Best Phone Network For Migrants To Get in the UK | Top 10 UK Phone Providers

Best Phone Network For Migrants To Get in the UK- When you arrive in the UK as a migrant, your first order of business is often to secure a reliable mobile network that meets your specific needs. Whether you’re there for work, study, or any other reason, having a dependable mobile connection is paramount. It not only keeps you connected with your loved ones back in your home country but also plays a crucial role in your seamless integration into your new surroundings.

With a multitude of mobile network providers vying for your attention, the question that looms large on Ngschoolboard is: How do you make the right choice?

This article on Best Phone Network For Migrants to get in the UK serves as your comprehensive guide to navigating the options and finding the best mobile network tailored for migrants in the UK.

Choosing the Best Network for Migrants to get in the UK

Here is what you should know when choosing the best network to get for migrants.

  • Consider Your Priorities

Before diving into specific networks, you need to identify your primary needs:

  • International calls

If you’ll be making frequent calls abroad, then consider networks that offer affordable international call rates or packages.

  • Data packages

If you’re more into browsing and using apps, prioritize networks that provide generous data allowances.

  • Coverage

Ensure that the network you choose has good coverage in your area, especially if you’ll be living outside major cities.

Best Phone Network For Migrants To Get in the UK
Best Phone Network For Migrants To Get in the UK

Best Uk Phone Providers For Students

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 UK phone providers that are both budget-friendly and offer fantastic deals for students. This guide aims to assist you in discovering the most suitable options without straining your finances.

Best UK Phone Providers


At the forefront of our lineup for the best phone providers catering to UK students stands Lebara.

Lebara emerges as an excellent choice, particularly for international students pursuing their studies in the UK. They offer flexible monthly plans and pay-as-you-go options, simplifying your ability to stay connected with your family and friends.

Lebara’s plans are intentionally crafted to be cost-effective and adaptable, presenting a range of options to align with your unique needs and budget constraints. Additionally, these plans follow a 30-day rolling format, granting you the freedom to modify or terminate your arrangement at any time, ensuring convenience.

Much like several other mobile virtual network operators, Lebara capitalizes on Vodafone’s 5G service, ensuring customers enjoy dependable and speedy coverage – an essential asset for all your academic endeavors.

As an added bonus, Lebara is currently extending a generous 50% Off deal on SIM Only Deals for students, allowing you to make significant savings. This makes Lebara a compelling choice for students seeking both affordability and versatility in their mobile phone provider. Get such deal here.

Tesco Mobile

At the forefront of our lineup for the best phone providers catering to UK students stands Tesco Mobile.

In the most recent customer service survey conducted by Ofcom in 2022, Tesco Mobile proudly claims the title of the UK’s premier mobile network.

Scoring an impressive 96% in overall customer satisfaction, Tesco Mobile has certainly earned its reputation.

What sets Tesco Mobile apart, especially for students, are the enticing deals available on both SIM-only plans and monthly contract phones. And for students, there’s an added bonus – their student discount, which translates to substantial savings on your mobile plan. Now, that’s an offer you wouldn’t want to miss!

But the perks don’t stop there. Tesco Mobile sweetens the deal by rewarding you with free Clubcard points every time you settle your phone bill. These points can be redeemed for discounts on your grocery shopping, fuel expenses, and even other rewards of your choice.

While it’s true that Tesco Mobile may not boast the fastest 4G or 5G speeds, its affordability quotient makes it an attractive choice for students seeking to stay within budget while enjoying reliable mobile services.


O2, a prominent player among UK mobile network providers, emerges as a strong contender, particularly for university students.

In the 2022 annual report from Ofcom, O2 secured an impressive 93% in overall customer satisfaction, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable choice.

O2’s network coverage spans 2G, 3G, and 4G networks across the UK, bolstered by O2 Wi-Fi services. It caters to a diverse clientele with offerings that include various phone contracts, flexible 12-month and 30-day SIM-only deals, and convenient pay-as-you-go plans.

What sets O2 apart is its knack for perks and discounts, notably through the widely acclaimed priority app. Exclusive to O2 customers, this app opens doors to early access for concert tickets, priority bookings at O2 venues, enticing discounts at places like Greggs, immersive entertainment experiences, and even pocket-friendly drink deals at local pubs. The range of possibilities seems boundless.

