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In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, Nigeria proudly hosts the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun (FUHSI). Established in 2011 by the Federal Government of Nigeria, FUHSI has quickly risen to prominence as a specialized institution dedicated to the training of health professionals.

With a commitment to excellence in education, research, and innovation, FUHSI is poised to become a leading university in Nigeria’s healthcare sector.

In this post, I will take you deep into the history of the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun including the courses offered.

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About Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun

Health Sciences Courses Ila Orangun
Health Sciences Courses Ila Orangun

The Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun, stands as a shining beacon of educational excellence and innovation, lighting the way for the future of healthcare in Nigeria and beyond. With its dedication to quality, accreditation, research, and top-notch faculty and facilities, FUHSI is indeed a rising star in the realm of healthcare education.

A Glimpse into FUHSI’s History

FUHSI embarked on its academic journey in 2012 with the launch of three undergraduate programs:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
  2. Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNS)
  3. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS)

These programs formed the foundation upon which FUHSI would build its reputation for academic excellence and commitment to healthcare education.

Expanding Horizons: FUHSI’s Current Offerings

Fast forward to 2023, and FUHSI has expanded its offerings to include a diverse range of undergraduate programs, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the healthcare sector. These programs include:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS): The cornerstone of FUHSI’s offerings, producing future physicians dedicated to patient care and medical excellence.
  2. Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNS): Nurturing the next generation of compassionate and skilled nurses, essential to healthcare delivery.
  3. Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (BMLS): Equipping students with the knowledge and skills to perform vital diagnostic tests and contribute to medical research.
  4. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biochemistry: Bridging the gap between biology and chemistry, preparing students for roles in research and diagnostics.
  5. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Information Technology and Health Informatics: Fusing technology and healthcare, producing professionals adept at managing healthcare data and systems.
  6. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Microbiology: Exploring the microscopic world, training students for careers in research, microbiology, and healthcare.
  7. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physiology: going into the intricacies of the human body, producing experts in understanding physiological processes.

Accreditation and Quality Assurance

FUHSI takes pride in its commitment to excellence, and this is reflected in its accreditation status. The National Universities Commission (NUC) has granted FUHSI its accreditation, a testament to the institution’s commitment to meeting and exceeding the highest academic standards.

Moreover, all of FUHSI’s undergraduate programs have received accreditation from the relevant professional bodies, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared to excel in their respective fields.

FUHSI’s Research and Innovation Hub

A driving force behind FUHSI’s reputation is its unwavering focus on research and innovation. The university hosts several cutting-edge research centers, including:

  1. Center for Tropical Diseases Research: Pioneering efforts to combat tropical diseases that affect millions globally.
  2. Center for Maternal and Child Health Research: Advancing knowledge and practices in maternal and child healthcare, improving outcomes for mothers and infants.
  3. Center for Public Health Research: Addressing critical public health challenges through research and evidence-based solutions.

Researchers at FUHSI have made significant contributions to their fields, with publications in leading international journals and grants from national and international funding agencies. This dedication to research ensures that FUHSI remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Nurturing Excellence: Faculty and Facilities

Central to FUHSI’s mission is its commitment to nurturing excellence among its students. The university boasts a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members who are dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and guiding students toward success.

Furthermore, FUHSI’s state-of-the-art facilities are instrumental in providing a world-class education. These facilities include:

  • Teaching Hospital: Providing students with hands-on clinical experience and exposure to real-world healthcare settings.
  • Simulation Center: Offering a safe and controlled environment for students to practice and refine their skills before entering the field.
  • Library: A treasure trove of knowledge, stocked with resources to support research and academic growth.

A Promising Future

While FUHSI may be a young institution, its rapid growth and unwavering commitment to excellence in healthcare education and research have set it on a path to becoming one of Nigeria’s foremost universities for the training of health professionals.

As it continues to expand its programs, engage in groundbreaking research, and nurture the talents of its students, FUHSI is poised to unlock the full potential of Nigeria’s healthcare sector.

What are the Courses Offered in the Federal University of Health Science ILA Orangun?

Are you considering a career in health sciences? Look no further than the Federal University of Health Sciences, Ila Orangun (FUHSI). Let me take you into the myriad opportunities this institution offers in the field of health sciences.

MBBS (Medicine and Surgery)
B. Audiology
B. MLS Medical Laboratory Science
B. NSc. Nursing
B.Sc. Biochemistry
B.Sc. Information Technology and Health Informatics
B.Sc. Microbiology
B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics
B.Sc. Pharmacology
Health Sciences Courses Ila Orangun

Diverse Undergraduate Courses

FUHSI boasts an impressive array of undergraduate programs tailored to meet the demands of the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Here are some of the key programs offered:

1. MBBS (Medicine and Surgery)

Aspiring doctors can embark on their journey to save lives with the MBBS program, a cornerstone of FUHSI’s curriculum.

2. B. Audiology

For those with a keen interest in auditory health, the B. Audiology program equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to address hearing-related issues.

3. B. MLS Medical Laboratory Science

In the world of diagnostics, the B. MLS Medical Laboratory Science program trains students to become indispensable professionals who perform critical tests and analyses.

