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Nestled in the heart of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, the University of Jos (UNIJOS) stands as a beacon of academic brilliance and a testament to Nigeria’s commitment to higher education. Established in 1975, UNIJOS has evolved into one of the nation’s most esteemed institutions.

In this post, let us take an in-depth look at the university’s rich history, academic offerings, and its impressive contributions to both research and society.

Let’s embark on this journey of discovery together.

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About Unijos

University of Jos Courses
University of Jos Courses

The roots of UNIJOS run deep, dating back to its founding in 1975. Over the years, it has grown into a prestigious federal university, making its mark on the Nigerian educational landscape.

The institution’s legacy is firmly anchored in its dedication to academic excellence, and it has consistently delivered on that promise.

UNIJOS prides itself for the qualities outlined below;

Diverse Academic Offerings

At UNIJOS, academic diversity is a hallmark. The university offers a wide spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, catering to a plethora of fields. These programs encompass:

  1. Arts: UNIJOS is a nurturing ground for budding artists, providing them with the creative platform to hone their skills and express their talents.
  2. Humanities: The study of humanities thrives here, with programs that go into the essence of human culture, history, and philosophy.
  3. Social Sciences: UNIJOS is dedicated to producing graduates with a profound understanding of the social fabric and its intricacies.
  4. Natural Sciences: The university’s commitment to scientific inquiry and exploration is evident through its diverse range of programs in the natural sciences.
  5. Engineering: Pioneering innovations and technological advancements find their roots in UNIJOS’ engineering programs.
  6. Medicine: UNIJOS stands as a pillar in the field of healthcare, training the medical professionals of the future.

A Tapestry of Students

One of UNIJOS’ distinctive attributes is its student body, characterized by its size and diversity. The university welcomes students not only from various corners of Nigeria but also from other African nations and beyond. This diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences enriches the academic environment and fosters a global perspective.

The Pillars of Education

The heart of any academic institution lies in its faculty, and UNIJOS boasts a highly qualified and experienced faculty. Professors and lecturers here are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders and thinkers. Their expertise and commitment to academic growth play a pivotal role in shaping the future of UNIJOS graduates.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

UNIJOS is synonymous with modernity, evident in its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. From well-equipped laboratories to a well-stocked library, the university ensures that students have access to the resources needed to excel in their academic pursuits. Such amenities foster an environment where learning knows no bounds.

Vibrant Campus Life

UNIJOS doesn’t just focus on academics; it also values the overall development of its students. The campus is a hub of vibrancy and activity, with a plethora of student clubs, societies, and cultural events. This enriching campus life contributes to a holistic education, nurturing not just the mind but also the spirit.

A Legacy of Research

The significance of research at UNIJOS cannot be overstated. The university houses numerous research centers and institutes that engage in groundbreaking research across various fields. These research findings have a profound impact on the advancement of knowledge and the development of Nigeria as a whole.

A Commitment to Excellence

UNIJOS is more than just an institution; it’s a commitment to excellence. The university’s mission is to provide students with a high-quality education that equips them for success in their chosen careers.

Its dedication to academic rigor and a holistic educational experience sets it apart as a leading university in Nigeria.

What are The courses offered in Unijos?

Are you considering pursuing higher education in Nigeria? The University of Jos (UNIJOS) stands as a beacon of academic excellence, offering a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various fields.

The outline below provides a holistic educational experience by offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Let’s take a closer look at the diverse fields of study available:

Arts and Humanities

  1. English: The Department of English at UNIJOS offers a comprehensive study of the English language, literature, and linguistics.
  2. French: Explore the nuances of the French language, culture, and literature through the Department of French.
  3. German: Immerse yourself in the German language and culture with the guidance of the Department of Modern European Languages.
  4. History: UNIJOS’s Department of History goes into the past, offering an in-depth exploration of historical events and developments.
  5. Linguistics: Study the science of language, its structure, and its significance in society through the Department of Linguistics.
  6. Philosophy: The Department of Philosophy encourages critical thinking and philosophical inquiry.
  7. Religious Studies: Gain insights into the world’s diverse religions and belief systems with the Department of Religious Studies.
  8. Theatre Arts: UNIJOS’s Department of Theatre Arts nurtures creativity and hones the skills required for the performing arts.
  9. Visual Arts: Unleash your artistic potential and express yourself through various visual mediums at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts.

Social Sciences

Department NameDescription
AccountingEquip yourself with the principles of financial management and accounting.
Actuarial ScienceStudy the mathematics of risk, statistics, and financial theory.
Banking and FinanceExplore the intricate world of finance, banking, and investment.
Business AdministrationImparts knowledge in business management and strategy.
Business ManagementExplore the art of managing organizations and resources.
Criminology and Security StudiesUnderstand the intricacies of crime and security.
EconomicsOffers insights into economic systems, policies, and global trends.
Geography and Environmental ManagementExplore Earth’s landscapes, environmental issues, and spatial analysis.
InsuranceGain expertise in risk management, underwriting, and insurance policies.
International RelationsUnderstand international politics, diplomacy, and global affairs.
MarketingMaster the art of marketing strategies and consumer behavior.
Political ScienceStudy political systems, theories, and governance.
PsychologyStudy the human mind and behavior.
SociologyExplore the dynamics of society, culture, and social relationships.
UNIJOS Scoail Science courses

