James Hope University School Fees

Welcome to James Hope University, a distinguished institution dedicated to academic excellence.

Our programs are tailored for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, providing a platform for growth and success.

James Hope University School Fees


Welcome to James Hope University, Lagos, an institution committed to excellence in executive education.

Our specialized Executive MBA programs offer unique opportunities for growth and advancement.

Programs Offered

Discover our diverse range of programs, including undergraduate and postgraduate offerings.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Tuition fee: N1,875,000 per year
  • Acceptance deposit: NGN 1,000,000 (deductible from overall tuition)
  • Pre-Credit Fee (MBA Flex only): NGN 125,000

Postgraduate Programs (MBA)

  • Total fee: N9,000,000 for the full 21-month program spanning five MBA semesters
  • Acceptance deposit: NGN 1,000,000 (deductible from overall tuition)
  • Pre-Credit Fee (MBA Flex only): NGN 125,000

Additional Fees

  • Registration fee: N30,000
  • Examination fee: N20,000
  • Hostel fee: N1,020,000/session (includes services, power, water supply, laundry, meals, sports, library, security, clinic access)
  • Medical fee: N10,000
  • Library fee: N10,000
  • Sports fee: N7,500
  • ID card fee: N2,000
  • Matriculation fee: N5,000

Total Cost

The overall expense of studying at James Hope University varies based on your program and individual circumstances.

On average, the cost per year is approximately N3,000,000.

Application of Fees

The acceptance deposit can be deducted from the total tuition, ensuring a seamless financial process.

Stay Informed

Please be aware that the fees provided pertain to the academic session.

Changes may occur, so it’s advisable to consult our official website for the latest fee information.

Application Deadline

For prospective students, the application deadline is crucial.

Stay updated through our official website for the exact deadline for the academic session.


At James Hope University, we’re dedicated to providing a conducive environment for education, growth, and development.

As you embark on this journey, remember that our programs offer transformative experiences.

Wishing you all the best in your academic endeavors!


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