Kola Daisi University Courses Offered

Courses Offered at Kola Daisi University

Kola Daisi University (KDU) is a leading private university located in Ibadan, Oyo State. Established in 2015, KDU has rapidly grown into a reputed institution offering academic programs across diverse fields. In this comprehensive article, we explore the different faculties at KDU and some of the major courses offered across undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels.

Kola Daisi University Courses Offered


Kola Daisi University School Fees

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Overview of Kola Daisi University

KDU’s main campus is located along the Ibadan-Oyo Road in Ibadan. It has a second campus located in Ashipa, Oyo State focused on the agricultural sciences. KDU currently has over 5000 students and around 250 faculty members.

The university is organized into the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Education

Additionally, KDU has a School of Postgraduate Studies offering masters and PhD programs. It also runs diploma and professional courses through the Institute of Professional and Executive Development.

KDU offers programs in diverse fields ranging from humanities, sciences, engineering, education, law and health sciences. The curriculum integrates theoretical learning with practical training to nurture professionals and entrepreneurs. KDU maintains collaborations with leading institutions globally and has a vibrant research culture.

Kola Daisi University Courses Offered

Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences– B.A. English Language and Literary Studies
– B.A. History and Diplomatic Studies
– B.Sc. Business Administration
– B.Sc. Economics
– B.Sc. Accounting
– B.Sc. Banking and Finance
– B.Sc. Mass Communication
– B.Sc. Political Science
– B.Sc. Information and Media Studies
– B.Sc. International Relations
– B.Sc. Marketing
Faculty of Law– LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws)
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences– B.Sc. Nursing Science
– B.MLS Medical Laboratory Science
– B.Sc. Public Health
– B.Sc. Human Anatomy
– B.Sc. Human Physiology
Faculty of Applied Sciences– B.Sc. Microbiology
– B.Sc. Biochemistry
– B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
– B.Sc. Computer Science
– B.Sc. Cyber Security
– B.Sc. Information Technology
– B.Sc. Software Engineering
– B.Sc. Physics with Electronics
– B.Sc. Mathematics
– B.Sc. Statistics
Faculty of Engineering– B.Eng. Civil Engineering
– B.Eng. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
– B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
– B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering
– B.Eng. Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Education– B.Ed. Early Childhood Education
– B.Ed. Guidance and Counselling
– B.Ed. Integrated Science
– B.Ed. Mathematics
– B.Ed. English Language
– B.Ed. Christian Religious Studies
– B.Ed. Islamic Studies
Postgraduate Courses– Master of Business Administration (MBA)
– Master of Public Administration (MPA)
– Master of Science (MSc) in Accounting
– Master of Science (MSc) in Finance
– Master of Science (MSc) in Economics
– Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing
– Master of Science (MSc) in International Relations
– Master of Science (MSc) in Nursing
– Master of Science (MSc) in Public Health
– Master of Laws (LL.M.)
Kola Daisi University Courses Offered

Next, we take a look at the major courses offered within KDU’s faculties.

Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences

This large faculty offers programs focused on arts, humanities, social sciences, media and management disciplines. Some of the key undergraduate courses offered are:

BA English Language and Literary Studies

This program covers English linguistics, phonology, syntax along with African and English literature. Graduates pursue careers in education, media, publishing etc. The program duration is 3 years.

BSc Economics

Students are grounded in economic theories, policies, models, metrics, forecasting and analyses. Graduates work as economists, analysts and policy researchers. BSc Economics takes 4 years.

BSc Business Administration

This program equips students with analytical abilities and leadership skills to take on managerial roles across diverse industries. Key focus areas are business, HR, marketing, operations, strategy etc. The program can be completed within 4 years.

BSc Accounting

Students gain expertise in financial accounting, management accounting, auditing, taxation, accounting regulations and systems. Graduates readily work as accountants, consultants, analysts etc. BSc Accounting program duration is 4 years.


