Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees

When it comes to pursuing higher education, one of the most crucial aspects that both students and their parents consider is the cost of attending a university.

In this comprehensive guide, I will discuss the school fees for the Federal University Gashua in Yobe State for the 2023/2024 academic session.

I will break down the fees, discuss various components, and provide insights into managing these expenses.

So, if you’re planning to enroll or continue your studies at this prestigious institution, read on to get a clear picture of what to expect.

Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees

Federal University Gashua Yobe; Overview

Before I will go into the Federal University Gashua Yobe school fees, let’s briefly discuss about the history of the Federal University Gashua.

Federal University Gashua Yobe was established in 2013 under the visionary leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan.

FUGASHUA is a public university located in the serene town of Gashua, Yobe State, Nigeria.

Since its inception, this institution has rapidly evolved to become a prestigious name in the Nigerian education landscape.

it has rapidly become a hub for academic excellence, drawing students from various parts of the country.

However, let’s careful enumerate the Federal University Gashua School fees in the next paragraph.

Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees

As at the time of writing this post, the Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees for the 2023/2024 academic sessions are explained below.

Also, at the end of the discussion, you will also see the schools fees carefully summarized in a tabular form.

Acceptance Fee: The First Step

For new students seeking admission to the Federal University Gashua, the journey begins with the acceptance fee.

This initial payment serves as confirmation of your intention to join the university.

The acceptance fee for the 2023/2024 academic session ranges from N5,000 to N10,000.

It is a one-time payment and is non-refundable.

Tuition Fees: Investing in Education

Tuition fees are a core component of the cost of education.

For new students, the tuition fee for the 2023/2024 academic session at Federal University Gashua is N34,700, while returning students enjoy a slightly reduced rate of N26,700.

These fees cover the cost of instruction and access to academic resources.

Additional Fees for a Well-Rounded Education

Apart from tuition and acceptance fees, there are several other charges that students need to be aware of:

Examination Fee (N2,000)

This fee is levied to cover the cost of conducting examinations and assessments throughout the academic year.

Library Fee (N1,000)

Access to a well-equipped library is crucial for academic success. The library fee ensures that students have access to a wide range of resources, both physical and digital.

ICT Fee (N1,000)

In today’s digital age, access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is vital. This fee supports the maintenance and enhancement of the university’s technological infrastructure.

Hostel Accommodation Fee

For students who opt for on-campus housing, there are accommodation fees to consider. New students pay N25,000, while returning students pay N20,000. Living on-campus offers convenience and a supportive community.

Health Insurance Fee (N1,000)

Health is wealth, and the health insurance fee helps ensure that students have access to medical services and support when needed.

Sports Fee (N1,000)

Physical fitness and sports are integral to a well-rounded education. The sports fee supports the university’s sports facilities and activities.

Miscellaneous Fee (N1,000)

This fee covers various incidental expenses that may arise during the academic year.

Calculating the Total School Fees

To calculate the total school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session at Federal University Gashua, I will add up all the applicable fees.

For new students, the total comes to N64,700, while returning students will pay a total of N54,700.

It’s essential to budget accordingly and ensure that all fees are paid promptly to avoid any disruptions to your academic journey.

Here’s a Summary of the School Fees in a tabular form:

Fee TypeDescriptionAmount (Naira)
Acceptance FeeInitial confirmation of joining the university5,000 – 10,000
Tuition FeeCore component of education cost for new students34,700
Reduced rate for returning students26,700
Examination FeeCovers examination and assessment costs throughout the academic year2,000
Library FeeProvides access to physical and digital resources1,000
ICT FeeSupports maintenance of technological infrastructure1,000
Hostel Accommodation FeeFor on-campus housing: New students25,000
Returning students20,000
Health Insurance FeeEnsures access to medical services and support1,000
Sports FeeSupports sports facilities and activities1,000
Miscellaneous FeeCovers various incidental expenses during the academic year1,000
Total School Fees (New)Sum of all applicable fees for new students64,700
Total School Fees (Returning)Sum of all applicable fees for returning students54,700
Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees

This table provides a concise overview of the different fees associated with education at Federal University Gashua for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Now that you are aware of the Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees, can you now look at the faculties that made up the insitution?

The Faculties of FUGASHUA

FUGASHUA boasts five faculties, each dedicated to imparting knowledge and fostering intellectual growth:

1. Faculty of Agriculture

At the heart of FUGASHUA’s academic offerings is the Faculty of Agriculture.

Here, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive agricultural innovation in Nigeria and beyond.

2. Faculty of Art and Humanities

For those with a passion for the arts and humanities, FUGASHUA’s Faculty of Art and Humanities provides a nurturing environment for creativity and intellectual exploration.

