How To Link Email To JAMB 2024 Profile And CAPS

How To Link Email to JAMB 2024 Profile And CAP – For candidates who registered for JAMB 2024, you may have noticed that JAMB has stopped making use of email during the registration process. This was done to help candidates further secure their accounts and reduce the rate of data exposure during the JAMB registration process.

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In this article, we will guide you on how to successfully link your Email to your JAMB profile. If you don’t already have an email, you can learn how to create one here too. Furthermore, this article hopes to answer any related questions that you may have about how to link email to JAMB 2024 profile and CAPS.


What Is An Email Address?

Email or e-mail simply refers to Electronic Mail. Mail means message, and e-mail means an electronic message. This refers to messages sent and received using electronic devices. An Email Address refers to a unique address used to identify the receiver of an EMAIL.

What is a JAMB Profile?

A JAMB Profile is a personal account on the JAMB platform. Every Nigerian student seeking admission into a tertiary institution in Nigeria is required to have one. A candidate’s profile contains information about their person, academic history, and their participation in the JAMB UTME

Previously, during JAMB registration, candidates had to register with a valid email address which they could use to access their JAMB Profile on the JAMB portal. For JAMB 2024, profiles were created for candidates after they sent their NIN to 55019 via text message. Now candidates are required to link their email to JAMB to be able to access their JAMB profile and CAPS.

So how can you link your Email to JAMB in 2023?

How To Create Email Address For JAMB

To be able to link your email to JAMB 2024 profile and CAPS, you must, first of all, have a valid email address. Here’s how to create an email address (Gmail account) for JAMB (if you don’t already have one):

  • Go to
  • Click on “Create account”
  • Enter your first name and surname on the sign up form
  • Fill out the next form with your date of birth and gender
  • Choose an email address
  • Choose your password and confirm it
  • Next, enter your phone number to verify your account (You will receive a verification code from Google via text message.)
  • Accept the Google terms and conditions
  • With that, you have successfully created a Gmail account that you can use for JAMB.

Here’s why you should link your email to your JAMB 2024 Profile. Once your email is linked to your JAMB Profile and CAPS, you can:

  • Accept or reject admission 
  • Swiftly check your admission status.
  • Perform any data correction for incorrect data like your name or date of birth.
  • Change your first choice institution or course.
  • Pay and Print JAMB Admission letter
  • Pay and Print out Original JAMB Result
  • Check if your O’level result was uploaded successfully during JAMB registration.

Basically, anything that requires you to access your JAMB Profile and CAPS will require you to link your email to JAMB. Therefore, this is highly important.

Here’s everything you need to link your email address to your JAMB profile:

With SMS

  • Phone Number (the one you used during your JAMB registration)
  • N50 (for SMS)
  • A valid email address

Without SMS

  • JAMB CBT Center
  • A valid email address

Once you have your email, here are the different ways that you can link it to your JAMB 2024 profile and CAPS.

This is a step-by-step guide to link your email to your JAMB profile and CAPS using SMS

STEP ONE: Go to the SMS/Message App on your phone.

STEP TWO: Start a new message in the format Email, your email, your email. For example; Email, [email protected], [email protected].

STEP THREE: Send the message to 55019 or 66019 with the SIM card you used to create your JAMB profile. You will be charged N50 from your airtime balance for sending this SMS.

STEP FOUR: Login to your email account and look for an email message from JAMB. The message will contain a unique code in the format cand******. This is your password to login to your JAMB profile and CAPS.

STEP FIVE: To confirm that you have successfully linked your email to your JAMB, click here and enter your email address and the password you received in the form on the web page.

Please note that the SMS method is currently inactive. You can no longer link your email to JAMB via SMS. To Link your email to JAMB, you must visit an accredited JAMB CBT Centre.

Currently, this is the only available method to link your email to your JAMB profile. To do this”

  • Visit any accredited JAMB CBT Center.
  • Ask whoever is in charge of JAMB Operations that you wish to link your Email to your JAMB profile.
  • Give them your email address.

They will assist you in linking your email with your JAMB Profile and CAPS and help you access your password. You can confirm if it works by using the same process mentioned earlier. Candidates should please note that this service is free of charge. 

As it stands, Jamb has not set a deadline to link your email to your JAMB Profile and CAPS. Regardless, candidates are advised to do so as early as possible.

To link your JAMB CAPS email online, the only viable method currently is to visit an accredited JAMB CBT Center. There the operator will help you successfully link your EMAIL to your JAMB profile and CAPS.

Yes, You can link or update the email on your JAMB portal in two ways:

  • Send an SMS in the format “email, your email, your email” to 55019 or 66019 (this method is not currently active).
  • Visit an accredited JAMB CBT Center with a valid email address and ask them to link or update your email address on your JAMB profile.

How can I login to my JAMB profile without email?

This is not possible! You require a valid email address (username) and a password to login to your JAMB profile. That is why you must link your email to your JAMB profile. 

There is no deadline set to link your email address to JAMB.

Without linking your email to JAMB, you will be unable to access the online JAMB profile and CAPS platform where you can check admission status, accept admission, reject admission, and many other things.

How can I know if my email has been linked to JAMB?

To confirm if your email was successfully linked to your JAMB profile and CAPS, simply try using the email address and the password sent to login to your JAMB profile or CAPS.

No, There can only be one email linked to your JAMB profile.


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