How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

As a student of a university, it can sometimes feel like you’re working a full-time job, even though you’re spending money rather than earning it. Additionally, dealing with issues like Sapa while pursuing your education in Nigeria can even be more stressful than the usual challenges of the university life. Given these circumstances, it’s natural to be curious about ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, there are several avenues available to students for making money online. You can provide services such as content and copywriting, translation, or even start a blog. Another option is to offer online tutoring services. Additionally, you can explore opportunities in content creation, data entry, influencer marketing, or social media management.

This article will further explore the specific strategies and details on how to make money online as a student in Nigeria, whether you want to capitalize on existing skills or acquire new ones that can generate income.

How to Make Money Online as a Nigerian Student
How to Make Money Online as a Nigerian Student

11 Ways To Make Money Online as a Student In Nigeria

Here are 11 ways on How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

1. Graphic Design

As a college student, you have the opportunity to boost your income by taking on graphic designing as a side gig. This means you can create things like social media graphics, e-book covers, and even design t-shirts. With the right clients, you could potentially earn ₦100,000 or more just from your graphic design work, which can become a steady stream of passive income.

Both professional graphic designers and students can discover numerous job boards that offer design opportunities. Moreover, many companies are often in need of freelance or remote graphic design services. To get started in graphic design, it’s essential to gain a solid understanding of tools like Photoshop and Figma. Fortunately, you can learn graphic design through free courses available on platforms like YouTube and Udemy. Once you’ve acquired some basic skills and built up a portfolio, you can start offering your design services on websites such as Upwork and Fiverr, allowing you to earn money online.

2. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a method that allows eCommerce entrepreneurs to sell items without keeping them in stock. Here’s how it works: when a customer places an order in your online store, you contact the supplier, who then ships the product directly to the customer.

What makes dropshipping appealing to online entrepreneurs, including students in Nigeria, is that it demands very little upfront investment. You don’t need to worry about storing inventory or covering shipping costs. All you require to begin is a laptop and an internet connection. This is a viable path to earning money online as a student in Nigeria.

3. Forex Trading

Forex trading is about exchanging currencies, and it comes with a certain level of risk. To embark on your forex trading venture, you’ll require a broker with low commissions. Equally important is having a well-thought-out trading strategy and comprehensive risk management in place.

In the forex trading realm, there are numerous brokers to choose from. It’s crucial to verify their authenticity and carefully compare their features before making your final decision. This cautious approach is essential to your success in forex trading.

4. Sell eBooks Online

As a student, you acquire knowledge across various subjects and courses during your college journey. If you’re looking to earn money online in Nigeria as a student, consider creating and selling eBooks. You can become a freelance content writer and author these books to generate income. Your target audience can include individuals online or fellow students on your campus.

For a prime platform to sell your eBooks online and make money as a student in Nigeria, look no further than the Amazon Kindle store. It’s an excellent choice for reaching a wide audience. Additionally, you can set up accounts on Gumroad to connect with potential customers and sell your books. This approach presents a valuable opportunity for making money online in Nigeria while pursuing your education.

5. Blogging

Blogging offers a relatively straightforward way for students in Nigeria to make money online. This opportunity hinges on your command of language and grammar. You have the freedom to blog about any topic that interests you and establish your unique presence. For instance, if you possess expertise in dating and relationship advice, you can create content that helps people resolve their relationship issues.

You’re not limited to a single niche. Your choices span across various topics like investments, relationships, finance, religion, food, fashion, lifestyle, health, sports, literature, and more. You can begin with one niche and gradually expand your horizons as you become more proficient.

As a blogger, you can refine your content writing skills and offer your services to companies seeking blogs. Blogging is a blend of storytelling and providing structured solutions to problems. Consistency is key, so you’ll need to produce content regularly to build an audience.

To kickstart your blogging journey, consider platforms like Medium or Blogger, where you can post your content and start gaining traction. This method can be a rewarding way for students in Nigeria to earn money online while pursuing their studies.

6. Social Media and Influencer Marketing

In today’s world, social media boasts of billions of users worldwide. Social media marketing stands as a crucial pillar within the realm of digital marketing, and the demand for creative, innovative, and analytical professionals to excel in this field is steadily growing.

If you actively participate in social media and possess a knack for writing and an analytical mindset, you can generate income by crafting content for other brands and social media pages. As you accumulate skills, either through online courses or practical experience, you’ll have the freedom to select projects that align with your interests and work with preferred clients. The initial investment needed to kickstart social media as a side hustle for online income is relatively minimal.