3. Faculty of Management Science

The Faculty of Management Science prepares future leaders in business and management, offering a range of programs that instill the principles of effective leadership and strategic thinking.

4. Faculty of Sciences

FUGASHUA’s Faculty of Sciences is dedicated to scientific discovery and innovation.

With state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced faculty, it’s a hub for budding scientists.

5. Faculty of Social Science

Understanding human society and its dynamics is at the core of the Faculty of Social Science. Here, students engage in critical analysis and social research.

Do not stop reading yet, below is the cut-off marks for Federal University Gashua Yobe.

Cut-off Marks for FUTGashua Courses 2022/2023 Academic Session

The cut-off marks for admission to various faculties at Federal University Gashua for the 2022/2023 academic session were as follows:

  1. Faculty of Arts, Management, and Social Sciences: The minimum cut-off mark for this faculty was 140.
  2. Faculty of Science and Agriculture: Applicants to this faculty needed a minimum cut-off mark of 140.
  3. Faculty of Engineering: The cut-off mark for the Faculty of Engineering was higher, set at 160.
  4. Faculty of Health Sciences: For programs in the Faculty of Health Sciences, a higher cut-off mark of 180 was required.

Factors Influencing Cut-off Marks:

Several factors can affect the cut-off marks for FUTGashua courses, and these may vary from one academic year to another. Here are some of the key factors that can influence the cut-off marks:

Popularity of the Course: Courses that are in high demand or considered more competitive may have higher cut-off marks.

This is because there are usually more applicants vying for limited slots in these programs.

Availability of Spaces: The number of available slots in a particular course can significantly impact the cut-off mark.

If there are more qualified applicants than available spaces, the cut-off mark tends to be higher to ensure that the best-suited candidates are selected.

Performance in UTME: The overall performance of candidates in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) can also affect the cut-off marks.

If a large number of candidates perform exceptionally well, it may lead to lower cut-off marks.

University Policies: The university’s admission policies and guidelines can also play a role in determining cut-off marks.

These policies may change from year to year, leading to fluctuations in cut-off scores.

It’s important to note that cut-off marks can indeed change from one academic session to another based on these and other factors.

Therefore, prospective students are advised to regularly check the official website of Federal University Gashua for the most up-to-date information on admission requirements and cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session.

Staying informed ensures that applicants have the latest and most accurate information when applying for admission to their desired programs.

Just like I told you in the beginning that you will explore the Federal University Gashua Yobe in this post.

I will also like you to look into other components of the Federal University Gashua Yobe.

Diverse Academic Programs

FUGASHUA prides itself on its diverse array of academic programs.

Whether you’re interested in agriculture, engineering, sciences, humanities, or management, you’ll find a program tailored to your passion and career aspirations.

The FUGASHUA Experience

With a thriving student population of over 1,000, FUGASHUA fosters a vibrant and dynamic learning community.

The university campus, situated approximately 100 kilometers from Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State, is designed to provide an enriching educational experience.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

FUGASHUA’s commitment to quality education is evident in its well-equipped facilities.

Lecture halls equipped with modern technology, cutting-edge laboratories, extensive libraries, and comfortable hostels ensure that students have the tools and environment they need to excel academically.

Academic Excellence

While FUGASHUA is a relatively new university, its commitment to academic excellence has already garnered recognition.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings have placed FUGASHUA among the top 100 universities in Nigeria.

This is a testament to the university’s dedication to providing a world-class education.


One of the standout features of FUGASHUA is its status as a public university.

This means that tuition fees are relatively affordable, making quality education accessible to a broader spectrum of students.

That is not all. I want you to join me in reading the factors that you need to consider before seeking for admission in the Federal University Gashua Yobe.

Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees; Factors to Consider

When it comes to paying school fees at the Federal University of Technology, Gashua (FUTGashua), there are several important factors to consider.

Whether you’re a prospective student or a returning one, understanding these key elements will help you navigate the financial aspects of your education smoothly.

That been said, I will go into the various factors that influence the cost of education at FUTGashua and provide valuable insights to help you plan your finances effectively.

1. Your Chosen Course of Study

One of the primary factors that determine the amount you’ll pay in school fees at FUTGashua is the course of study you’ve enrolled in.

The university offers a wide range of programs, and the fees can vary significantly based on the field of study.

Generally, courses in fields like Medicine, Engineering, and Sciences tend to have higher tuition fees compared to Arts and Social Sciences programs.

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the fee structure for your specific course before planning your finances.

2. Your Level of Study

Another important consideration is your level of study within your chosen program.

Typically, students in their final year of study may incur higher fees compared to those in lower levels.

This is because final-year students often have additional academic requirements and expenses related to their capstone projects or theses.