This program equips students with legal knowledge across civil and criminal law, corporate law, litigation, etc. Graduates work as lawyers, legal consultants etc. LLB Law program takes 5 years.

BSc Mass Communication

Students are trained in journalism, advertising, public relations, developmental communication, broadcasting etc. Graduates find work in media, corporate communications etc. The degree takes 4 years.

BSc Political Science

This program focuses on political structures, theories, constitutions, international relations and diplomacy. Graduates take on roles in governance, research and public service. BSc Political Science can be completed within 4 years.

The Faculty strives to nurture professionals equipped to steer social development and governance.

Faculty of Law

The flagship program offered by the Faculty of Law is:


This 5-year program provides rigorous legal training covering litigation, civil and criminal law, corporate law, legal research etc. Graduates work as lawyers, legal consultants, academics etc. The program structure has already been outlined above.

The Faculty maintains robust links with the judiciary, law firms and corporates to provide holistic exposure to students. The curriculum keeps pace with global standards and development in jurisprudence.

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

This faculty offers programs focused on foundational medical sciences to prepare students for specialized healthcare careers. The major courses offered are:

BSc Nursing Science

This 4-year program equips students with skills in nursing care, public health nursing, midwifery, community health etc. Graduates readily find work as nurses and healthcare administrators.

BMLS Medical Laboratory Science

Students learn techniques and procedures involved in analyzing body fluids, tissues, cells etc. Graduates work as medical lab scientists and researchers. The degree takes 4 years.

BSc Human Anatomy

This program provides in-depth understanding of the human anatomy and its functioning. Graduates can readily pursue masters in medicine. BSc Human Anatomy program duration is 4 years.

BSc Human Physiology

Students learn about the normal functioning of the human body and its underlying mechanisms. This knowledge equips them for further specialization in medicine and healthcare. The degree program takes 4 years.

The Faculty provides students with the strong base to build successful careers in healthcare and medical research.

Faculty of Applied Sciences

This faculty focuses on programs in core science disciplines along with specialized fields like biotechnology, cyber security etc. Some key undergraduate courses offered are:

BSc Microbiology

Students study microorganisms, their genetic makeup, diseases, industrial applications etc. in depth. Graduates are equipped for R&D careers in pharma, food, biotechnology etc. BSc Microbiology program duration is 4 years.

BSc Biochemistry

This program covers biochemical processes, metabolism, enzyme kinetics, pharmacology, toxicology etc. Graduates work in pharma, research, diagnostics etc. The degree takes 4 years to complete.

BSc Industrial Chemistry

Students learn concepts of inorganic, organic, physical, analytical chemistry with a focus on industrial applications. Graduates are employed in process industries, manufacturing, testing labs etc. The program duration is 4 years.

BSc Cyber Security

Students are trained in cyber security concepts like network security, cryptography, digital forensics, ethical hacking etc. Graduates readily find work as security analysts, encryption experts, ethical hackers etc. BSc Cyber Security is a 4-year program.

BSc Computer Science

This program provides foundation training in software engineering, algorithms, operating systems, machine learning etc. Graduates build careers as programmers, system analysts, database experts etc. The degree program takes 4 years.

The Faculty strives to nurture tech leaders and researchers equipped to drive innovation.

Faculty of Engineering

This faculty offers comprehensive engineering training with exposure to practical applications. The major undergraduate courses offered are:

BEng Civil Engineering

Students undergo rigorous training in structural analysis, construction, hydraulics, environmental engineering etc. Graduates find work in construction companies, real estate etc. BEng Civil Engineering takes 5 years.

BEng Electrical/Electronics Engineering

This program grounds students in electrical power systems, transmission, electronics, control systems, instrumentation etc. Graduates are employed in power, manufacturing, utility sectors etc. The degree duration is 5 years.

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Students study mechanics, thermodynamics, automation, robotics, CAD etc. Graduates work in heavy industries, oil and gas, automotive sectors etc. BEng Mechanical Engineering program takes 5 years.

