Ajayi Polytechnic School Fees 2024/2025

In this latest blog post, we are providing you with details of Ajayi Polytechnic school fees for the academic session 2024/2025. Aiming to provide prospective and current students with essential financial planning information, this post breaks down the fees payable by Ajayi Polytechnic students.

Whether you’re a new student or returning for another year, this guide will help you navigate the payment process smoothly.

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Overview of Ajayi Polytechnic

Ajayi Polytechnic, located in Ikere, is renowned for its commitment to providing quality education across various ND and HND programs. The institution caters to both fresh and returning students, offering courses in Science & Technology, Arts & Social Sciences.

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Detailed Breakdown of School Fees

For the academic session of 2024/2025, Ajayi Polytechnic has set the school fees at approximately N50,000 for new students. Returning students, on the other hand, are expected to pay N33,000. It’s important to note that these fees cover the tuition for the entire academic session, not per semester, emphasizing the institution’s affordability and value​​​​.

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Other Payments

In addition to the standard tuition fees, all newly admitted students must pay an acceptance fee of N20,000. This non-refundable fee secures your admission spot within the institution​​. However, It Is Advisable to Check directly with the institution for the most accurate figure.

The sources did not specify hostel accommodation fees, so students interested in residing on campus should contact the institution directly for the most current information​​.

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Ajayi Polytechnic Payment Procedure

Paying school fees at Ajayi Polytechnic is straightforward online. Students can access the school’s official website and log in or create a student ID to initiate the payment process. To avoid any complications, it’s crucial to follow the online instructions carefully and ensure payments are made directly through the school’s portal​​.

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Understanding the school fee schedule at Ajayi Polytechnic is essential for effective financial planning. With fees set at N50,000 for new students and N33,000 for returning students, plus a mandatory acceptance fee, the institution remains affordable for many. Remember, making your payments on time and through the official website is vital to ensure a smooth academic journey.

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