Al-Istiqama University School Fees

Step into a world where academic excellence and character development converge at Al-Istiqama University.

Our dedication to education is unwavering, and within our campus lies a haven dedicated to fostering learning and nurturing growth.

Al-Istiqama University School Fees

Transformative Programs: Crafting Futures at Al-Istiqama

Al-Istiqama University is a hub of learning that offers a diverse spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Each program is meticulously designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their chosen fields.

Unveiling Undergraduate Programs: A Tapestry of Opportunities

Our array of undergraduate programs is tailored to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and expertise in various domains.

Here’s a glimpse into the faculties and their associated tuition fees:

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Igniting creativity and critical thinking. Tuition fee: N500,000 per year.
  • Faculty of Science: Exploring the marvels of science. Tuition fee: N550,000 per year.
  • Faculty of Law: Shaping the future legal luminaries. Tuition fee: N650,000 per year.
  • Faculty of Medicine and Surgery: Cultivating excellence in medical practice. Tuition fee: N750,000 per year.
  • Faculty of Pharmacy: Laying the foundation in pharmaceutical sciences. Tuition fee: N650,000 per year.

A Spectrum of Learning: Nurturing Excellence in Diverse Domains

As you step into Al-Istiqama University, a world of boundless possibilities unfolds before you.

Our array of undergraduate programs is meticulously crafted, not only to provide education but also to nurture creativity, critical thinking, and expertise across a variety of domains.

Each program serves as a canvas where students can weave their dreams, explore their passions, and mold themselves into well-rounded professionals.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: Fostering Creativity and Critical Thought

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, students are invited to embark on a journey of self-expression and intellectual exploration.

This faculty is dedicated to igniting creativity and nurturing critical thinking, enabling students to delve into the realms of literature, philosophy, sociology, and more.

The tuition fee for this enriching experience is N500,000 per year.

Faculty of Science: Unveiling the Wonders of the Universe

The Faculty of Science at Al-Istiqama University serves as a gateway to unraveling the mysteries of the natural world.

Here, students have the opportunity to explore a myriad of disciplines, from biology to physics, chemistry to astronomy.

The tuition fee for this fascinating voyage of discovery is N550,000 per year.

Faculty of Law: Shaping Future Legal Minds

For those aspiring to contribute to the legal landscape, the Faculty of Law offers a platform to develop a deep understanding of legal principles and practices.

With a curriculum designed to sharpen analytical skills and instill a strong ethical foundation, students in this faculty are poised to become legal luminaries.

The tuition fee for this transformative journey is N650,000 per year.

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery: Nurturing Excellence in Healthcare

In the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, students are immersed in a realm where medical excellence is cultivated.

This faculty is dedicated to molding compassionate, skilled healthcare professionals who will make a difference in the lives of others.

The tuition fee for this noble pursuit of knowledge is N750,000 per year.

Faculty of Pharmacy: Building a Foundation in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Al-Istiqama University lays the groundwork for aspiring pharmacists to excel in the dynamic field of pharmaceutical sciences.

With a focus on the principles of medication, drug interactions, and patient care, students in this faculty are equipped to make significant contributions to healthcare.

The tuition fee for this foundational journey is N650,000 per year.

A Journey of Growth Begins

Each faculty at Al-Istiqama University encapsulates a unique world of learning and growth.

The tapestry of undergraduate programs is designed to foster expertise, nurture creativity, and ignite a passion for knowledge.

Whether you aspire to be a legal scholar, a healthcare professional, a scientist, or a social thinker, Al-Istiqama University provides the platform to shape your aspirations and transform your dreams into reality.

Uncovering Postgraduate Programs: Elevating Expertise

For those seeking advanced knowledge and specialization, Al-Istiqama University’s postgraduate programs provide a platform for growth.

Explore the offerings and tuition fees of our postgraduate programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Enhancing leadership acumen. Tuition fee: N650,000 per year.
  • Master of Science (MSc): Advancing expertise across diverse fields. Tuition fee: N650,000 per year.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Pioneering groundbreaking research. Tuition fee: N750,000 per year.

For the Pursuers of Excellence: A Gateway to Specialization

For those who harbor a thirst for deeper knowledge, a hunger for specialization, and a drive to explore the forefront of their chosen fields, Al-Istiqama University’s postgraduate programs stand as a fertile ground for growth.

With a commitment to nurturing advanced expertise and a passion for innovation, our postgraduate offerings pave the way for individuals to become true masters of their crafts.

Master of Business Administration (MBA): For Tomorrow’s Leaders

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Al-Istiqama University is designed for individuals who aspire to lead and innovate in the world of business.

As an integral part of your journey, this program not only refines your business acumen but also equips you with the skills required to excel as a visionary leader.

The tuition fee for this transformational experience is N650,000 per year.

Master of Science (MSc): A Journey into Expertise

The Master of Science (MSc) programs at Al-Istiqama University are an invitation to dive deep into your chosen field of study.

