chances of admission are slim. However, there is still some hope.
  • If after supplementary screening there are still vacant spots, some low-scoring applicants may be offered admissions to fill the slots.


I hope this detailed guide provides you with a good understanding of the ABSU post UTME results process – from how to check, comprehending the various status messages, to next steps you should take.

The key is to act promptly as required. If admitted, complete your registration on time. If facing issues, follow up persistently with the school to resolve them.

Admission into any tertiary institution brings you closer to achieving your career goals. Never give up striving to secure a slot. Evaluate all options available to you.

With ABSU post UTME result out, this is both an exciting and anxious period for all aspirants. I wish you the very best. Keep your hopes alive!


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