For students navigating the university journey, O2 offers extra deals and discounts, such as complimentary subscriptions to Disney+ and Amazon Prime – a definite yes, please!

However, it’s worth noting that 5G availability may vary by location, and while O2 offers a stellar experience, it may not be the most budget-friendly choice among phone providers. Nevertheless, the array of enticing perks makes it a compelling option to consider.


If you find yourself contemplating a switch in mobile phone providers and are uncertain about your choice, Vodafone stands out as an excellent option, catering to both UK students and international students alike.

Vodafone holds a prominent position among the Big Four mobile phone providers in the country and demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction with an impressive 92% rating in Ofcom’s annual report for the previous year.

When you opt for a Vodafone 24-month contract, you unlock some fantastic benefits. This includes the opportunity to enjoy complimentary access to platforms like Spotify, Amazon Prime, or YouTube Premium.

For students whose universities are part of Vodafone’s discount program, there’s even more to gain. You can seize a valuable 10% discount on selected airtime plans, pay monthly tablets, and SIM-only plans. However, it’s important to note that not all UK universities are enrolled in this program, so it’s wise to verify the details on the Vodafone website beforehand.

Regrettably, Vodafone may not be celebrated for its affordability, so if you’re seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, you might want to explore other options.

Nonetheless, Vodafone boasts impressive 5G speeds and draws strength from its status as the UK’s longest-standing phone provider, making it a dependable choice for those who prioritize reliability over cost.


If you’re pursuing your studies in the UK, EE emerges as a compelling choice among mobile phone providers.

EE, an integral player among the Big Four networks, came into existence through the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, eventually falling under the ownership of BT. This confluence of forces has positioned EE as the largest mobile phone provider in the country.

Much like Vodafone, EE boasts a commendable overall customer satisfaction score, registering at an impressive 92% in Ofcom’s most recent annual report. However, it’s worth noting that it scored slightly lower in the value-for-money department.

What sets EE apart is its reputation for delivering the fastest and most reliable connections, with 4G coverage extending to over 99% of the UK. This means you can enjoy blazing-fast speeds – an invaluable asset during your academic journey.

When you join the EE network, you gain access to an array of enticing deals. This includes a complimentary three-month subscription to the BT Sport app, as well as ‘Smart benefit’ rewards when you opt for a pay-monthly plan.

For those with a Student Beans account, EE extends an attractive 20% student discount on select phone plans and any SIM-only plan not already under promotion. This adds to the appeal of choosing EE as your mobile provider.


Three, one of the prominent Big Four companies, boasts extensive mobile network coverage exceeding 99% across the UK, rendering it a favorable choice for students pursuing their education here.

While Three presently provides 5G broadband services in select areas of London, the development of its nationwide mobile 5G network is ongoing, with promising claims of becoming the UK’s swiftest 5G network upon completion.

It’s worth noting, however, that in the previous year’s Ofcom report, Three received an overall customer satisfaction rating of 86%, which, in comparison to its counterparts among the Big Four, registers lower. Your choice among mobile phone providers may hinge on your specific preferences and requirements.

What sets Three apart is its remarkable affordability, underscored by an array of exclusive student discounts. These offerings include six months at half price for unlimited data tariffs, accompanied by a complimentary gift. Additionally, Three offers an unlimited SIM-Only plan at an economical monthly rate of £9.50 – a pricing structure that leaves little room for complaint.

Furthermore, Three extends its generosity to both Pay Monthly (including SIM-only) and Pay As You Go customers through its app, Three+. The app provides access to exclusive deals replete with perks from renowned brands such as Uber Eats and Cineworld, further enhancing the appeal of selecting Three as your mobile phone provider.

Sky Mobile

Another mobile phone provider that caters well to students is Sky Mobile.

Sky Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and utilizes the O2 network, ensuring consistent coverage.

When you’re a student, Sky Mobile’s plans offer excellent value for money. They provide a selection of flexible data plans, encompassing pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts. What’s more, the ease with which you can transition between plans or upgrade to a new device adds to the convenience.

Sky Mobile distinguishes itself by allowing you to carry forward any unused data to the following month or stow it away in a ‘piggy-bank’ for up to three years. This feature ensures that you get the most out of your data.

Moreover, Sky Mobile includes unlimited streaming on Sky apps, granting you access to your favorite movies and TV shows.

