Kwararafa University School Fees

Education is the gateway to a brighter future, and Kwararafa University understands the importance of accessible education.

While the school fees may vary based on the program, level of study, and individual circumstances, Kwararafa University strives to provide transparency in its fee structure.

As you embark on your educational journey, here’s a glimpse into the tuition fees, charges, and considerations at Kwararafa University.

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Kwararafa University School Fees

Tailored Tuition: Navigating Undergraduate Programs

For most undergraduate programs at Kwararafa University, the tuition fees are designed to be reasonable and accommodating.

The range for these fees spans from N200,000 to N300,000 per session, ensuring that quality education is accessible to a diverse student body.

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Elevated Pursuits: Postgraduate Endeavors

Postgraduate programs at Kwararafa University reflect a higher level of specialization and dedication.

As such, the tuition fees for these programs are set at a slightly higher range, varying from N300,000 to N500,000 per session.

Exploring Undergraduate Fees

Diving into the specifics, here’s a breakdown of the tuition fees for select undergraduate programs at Kwararafa University:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English: N200,000 per session
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: N250,000 per session
  • Bachelor of Agriculture in Animal Science: N300,000 per session
  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery: N500,000 per session

Beyond Tuition: Inclusive Charges

Kwararafa University’s commitment extends beyond tuition fees.

The school fees encompass various charges, contributing to a holistic educational experience.

These charges include:

  • Examination Fee: N10,000
  • Library Fee: N5,000
  • Sports Fee: N5,000
  • Medical Fee: N5,000
  • Identity Card Fee: N1,000

Navigating the Details

While the specifics of the school fees will be communicated in your admission letter, Kwararafa University advises students to fulfill their payment obligations promptly to avoid any penalties.

Exploring Beyond the Classroom: Additional Considerations

Apart from school fees, students should factor in expenses such as accommodation, textbooks, and other personal needs.

The cost of these extras varies based on individual lifestyles and requirements.

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Your Journey of Learning

Kwararafa University’s commitment to accessible education is evident in its transparent fee structure.

As you tread the path of knowledge, remember that education is an investment in yourself and your future.

Every step you take at Kwararafa University leads to personal growth, intellectual empowerment, and new horizons.


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