Natural Sciences

  1. Biochemistry: The Department of Biochemistry focuses on the chemical processes within living organisms.
  2. Biology: Study the science of life, from the smallest cells to the largest ecosystems, with the Department of Biological Sciences.
  3. Botany: goes into the world of plants, their structures, and functions in the Department of Botany.
  4. Chemistry: UNIJOS’s Department of Chemistry provides a thorough understanding of the central science.
  5. Computer Science: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed for the digital age through the Department of Computer Science.
  6. Geology: Explore the Earth’s structure, minerals, and geological processes with the Department of Geology.
  7. Mathematics: The Department of Mathematics offers a comprehensive study of mathematical principles and their applications.
  8. Microbiology: Study the microorganisms that play vital roles in various fields in the Department of Microbiology.
  9. Physics: Understand the fundamental laws governing the universe with the Department of Physics.
  10. Plant Science and Technology: Focus on the study of plants, their growth, and their applications with the Department of Plant Science and Technology.
  11. Remedial Sciences: Prepare for advanced studies in science with the Department of Remedial Sciences.
  12. Science Laboratory Technology: Acquire the skills and knowledge needed for scientific research in this department.
  13. Zoology: Study the diverse world of animals and their biology in the Department of Zoology.


  1. Civil Engineering: Learn the principles of designing and constructing infrastructure through the Department of Civil Engineering.
  2. Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Understand electrical systems, electronics, and technology with the Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
  3. Mechanical Engineering: Master the art of machinery and mechanical systems with the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  4. Mining Engineering: go into the extraction of valuable minerals and resources with the Department of Mining Engineering.


  1. Dentistry: The Department of Dentistry provides education and training in dental care and oral health.
  2. Human Anatomy: Study the structure and function of the human body in the Department of Human Anatomy.
  3. Medical Laboratory Sciences: Acquire the skills and knowledge needed for diagnostic testing in the field of medical laboratory sciences.
  4. Medicine and Surgery: UNIJOS offers a comprehensive medical program through the Department of Medicine and Surgery.
  5. Nursing: Develop the skills and expertise required for nursing in the Department of Nursing.
  6. Pharmaceutical Sciences: Study pharmaceuticals and the development of medicines through the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  7. Physiology: Explore the functions of the human body in the Department of Physiology.

Elevate Your Knowledge with Postgraduate Programs

In addition to its diverse undergraduate offerings, UNIJOS provides various postgraduate programs for those looking to advance their education. These include:

  • Master of Arts (MA): For those interested in the arts and humanities.
  • Master of Science (MSc): Ideal for science enthusiasts and researchers.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Unlock your potential in the business world.
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil): Dive deeper into your field of interest.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): The pinnacle of academic achievement.

For More Information

For specific details about the courses offered by each department, we encourage you to visit the official UNIJOS website here. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the programs available at UNIJOS, and for the most up-to-date information, consult the university’s website.

University of Jos Diploma Courses

The Diploma in Theatre Arts is a two-year program designed to provide students with a comprehensive foundation in the performing arts. This diploma program covers a wide range of exciting and creative topics, including:

1. Acting: Students learn the art of bringing characters to life on stage. Through a series of practical exercises and performances, you’ll develop your acting skills.

2. Directing: Gain insights into the art of directing, and understand how to guide actors to deliver compelling performances.

3. Stagecraft: Explore the intricacies of creating and managing the stage, from set design to lighting and sound.

4. Playwriting: Unleash your creativity by learning the art of storytelling through scriptwriting.

Practical Productions

One of the standout features of the Diploma in Theatre Arts at UNIJOS is the opportunity to participate in practical productions. This hands-on experience allows students to apply what they’ve learned in real-world scenarios, honing their skills and building a portfolio of work.

The Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The Diploma in ICT is a two-year program that equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of information technology. This comprehensive program covers a wide range of topics, including:

1. Computer Programming: Dive into the world of coding and software development. You’ll learn to write, test, and troubleshoot code.

2. Web Development: Master the art of creating websites and web applications, a crucial skill in the digital age.

3. Database Management: Understand how to design, maintain, and optimize databases, a foundational skill in data-driven industries.

Internship Opportunities

To prepare students for the real-world demands of the ICT industry, UNIJOS offers internship opportunities. During these internships, you’ll have the chance to apply your skills in professional settings, network with industry experts, and gain practical experience that can kickstart your career.

Admission Requirements For UNIJOS Diploma Programs

To be eligible for admission to the Diploma in Theatre Arts or the Diploma in ICT, there are specific requirements you must meet:

1. Educational Qualifications: Students must have a minimum of five credit passes in the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE) or the National Examination Council (NECO) Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). These credits should include English Language and Mathematics.

2. Audition Exercise: Admission to the Diploma in Theatre Arts is also subject to an audition exercise. This exercise evaluates your practical skills and passion for the performing arts.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re eager to embark on an educational journey that can open doors to exciting career opportunities, UNIJOS is the place to be. To get more details on the application process, admission requirements, and other diploma courses offered by UNIJOS, visit the official university website:

UNIJOS Official Website


The University of Jos (UNIJOS) offers a world of possibilities in higher education. With a commitment to excellence, a diverse array of programs, and a picturesque campus, UNIJOS is the ideal place to embark on your academic journey.

Whether you’re passionate about the arts, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, or medicine, UNIJOS has something exceptional to offer. So, why wait? Explore the opportunities at UNIJOS and unlock your potential today!

Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that step could be taken at the University of Jos.


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