BEng Petroleum Engineering

This program focuses on upstream and downstream oil and gas operations like drilling, reservoir engineering, refining etc. Graduates find oil and gas careers locally and overseas. Degree duration is 5 years.

BEng Chemical Engineering

Students learn concepts like fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mass transfer, process control etc. Graduates work in process industries like oil, gas, fertilizers, pharma etc. BEng Chemical Engineering program duration is 5 years.

The engineering programs equip students for technology leadership roles in industries.

Faculty of Education

This faculty focuses on training quality educators for the school system across Nigeria. The major courses offered are:

BEd Early Childhood Education

This 4-year program prepares graduates to teach pre-primary and early primary classes effectively. Students learn child psychology, pedagogy, classroom management etc.

BEd Mathematics

This program equips graduates to teach mathematics competently across primary and secondary school levels. Degree duration is 4 years.

BEd English Language

Students are trained to teach English language and literature skills to learners. Graduates can teach across primary and secondary levels. The degree program is 4 years.

BEd Integrated Science

This program covers core science disciplines and pedagogy skills to equip graduates to teach integrated science in schools. BEd Integrated Science takes 4 years.

BEd Christian/Islamic Religious Studies

Students gain theological knowledge along with skills required to teach religious studies in schools. The degree duration is 4 years.

Through its education programs, the Faculty strives to nurture quality teachers.

School of Postgraduate Studies

KDU offers a wide repertoire of masters and PhD programs across disciplines through its School of Postgraduate Studies. Some of the popular postgraduate courses are:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc Accounting
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Economics
  • Master of Laws (LLM)
  • MSc Microbiology
  • Master of Public Health
  • MSc Nursing
  • Master of Education (MEd)
  • PhD programs in Management, Sciences, Arts etc.

The postgraduate programs aim to promote advanced learning and research.

Diploma and Professional Courses

KDU offers various diploma and professional certification programs through the Institute of Professional and Executive Development. Some examples include:

  • Diploma in Law
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Marketing
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Diploma in Media Studies
  • Certificate in Computer Programming
  • Certificate in Web Design
  • Certificate in Entrepreneurship

These career-focused programs equip students with specific skill sets aligned to industry needs.


Kola Daisi University offers a diverse repertoire of academic programs across humanities, sciences, engineering, law, education, management and health sciences through its 6 faculties. Students can find a program tailored to their career goals at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional certification levels.

The programs integrate robust theoretical training, practical learning and industry exposure. KDU maintains strong quality benchmarks and global partnerships to ensure its graduates are highly employable. Located in the educational hub of Ibadan, the university provides an enabling environment for students to realize their potential.

With its student-centric approach and future-focused programs, KDU is emerging as a leading choice for higher education in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries prospective students have about KDU’s programs:

What are the admission requirements for KDU programs?

  • Undergraduate: minimum of 5 credit passes in WASSCE/NECO including English, Mathematics and other relevant subjects. Good UTME scores.
  • Postgraduate: Minimum 2.2 grade in relevant bachelor’s degree along with UTME/GRE/GMAT scores where applicable.
  • Professional diplomas: Relevant bachelor’s degree or HND. Some programs specify subjects.

What scholarships are available at KDU?

Scholarships are offered based on academic merit, sports excellence, and financial need. Percentage of fees waived depends on criteria met.

Does KDU offer distance learning programs?

Yes, KDU offers distance learning degree programs in select courses. Students can pursue these programs remotely without attending on-campus classes.

What is the cost of studying at KDU approximately?

Tuition fees vary by program ranging from ₦250,000 to ₦500,000 annually. Accommodation and other costs are additional.

What student facilities are available on campus?

Library, laboratories, wifi, health centre, skill acquisition centre, cafeteria, bookshop, accommodation, sports and recreation facilities etc.

Does KDU have a law clinic?

Yes, KDU has a legal clinic that provides legal services to indigent community members along with hands-on experience to law students.

I hope these responses have addressed your key queries regarding programs offered at Kola Daisi University. Please reach out for any additional information required.


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