Furthermore, you have the option to cultivate your own following on social media and emerge as a social media influencer. The influencer landscape is flourishing, and the criteria for collaboration with brands have evolved. While in the past, substantial follower counts were essential, nowadays, even influencers with a few thousand followers can secure brand partnerships.

Social media influencers generate income through brand deals, collaborations, and even by launching their own businesses. To embark on this journey, you’ll need consistent content creation and a basic production setup to commence. This avenue offers a promising opportunity for individuals looking to make money online through social media influence.

7. Start Tutoring

For those who are proficient in foreign languages or have a knack for subjects like art or math, online tutoring is a viable option. It serves as a practical side gig for college students looking to supplement their income.

If you’re a student with strong academic abilities, there’s a way to earn money by sharing your knowledge and teaching others. You can become a tutor by helping your peers with subjects in which you excel in or offering guidance to younger students for a fee.

You can decide whether you’d like to host webinars for potential students or provide one-on-one tutoring and mentoring sessions. Platforms like UpskillTutor and offer opportunities to connect with students seeking academic assistance. This avenue provides a tangible means for college students to earn extra money while helping others improve their academic skills.

8. Monetize Storytelling

We’re in an era where you can turn your thoughts into income, provided you can deliver content of a certain quality. One way to do this is by starting your own podcast and creating content that reaches listeners worldwide. You can make money through paid advertisements, donations from your audience, and by offering premium episodes.

Moreover, if you possess a distinctive voice, you can find online opportunities to narrate audiobooks or provide voiceovers for branded content and commercials. If you believe you can convey various tones such as conversational, authentic, friendly, and approachable, exploring audiobook narration can be a rewarding way to earn extra money on the side.

9. Monetize Language Skills

You can turn your language skills into a source of income by delving into proofreading. This option offers flexibility and is suited for college students, working professionals, and even stay-at-home parents. However, not everyone can be a proofreader; it requires a keen eye for detail and a strong command of the language to excel in this field.

Another way to monetize your language abilities is through transcription. If you possess the ability to listen and type quickly & simultaneously, transcription can serve as a profitable side hustle. Platforms like TranscribeMe allow you to earn dollars on an hourly basis. To maximize your success in this role, it’s essential to hone your language skills.

For those who are proficient in more than one language, translation can be a lucrative option. You can leverage these skills to provide translation services online, as there is a global demand for language services across various industries, including content, travel, tourism, and even the medical field. You can explore short-term language work on freelancing websites, often as gigs. If you’re seeking long-term partnerships, consider collaborating with translation agencies. This side gig can be pursued in your free time, making it a viable way for students in Nigeria to earn extra income.

10. Photography

If you’re into photography, that’s another way to make money online. You can sell your photos on the internet. Websites like Unsplash provide a platform for you to upload your pictures, which can then be used by people from all around the world. Furthermore, you can sell your art in both digital and physical formats. Take advantage of social media to showcase your art and reach a broader audience, opening up new opportunities for income.

11. Answer surveys and share feedback

You can use your phone to make money in Nigeria by participating in surveys and providing feedback. It’s a simple way to earn extra income. Several online platforms offer opportunities to complete surveys, read emails, and even play video games in exchange for rewards like freebies or coupons.

Beyond the monetary benefits, participating in surveys is also valuable because it assists businesses in improving their products to better meet the needs of their customers. You can also test apps and websites and share your feedback with major companies. Many online platforms offer incentives for users to provide feedback.

For students and anyone looking to make some extra money on the side, taking surveys and sharing feedback through your phone is a quick and convenient option to consider.

How Can I Make Money Online in Nigeria as A Student Fast?

While achieving instant wealth online is not realistic, there are strategies to accelerate your online earnings in Nigeria. Here are some tips to help you make money online faster:

A. Optimize Your Online Presence

Create a professional website or compelling social media profile that highlights your skills and expertise. Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your visibility in relevant online searches.

B. Harness Social Media Platforms

Engage with your target audience on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Build a loyal following by consistently offering valuable content and positioning yourself as an authority in your chosen niche.

C. Network and Collaborate

Connect with individuals who share your interests, participate in online communities, and seek opportunities for collaboration. Strong relationships can open doors to new ventures and enhance your online earnings.

D. Explore Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing remains a solid business model for buying and selling online. It’s beginner-friendly and doesn’t require prior experience. You can promote products or services and earn commissions for successful referrals.

