KUST Aggregate Score for All Courses – Admission Guide

Gaining admission to the prestigious Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST) involves meeting departmental and general cut-off thresholds.

Calculating your aggregate score is also crucial.

This definitive guide provides key details on navigating the KUST admissions landscape.

KUST Aggregate Score for All Courses


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Overview of Aggregate Scores

At KUST, aggregate scores determine admission eligibility for all courses. This score involves a weighted combination of examination results, calculated using formulas set by the KUST senate.

KUST General Cut-Off Mark

The baseline JAMB cut-off mark for KUST is 140. However, meeting this minimum score only makes you eligible for the post-UTME screening.

KUST Departmental Cut-Off Marks

In addition, KUST’s departments have stipulated their own minimum cut-off marks as follows:

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

  • Medical Laboratory Science: 200

Faculty of Agriculture

  • Agricultural Economics – 160
  • Animal Science – 160
  • Crop Science – 160
  • Soil Science – 160

Other competitive faculties/courses include:

  • Engineering – 180
  • Computer Science – 180
  • Microbiology – 180

Remember: Cut-off marks depend on demand, so aim higher to improve chances.

Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST) 2024-2025 Departmental Cut-off Marks

To unravel the intricacies of admission to Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST), understanding the departmental cut-off marks is pivotal.

These marks, reflective of the university’s academic standards, vary across faculties and courses.

Let’s explore the departmental cut-off marks for the upcoming 2024–2025 academic session in tabular format:

FacultyDepartmentCut-Off Mark
Allied Health SciencesMedical Laboratory Science200
ArtsEnglish Language and Literature140
ArtsMass Communication140
ArtsReligious Studies140
ArtsTheatre Arts140
AgricultureAgricultural Economics and Extension160
AgricultureAgricultural Technology140
AgricultureAnimal Science160
AgricultureCrop Science160
AgricultureEnvironmental Horticulture140
AgricultureSoil Science160
EducationAdult Education140
EducationArabic Education140
EducationBiology Education140
EducationChemistry Education140
EducationEnglish Language Education140
EducationGeography Education140
EducationGuidance and Counseling140
EducationHausa Education140
EducationMathematics Education140
EducationPhysics Education140
EducationPrimary Education140
EngineeringCivil Engineering180
EngineeringElectrical Engineering180
EngineeringMechanical Engineering180
Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Biology140
Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Management140
Management SciencesAccounting140
Management SciencesBusiness Administration140
Management SciencesMarketing140
Management SciencesPublic Administration140
ScienceComputer Science180
ScienceInformation Communication Technology180
Social SciencesEconomics140
Social SciencesPolitical Science140
Social SciencesSociology140
Kano University of Science and Technology (KUST) 2024/2025 Departmental Cut-off Marks

Please bear in mind that these cut-off marks represent the minimum requirements.

Admission to KUST is competitive, and actual cut-off marks may surpass these, contingent on the number of applicants for each course.

Aspiring candidates are encouraged to check the university’s website for the latest information on admission requirements.

Tips for Successful Application

  • Check KUST portal for updates
  • Review departmental requirements
  • Exceed set cut-off thresholds
  • Calculate and optimize your aggregate score

Gaining admission to KUST is competitive, but being an informed applicant will set you ahead of the pack.


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