The package also includes the Sky VIP app, providing a host of exclusive perks such as complimentary cinema tickets, early access to film and TV show premieres, and other benefits.

It’s essential to note, however, that Sky Mobile does not offer unlimited data plans. If unlimited data is a non-negotiable requirement for you, it may be advisable to explore other options.


Among the multitude of mobile phone providers in the UK, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses, giffgaff stands out as a solid recommendation for students.

Giffgaff operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), leveraging O2’s network infrastructure to ensure consistent coverage and network quality, akin to Sky Mobile.

What sets Giffgaff apart is its remarkable customer satisfaction score of 95% in the previous year’s Ofcom report. It offers a range of flexible, budget-friendly plans, devoid of binding contracts. Additionally, giffgaff rewards its customers by allowing them to earn credit through friend referrals.

Giffgaff’s repertoire includes an array of adaptable and cost-effective mobile plans, encompassing pay-as-you-go, pay-monthly, and SIM-only options. Moreover, as a giffgaff customer, you have the opportunity to accumulate credit by referring friends to the service.

For students seeking to manage their finances prudently, Giffgaff proves to be a prudent choice, offering a plethora of economic tariffs. Furthermore, the assurance of fixed UK prices until the conclusion of 2023 allows you to make the most of your student loan without worrying about price fluctuations.

Asda Mobile

For students in search of an economical mobile network operator that delivers solid coverage and reliable customer service, ASDA Mobile is a noteworthy choice to explore.

ASDA Mobile functions as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and operates on the EE network. This means that customers can anticipate robust call signals and reliable 4G coverage.

The mobile phone provider extends a selection of pay-as-you-go and monthly contract plans, with the enticing inclusion of unlimited data plans, perfect for seeing you through the academic year.

ASDA Mobile further distinguishes itself by offering no-contract 1-month plans, granting you the flexibility to alter your plan whenever you see fit, without the constraints of a long-term commitment.

It’s important to note that ASDA Mobile does not provide student discounts or additional perks. However, for a cost-effective and dependable option during your university years, you can tap into their array of budget-friendly deals.

Additionally, you can leverage their app for account management, bundle purchases, top-ups, balance checks, and preference adjustments, enhancing your control and convenience.


Ending our exploration of the top phone providers for students is Vox.

Do you want to maximize your social media usage without depleting your data? Well, with VOXI as your mobile phone provider, you can do just that!

Similar to the other mobile virtual network operators we’ve discussed, VOXI relies on Vodafone’s network infrastructure, offering a robust 99% 4G coverage across the UK, with 5G access available in select areas.

VOXI takes a unique approach by providing flexible mobile plans that do not bind you to a contract and include unlimited data for both social media and streaming services. That’s right – your data allowance remains untouched.

This enticing feature alone might be reason enough to sign up, but there’s more in store. VOXI sweetens the deal with free gifts when you refer someone else, reliable coverage, rapid download speeds, and cost-effective plans.

As a VOXI customer, you retain the flexibility to purchase additional data or upgrade your plan at any time, offering adaptability should your needs change or you find a better value elsewhere.

Despite being a relative newcomer compared to other established UK phone providers, VOXI stands out as a superb choice for university students. Notably, they do not require a credit check, making the process hassle-free.

Contract vs. Pay-as-you-go (PAYG)

As a migrant, you may or may not have a credit history in the UK. Many network providers require a credit check for contract plans. If you’re new to the country, you might want to consider PAYG options or SIM-only deals, which don’t usually require a credit check and offer the flexibility of not being tied down.

Additional Services

Some networks offer added services such as money transfers or international TV streaming. If these services align with your needs, they could sway your decision.


Choosing a mobile network as a migrant in the UK involves understanding your specific requirements and aligning them with what providers have to offer. By prioritizing your needs and researching the features of different networks, you can find the perfect match to stay connected in your new home and with loved ones abroad.

Whether it’s the vast coverage of EE, the international advantages of Lycamobile, or the flexibility of a PAYG plan, there’s a suitable option for every migrant. Safe travels, and happy connecting!


How much money do migrants bring to the UK?

Immigrants from outside the EU countries made a net fiscal contribution of about £5.2 billion, thus paying into the system about 3% more than they took out. In contrast, over the same period, natives made an overall negative fiscal contribution of £616.5 billion.


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