4. B. NSc. Nursing

Nursing is a noble profession, and FUHSI’s B. NSc. The nursing program ensures that graduates are compassionate and competent caregivers.

5. B.Sc. Biochemistry

Explore the intricacies of the human body at the molecular level with the B.Sc. Biochemistry program.

6. B.Sc. Information Technology and Health Informatics

In an age of digital healthcare, this program bridges the gap between technology and patient care.

7. B.Sc. Microbiology

Microbes hold the secrets to many diseases and the B.Sc. The microbiology program unravels these mysteries.

8. B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. This program trains students to promote well-being through proper nutrition.

9. B.Sc. Pharmacology

The B.Sc. Pharmacology program prepares students to understand the effects of drugs on the human body, a vital skill in modern medicine.

A Holistic Approach to Education

At FUHSI, education goes beyond textbooks and lectures. The university is committed to producing graduates who are not only academically adept but also compassionate healthcare professionals. The curriculum is meticulously designed to provide a strong foundation in basic sciences and clinical practice.

Students at FUHSI also have the unique opportunity to engage in community outreach programs and cutting-edge research projects. This hands-on experience sets them apart in the competitive world of healthcare.

The Path to Success

Graduates of FUHSI are highly sought after by employers in the healthcare industry. The university’s reputation for producing well-rounded, competent professionals ensures that its alumni are in high demand.

What are the Direct Entry Requirements For the Federal University of Health Sciences Ila Orangun?

Are you aspiring to join the ranks of healthcare professionals at the prestigious Federal University of Health Sciences Ila Orangun (FUHSI)? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Let me walk you through the essential steps and requirements to secure direct entry admission into FUHSI. Whether you’re interested in Medicine, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, or Biochemistry, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Basics

FUHSI is renowned for its commitment to producing top-tier healthcare professionals. To gain direct entry admission into this esteemed institution, you must meet specific criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

Here are the direct entry requirements for some of the most popular courses at FUHSI:

CourseDirect Entry Requirements
MedicineTwo ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry, plus ND in Medical Laboratory Science or Nursing
NursingTwo ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry, plus ND in Nursing
Medical Laboratory ScienceTwo ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry, plus ND in Medical Laboratory Science
BiochemistryTwo ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry, plus ND in Biochemistry or Biological Sciences
Health Sciences Courses Ila Orangun

Educational Requirements

To be eligible for direct entry admission into FUHSI, candidates must satisfy the following academic criteria:

  1. O’level Credits: You need a minimum of five (5) O’level credit passes in the following subjects:
    • English Language
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
  2. A’level Passes: You must possess two (2) ‘A’ level pass results. These may include ND (National Diploma) with a pass grade, accompanied by at least five SSCE (Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) credits. A majority of these credits should be passes.

Please note that the specific O’level and ‘A’ level requirements can vary depending on the course of study you are applying for. For precise details, we recommend visiting the FUHSI website or contacting the admissions office directly.

Direct Entry Requirements for Popular Courses

Now, let’s explore the direct entry requirements for some of the most sought-after courses at FUHSI:

1. Medicine

If your passion lies in becoming a medical practitioner, here are the prerequisites:

  • Two ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry
  • ND in Medical Laboratory Science or Nursing

2. Nursing

For those aspiring to join the nursing profession, the following criteria apply:

  • Two ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry
  • ND in Nursing

3. Medical Laboratory Science

If you’re interested in diagnostic medicine, here are the requirements:

  • Two ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry
  • ND in Medical Laboratory Science

4. Biochemistry

For those fascinated by the molecular world of biology, here’s what you need:

  • Two ‘A’ level passes in Biology and Chemistry
  • ND in Biochemistry or Biological Sciences

Applying for Direct Entry Admission

Once you meet the direct entry requirements for your chosen course at FUHSI, the next step is to initiate the application process through the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Here’s a brief overview of the application process:

  1. Obtain JAMB Direct Entry Form: Start by acquiring the JAMB direct entry form from authorized vendors or JAMB offices.
  2. Fill Out the Form: Complete the form with accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure that you provide all the required details correctly.
  3. Submit Academic Results: You will need to submit your O’level and ‘A’ level results along with the application form. Be sure to have these documents readily available.
  4. Application Submission: Submit your completed application form and accompanying documents to JAMB.

The Screening Process

Upon receiving your application, JAMB will forward it to FUHSI for processing. It’s important to note that FUHSI’s direct entry admission process is highly competitive. To maximize your chances of securing a spot, consider the following:

  • Maintain strong O’level and ‘A’ level academic performance.
  • Prepare meticulously for the screening exercise.


Securing direct entry admission into the Federal University of Health Sciences Ila Orangun (FUHSI) is an achievement that requires dedication and commitment. By meeting the specific educational requirements and excelling in the competitive screening process, you can pave the way for a promising career in the healthcare field.

Remember, the journey to FUHSI is challenging, but the rewards are boundless. Pursue your dream of becoming a healthcare professional with determination, and you may find yourself among the esteemed students of FUHSI. Best of luck in your educational journey!

Health Sciences Courses Ila Orangun


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