JAMB Office in Adamawa State; Location & Time Open

Worried about where to find the JAMB Office in Adamawa State? In this blog post, we provide comprehensive information about the JAMB office in Adamawa State, including its location, operational hours, and contact details.

Adamawa State in Nigeria boasts of a vibrant and diverse educational landscape, significantly enriched by the presence of the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) office. This office plays a critical role in the state’s educational framework, especially in conducting university entrance exams and regulating admissions policies.

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Level of the JAMB Office Branch in Adamawa State

The JAMB Office in Adamawa State is a notable entity within the Northeast region of Nigeria. It is a part of the JAMB offices network spread across the 36 states in Nigeria, playing an essential role in overseeing the university admission process in the region.

Location of the JAMB Office in Adamawa State

Complete Address

The Office in Adamawa State is located at:

The JAMB office in Adamawa State is located at the Former Ministry Of Education, Sir Kashim Ibrahim Way, Jimeta-Yola, Adamawa State.

Operating Hours of the JAMB Office

Opening Days

The office is open from Monday to Friday, providing services throughout the typical workweek.

Opening Hours

The office starts its operations at 9 AM each day, catering to a broad range of services related to university admissions and examinations.

Closing Time

The closing time for the office is at 4 PM. However, it is advisable to confirm specific closing times as they might vary​​.

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Contacting the JAMB Office in Adamawa State

Phone Number

For direct inquiries, the office can be reached at: 08166335513.

Customer Care

The customer care line is: 0700-JAMB-ADA, 0700-5262-232

Official Email Address

For email correspondence, the official email address is: [email protected]​​​​.

Official Website

Further information can be obtained from the JAMB website: www.jamb.gov.ng​​.

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Other JAMB Offices Near Me (Adamawa State)

For those in the vicinity of Adamawa State, other nearby JAMB offices are located in the Northeast states such as:


What is JAMB?

JAMB stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. It is a federal agency in Nigeria tasked with conducting examinations for university admissions and regulating tertiary education admission standards.

How to Register for the JAMB Exam?

Registration typically involves visiting an accredited JAMB CBT center. Detailed registration procedures are available on the JAMB website or directly at the JAMB office.

How Can I Get My JAMB Results?

JAMB results can be obtained from the JAMB office, though they are also available online on the JAMB portal.

What are the Necessary Documents for JAMB Registration?

The required documents include O’level results, a valid ID, and a personal email address. It’s recommended to check the latest requirements on the JAMB website.

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The JAMB Office in Adamawa State is a pivotal institution for students aspiring to enter higher education institutions in Nigeria. Its strategic location, coupled with defined operating hours and accessible contact details, make it an essential hub for addressing university admission-related queries and processes.

The office’s commitment to efficient service delivery underscores its role in the educational infrastructure of Adamawa State and its neighboring regions.

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