Remember, while these strategies can expedite your online earnings, it’s essential to remain realistic and persistent in your efforts. Building a sustainable online income typically takes time and dedication.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria as A Student From Crypto in Nigeria

Here, in our rapidly evolving world, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a transformative force, reshaping our perception and handling of money. In Nigeria, the crypto industry has seen substantial growth, offering numerous possibilities for those looking to earn money online.

In this section, we will explore the world of crypto and discover how you can leverage digital currencies to chart your path towards financial success.

Prepare for an exciting journey of exploration, innovation, and potential!

I. Embrace Crypto Trading

Crypto trading has become a popular way to generate income online. You can profit by buying and selling digital currencies on exchanges, capitalizing on price fluctuations.

However, successful crypto trading demands a deep understanding of market trends, analytical techniques, and risk management.

Educate yourself on fundamental and technical analysis, stay informed about news and trends, and create a trading strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance.

With dedication, discipline, and emotional resilience, you can navigate crypto markets and unlock financial opportunities.

II. Participate in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

ICOs provide a unique chance to invest in promising blockchain projects in their early stages. Startups and companies issue their own digital tokens during ICOs.

Conduct research to identify projects that align with your investment objectives, analyze their whitepapers, and assess the credibility and vision of the team.

By investing in successful ICOs, you can potentially benefit from the growth of these projects and reap substantial profits over time.

Be cautious of scams and perform thorough due diligence before investing your hard-earned money.

III. Explore Crypto Staking and Masternodes

Crypto staking involves holding specific cryptocurrencies in a wallet and actively participating in the blockchain’s consensus mechanism to earn staking rewards.

Masternodes require locking a certain amount of cryptocurrency in a wallet to support network operations and receive regular rewards.

Research cryptocurrencies that offer staking or masternode opportunities and assess potential returns on your investment.

These activities can provide a passive income stream while contributing to the growth of blockchain networks.

IV. Leverage Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFi has revolutionized the crypto space by offering innovative financial products and services.

Participate in DeFi protocols to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies, provide liquidity to decentralized exchanges, or engage in yield farming by staking your crypto assets.

These actions can earn you interest, fees, or additional tokens as rewards. Be cautious about DeFi risks, including smart contract vulnerabilities and market fluctuations.

Educate yourself, start with smaller investments, and diversify your holdings to manage potential risks.

V. Engage in Crypto Affiliate Marketing

If you possess marketing skills and a passion for crypto, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative avenue.

Join crypto-related affiliate programs and promote products or services through your website, blog, or social media.

As you refer customers or generate leads, you can earn commissions or rewards in cryptocurrencies. Use your knowledge to educate your audience about crypto’s benefits and the services you endorse.

With strategic marketing efforts, you can build a loyal following and generate a sustainable income stream.

VI. Create Educational Content

The crypto industry is continually evolving, creating a demand for educational content that simplifies complex concepts.

Utilize your crypto knowledge and passion to produce educational content through blog posts, videos, or podcasts.

Concentrate on delivering valuable insights, explaining crypto-related topics, and guiding newcomers on their crypto journeys.

By establishing a robust online presence and becoming a trusted source of information, you can monetize your content through advertising, sponsorships, or donations from your dedicated community.

VII. Participate in Crypto Airdrops and Bounty Programs:

Crypto airdrops and bounty programs offer opportunities to earn free tokens or rewards by completing specific tasks.

Projects often distribute tokens to early adopters, community members, or contributors to their development.

Stay informed about upcoming airdrops and bounty programs, join relevant communities, and actively engage in tasks like sharing content on social media, creating videos, or providing feedback.

While rewards may vary, seizing these opportunities can help build your crypto portfolio.


The journey of making money online in Nigeria is a tapestry woven with emotions—excitement, anticipation, fear, pride, fulfillment, and everything in between.

Welcome these emotions, for they are the vibrant hues that paint the canvas of your online success story.

As you venture into this realm of boundless possibilities, allow your emotions to be your compass, guiding you toward greatness.

Have faith in yourself, believe in your abilities, and seize each opportunity that crosses your path.

The time is ripe. Unleash your potential, follow your passions, and forge a future where earning money online in Nigeria becomes your reality.

Embrace the rollercoaster of emotions, and remember that with every victory, every setback, and every leap of faith, you are sculpting a life that is uniquely your own.


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