It’s essential to be aware of these variations to avoid financial surprises as you progress through your academic journey at FUTGashua.

3. Freshers vs. Returning Students

Whether you’re a fresher or a returning student also plays a significant role in determining your school fees.

Freshers, who are new to the university, generally pay higher fees during their first year of admission.

Returning students, on the other hand, benefit from a lower fee structure once they are past their first year.

This distinction highlights the importance of financial planning for your initial year at FUTGashua.

4. Mode of Payment

FUTGashua offers multiple modes of payment for school fees, giving students flexibility in managing their finances.

You can choose to pay your fees in cash, by bank transfer, or through the university’s online payment platform.

Each payment method comes with its own set of procedures and deadlines.

Ensure you are familiar with the payment options available to you and select the one that aligns best with your preferences and convenience.

Additional Fees to Consider

In addition to the basic school fees, FUTGashua students may also encounter various miscellaneous fees that contribute to the overall cost of education.

These additional fees include:

1. Acceptance Fee

When you gain admission to FUTGashua, you will typically be required to pay an acceptance fee.

This fee confirms your intention to enroll in the university and secures your place in your chosen program.

2. Library Fee

The library is an invaluable resource for students, providing access to a vast collection of academic materials.

To maintain and improve library services, students are required to pay a library fee.

This fee contributes to the acquisition of new books, digital resources, and library infrastructure.

3. Examination Fee

Examinations are a fundamental aspect of academic life at FUTGashua.

To cover the administrative costs associated with conducting exams, students are charged an examination fee.

This fee ensures the smooth and efficient assessment of students’ academic progress.

Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees; Pros and Cons

Attending Federal University Gashua in Yobe State comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, particularly when it comes to the school fees. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Certainly, here are the pros and cons of the school fees at Federal University Gashua, Yobe, along with some tips for students facing financial challenges:


Affordability: The school fees at Federal University Gashua are relatively affordable, particularly when compared to fees at other federal universities in Nigeria.

This affordability opens up opportunities for students from various economic backgrounds to access higher education.

Comprehensive Coverage: The school fees encompass a wide range of services and amenities, including tuition, accommodation, library access, ICT facilities, and health insurance.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that students have access to essential resources and support during their academic journey.

Flexible Payment: The school fees are payable in two installments.

This flexibility in payment allows students to better manage their finances, making it easier to budget and plan for their educational expenses.


Financial Strain: For some students, especially those from low-income families, the school fees may still be too expensive.

This financial strain can create barriers to accessing higher education and pursuing their academic dreams.

Potential Fee Increases: There’s a concern that the school fees may increase in future years.

Such increases could pose challenges for students who are already struggling to afford their education, potentially limiting their ability to continue their studies at the university.

Additional Costs: While the school fees cover many essential services, they do not include all the costs associated with attending the university.

Students may still need to budget for expenses like textbooks, transportation, and other personal necessities.

Tips for Students Facing Financial Challenges:

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Explore scholarship opportunities and financial aid programs available both within and outside the university.

These can significantly alleviate the financial burden of school fees.

Discuss Payment Plans: Reach out to the university’s financial aid office to inquire about possible payment plans or fee waivers.

They may be able to provide options that make it more manageable for you to pay your fees.

Part-Time Work: Consider working part-time jobs or engaging in freelance work to earn additional income.

This can help cover your educational expenses and other personal needs.

Off-Campus Living: If possible, consider living off-campus to save on accommodation fees.

Shared housing or commuting from nearby areas can be more cost-effective options.

In summary, while Federal University Gashua, Yobe, offers relatively reasonable school fees with comprehensive coverage, it’s essential for students to be aware of potential future fee increases and additional expenses.

By exploring financial aid options, discussing payment plans with the university, working part-time, and making cost-effective living choices, students can better manage their finances and pursue their educational goals.

Federal University Gashua Yobe School Fees; Conclusion

In conclusion, understanding the breakdown of school fees is vital for both prospective and current students of the Federal University Gashua in Yobe State.

These fees contribute to the smooth functioning of the institution and ensure that students have access to quality education and essential services.

By being aware of the costs involved, you can plan your finances effectively and focus on your academic goals.

Remember that investing in education is an investment in your future, and Federal University Gashua is dedicated to providing you with the best opportunities for success.

Moreso, if you are seeking a reputable institution of higher learning in Nigeria, FUGASHUA should be at the top of your list.

With its diverse academic programs, exceptional facilities, and commitment to academic excellence, FUGASHUA is poised to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Explore your potential and embark on an educational journey that will set you on the path to success.

For more information about FUGASHUA and its programs, visit the official website

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the FUGASHUA community, where excellence is nurtured, and dreams are realized.

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