Achievers University School Fees

In the pursuit of academic excellence, Achievers University stands as a beacon of quality education, offering a diverse range of programs to cater to the aspirations of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The fees for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session have been meticulously curated to ensure accessibility without compromising the standard of education.

Achievers University School Fees

Undergraduate Program Fees

Tuition Fee: Navigating Knowledge at N400,000 per Session

For those embarking on the exciting journey of undergraduate studies, the tuition fee stands at N400,000 per session.

This investment paves the way for a holistic and enriching academic experience that propels students towards their desired career paths.

Tuition Fees for Diverse Programs

In the realm of higher education, choosing the right academic path requires an informed understanding of the financial commitments that come alongside the pursuit of knowledge and skills.

At Achievers University, we believe in transparent communication regarding the financial aspects of your education.

This section of this post unveils the tuition fees for various courses and highlights potential additional costs, ensuring you’re equipped to make the best educational investment.

Clinical Fee for Nursing and MLS Students

Aspiring nurses and Medical Laboratory Scientists (MLS) are required to pay a clinical fee based on their level of study:

  • 100 – 200 Level: Navigating the Foundation at N25,000
  • 300 – 500 Level: Advancing Expertise at N150,000

Achievers university school fees for pharmacy

For aspiring pharmaceutical experts, the Pharmacy program beckons with a tuition fee of N400,000 per session, shaping the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Achievers university school fees for law

Law: Forging Legal Luminaries

Guiding future legal luminaries, the Law program demands a tuition fee of N400,000 per session, nurturing sharp legal minds and advocates for justice.

Achievers university school fees for computer science

Computer Science: Navigating the Digital Realm

In the dynamic realm of technology, the Computer Science program equips students with N400,000 per session, empowering them to navigate and innovate in the digital landscape.

Achievers university school fees for mass communication

Mass Communication: Shaping Media Mavericks

For those driven by the power of words and media, the Mass Communication program offers a tuition fee of N400,000 per session, fostering the development of skilled communicators.

Achievers university school fees for biomedical engineering

Biomedical Engineering: Merging Science and Engineering

At the crossroads of science and engineering, the Biomedical Engineering program paves the way for groundbreaking innovations with a tuition fee of N400,000 per session.

Achievers university school fees for medical laboratory science

Medical Laboratory Science: Precision in Health

The Medical Laboratory Science program, vital for accurate diagnoses, requires a tuition fee of N400,000 per session. Clinical fees of N25,000 for 100-200 level and N150,000 for 300-500 level also apply.

Achievers university school fees for international relations

International Relations: Navigating Global Affairs

For those intrigued by international dynamics, the International Relations program demands a tuition fee of N400,000 per session, preparing diplomats of the future.

Achievers university school fees for medicine and surgery

Medicine and Surgery: Healing and Health

The prestigious Medicine and Surgery program, central to healthcare, necessitates a tuition fee of N600,000 per session, as students embark on a journey of healing and health.

Achievers university school fees for accounting

Accounting: Mastering Financial Insights

Guiding future financial experts, the Accounting program requires a tuition fee of N400,000 per session, cultivating astute minds in the realm of finance.

Achievers university school fees for engineering

Engineering: Constructing Innovations

In the world of innovation and infrastructure, the Engineering program equips students with skills through a tuition fee of N400,000 per session, enabling the creation of tomorrow’s technological marvels.

Additional Fees for Comprehensive Support

In addition to the tuition and clinical fees, Achievers University has thoughtfully designed a range of fees to enhance the overall learning environment:

  • Examination Fee: Nurturing Assessment Excellence at N10,000
  • Library Fee: Accessing Knowledge Hub at N5,000
  • ICT Fee: Embracing Technological Advancements at N5,000
  • Sports Fee: Fostering Health and Wellness at N5,000
  • Security Fee: Ensuring Campus Safety at N5,000
  • Medical Fee: Prioritizing Health and Well-being at N5,000

Accommodation Options for a Home Away from Home

Achievers University provides students with comfortable and conducive living spaces, fostering a nurturing environment for learning and personal growth. Here are the accommodation options available:

  • 2-Bed Space Room (Executive): Elevating Comfort at N500,000
  • 2-Bed Space Room (Premium): Balancing Comfort and Affordability at N350,000
  • 4-Bed Space Room: Community Living at N200,000
  • 6-Bed Space Room: Shared Space, Shared Experiences at N150,000

Postgraduate Program Fees: Nurturing Expertise

For those who have set their sights on postgraduate studies, Achievers University offers a range of programs designed to elevate expertise and expand horizons.

The fee structure for the postgraduate programs is as follows:

  • Tuition Fee: Investing in Excellence at N150,000 per Semester

Comprehensive Support for Postgraduate Scholars

The commitment to providing an enriching academic environment extends to the postgraduate realm as well.

Similar to the undergraduate fees, postgraduate students are also required to pay the following fees:

  • Examination Fee: Assessing Academic Progress at N10,000
  • Library Fee: Extensive Resources at Your Fingertips at N5,000
  • ICT Fee: Technological Advancements for Research at N5,000
  • Sports Fee: Wellness and Recreation at N5,000
  • Security Fee: Ensuring a Secure Campus at N5,000
  • Medical Fee: Health and Well-being Prioritized at N5,000

Early Birds Reap Rewards

For those who believe in the power of seizing opportunities, Achievers University rewards early birds with discounts.

During the registration period, students who make full payments of their fees are eligible for a 5% discount on the tuition fee.

This not only recognizes proactive commitment but also offers financial relief to eager learners.

Stay Informed: Fees and Flexibility

It’s important to note that fees are subject to change.

To stay updated with the latest information and ensure you have the most accurate details regarding the fee structure, kindly visit the official Achievers University website.

By staying informed, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your educational journey without any surprises.

Navigating Financial Information

For a comprehensive breakdown of tuition fees, additional costs, and scholarship opportunities, we invite you to explore the Achievers University website’s Fees and Scholarship section. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you’re equipped with all the information you need to embark on your educational journey confidently.


In conclusion, investing in education is an investment in yourself.

By understanding the financial aspects of your chosen academic path, you’re poised to make well-informed decisions that align with your aspirations and potential.

Achievers University stands as your partner in this transformative journey, providing the insights you need to succeed in both education and life.

Achievers University is dedicated to fostering an environment of educational excellence and accessibility.

The carefully structured fee system ensures that both undergraduate and postgraduate students receive top-notch education, comprehensive support, and the opportunity to thrive.

As you prepare to embark on this exciting chapter, remember that your investment in education is an investment in your future.


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