Whether you’re exploring the intricate realm of physics, the boundless possibilities of computer science, or the wonders of environmental sciences, our MSc programs empower you to become a true expert in your domain.

The tuition fee for this immersive journey is N650,000 per year.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Pioneering the Uncharted

For the intellectual pioneers and those with an unyielding curiosity for the unknown, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs at Al-Istiqama University provide the opportunity to blaze trails of groundbreaking research.

Whether you’re shaping the future of medical science, redefining the boundaries of social theory, or pushing the limits of technological innovation, this program empowers you to leave an indelible mark.

The tuition fee for this journey of pioneering research is N750,000 per year.

The Platform for Your Evolution

Al-Istiqama University’s postgraduate programs are not just about education; they are transformative journeys that elevate your expertise, expand your horizons, and enable you to contribute significantly to your chosen field.

We believe that true mastery is built upon a foundation of knowledge, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence.

A Future Defined by Expertise

As you advance through the corridors of Al-Istiqama University’s postgraduate realm, you are setting the stage for a future characterized by expertise, innovation, and the ability to effect positive change.

Each program is a bridge to the zenith of your potential, guiding you towards a future where you are not just a passive participant but an active shaper of the world.

A Holistic Approach to Education: Beyond Tuition

At Al-Istiqama University, we understand that education is more than just classroom lectures and textbooks.

We believe in providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience that extends beyond the realm of tuition.

Supplementary fees play a pivotal role in enhancing your journey of growth, ensuring that you receive not only knowledge but also a nurturing environment conducive to holistic development.

Unveiling the Components of Enrichment

Supplementary fees at Al-Istiqama University are a testament to our commitment to your overall well-being and academic success.

These fees contribute to the infrastructure, services, and resources that facilitate your educational voyage:

  • Acceptance Fee: N50,000
  • Registration Fee: N30,000
  • Examination Fee: N20,000
  • Hostel Fee: N1,020,000/session (inclusive of services, power and water supply, bedding laundry, meals, sports, library access, security, 24/7 clinic services).
  • Medical Fee: N10,000
  • Library Fee: N10,000
  • Sports Fee: N7,500
  • ID Card Fee: N2,000
  • Matriculation Fee: N5,000

Cultivating a Nurturing Environment: Hostel Fee

The Hostel Fee is a gateway to a secure and enriching living environment on our campus.

It covers not only accommodation but also a range of services that ensure your comfort and convenience.

From power and water supply to bedding laundry, meals, sports facilities, library access, security, and 24/7 clinic services, the hostel fee is an investment in your well-being.

Ensuring Wellness: Medical and Clinic Services

We prioritize your health and well-being, which is why the Medical Fee contributes to round-the-clock clinic services.

Your access to healthcare services ensures that you can focus on your studies with peace of mind, knowing that your well-being is our priority.

Access to Knowledge: Library and Library Fee

A rich repository of knowledge awaits you at Al-Istiqama University’s library.

The Library Fee ensures that you have access to a wide range of resources, from textbooks to research materials, that will aid your academic journey and help you excel in your studies.

Fostering Fitness: Sports Fee

Physical well-being is integral to holistic growth. The Sports Fee grants you access to state-of-the-art sports facilities, encouraging you to stay active, healthy, and balanced as you pursue your educational aspirations.

Identity and Connection: ID Card Fee

Your ID Card is not just an identification tool; it’s a symbol of belonging to the Al-Istiqama University community.

It grants you access to campus facilities and serves as a reminder that you’re an integral part of our academic family.

Celebrating Beginnings: Matriculation Fee

The Matriculation Fee marks the beginning of your journey at Al-Istiqama University. It’s a celebration of your commitment to education and the start of a transformative chapter in your life.

Investing in Excellence: Your Path to Success

The cost of your education at Al-Istiqama University is an investment that paves the way for your future success.

While the average annual cost stands at around N750,000, the total investment is subject to variations based on your chosen program and individual circumstances.

A Campus of Growth: Your Haven for Learning

Nestled in a dynamic and vibrant environment, Al-Istiqama University provides a secure campus that serves as the perfect backdrop for your educational journey.

Our mission is to equip you not only with knowledge but also with the values that will steer you toward personal and professional triumph.

Unveiling Our World: Discover Al-Istiqama University

For comprehensive insights into Al-Istiqama University, encompassing details about programs, campus facilities, and more, we encourage you to explore our official website.

Embark on Your Educational Odyssey: Your Future Awaits

Join us at Al-Istiqama University and immerse yourself in an educational journey that transforms your potential, nurtures your talents, and molds a future laden with success.

Your aspirations begin their realization here.

Conclusion: A Gateway to Excellence and Character

Al-Istiqama University extends a warm welcome, inviting you to a realm where academic excellence intertwines with character development.

With world-class programs, dedicated educators, and an environment that nurtures growth, we are here to illuminate your path to success.

Welcome to Al-Istiqama University, where knowledge shapes minds and characters.

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