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LASU Cut-Off Marks for 2023/2024 Academic Session

The Lagos State University (LASU) recently released its cut-off marks for admission into various undergraduate programmes for the 2023/2024 academic year.

The cut-off marks serve as a benchmark for selecting qualified candidates for the limited slots across LASU’s diverse faculties and departments.

With over 60 undergraduate programmes spread across six colleges, competition for admission is usually stiff.

LASU Cut Off Mark For All Courses

Understanding LASU’s Admission Process

Before delving into the specific cut-off marks, it is essential to understand LASU’s admission process which consists of the following stages:

  • UTME: All applicants must sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) organized annually by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This is a standardized aptitude test used by universities across Nigeria for screening admission seekers. Applicants must score up to the prescribed UTME cut-off marks for their respective programmes before proceeding to the next stage.
  • Post UTME Screening: In addition to attaining the UTME cut-off mark, candidates must participate in LASU’s post UTME screening exercise. This consists of written assessments tailored towards respective programmes. The post UTME is aimed at further assessing candidates’ competence and readiness for university-level academic work. Applicants must attain the prescribed cut-off to progress to the departmental assessment stage.
  • Departmental Assessment: At this stage, candidates who have scaled the UTME and post UTME hurdles undergo oral assessments conducted within their proposed departments. The assessments focus largely on the special requirements of the specific programmes candidates are vying for. Meetings the departmental cut-off mark is mandatory to be considered for admission.

With this overview of LASU’s multi-stage admission process, let’s now examine the key highlights of the cut-off marks.

UTME Cut-Off Mark

LASU has prescribed 195 as the benchmark UTME score for all programmes except the following which have higher cut-off marks:

  • Medicine and Surgery: 200
  • Nursing: 200

While 195 marks the baseline, attaining it does not guarantee admission as candidates must also contend with other critical markers like the post UTME and departmental assessment.

The main subjects tested in UTME include English, Mathematics, and two other subjects relating to candidates’ proposed programmes.

Each subject carries a maximum possible score of 100 marks totalling 400 aggregate.

Post UTME Cut-Off Mark

The Post UTME screening cut-off mark varies across LASU’s programmes and colleges.

The lowest cut-off is pegged at 50% while the Medical Sciences and Engineering programmes have higher cut-offs of 60%.

Here is a summary of the Post UTME cut-off marks per college:

  • Management Sciences: 50%
  • Social Sciences: 50%
  • Arts: 50%
  • Education: 50%
  • Law: 55%
  • Engineering: 60%
  • Medical Sciences: 60%

While the post UTME is department-specific, areas covered cut across critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, computer proficiency, and communications skills relevant to university-level learning.

Departmental Cut-Off Marks

After scaling the UTME and post UTME hurdles, candidates face the final departmental assessment.

The departmental cut-off marks vary per programme as highlighted in the table below:

CourseUTME Cut-off MarkDepartmental Cut-off Mark
Aeronautic and Astronautic Engineering195200
Arabic Studies195200
Banking and Finance195200
Business Administration195200
Chemical Engineering195200
Civil Engineering195200
Computer Engineering195200
Computer Science195200
Criminology and Security Studies195200
Education and Counselling195200
Electrical and Electronics Engineering195200
English Language195200
Estate Management195200
Fine and Applied Arts195200
Fisheries and Aquaculture195200
Food Science and Technology195200
History and International Studies195200
Industrial and Production Engineering195200
Insurance and Actuarial Science195200
Library and Information Science195200
Marine Biology195200
Mass Communication195200
Mechanical Engineering195200
Political Science195200
Public Administration195200
Pure and Applied Chemistry195200
Religious Studies195200
Surveying and Geoinformatics195200
Theatre Arts195200
Urban and Regional Planning195200
LASU Cut Off Mark For All Courses

The departmental assessments focus on evaluating candidates’ basic academic competence and genuine commitment towards their intended programmes. Areas covered include essay writing, problem-solving, critical thinking, psychometric assessments, and hands-on practical demonstrations for programmes like engineering and others.

Attaining the stipulated departmental cut-off mark does not automatically guarantee admission. Other factors like the number of available slots, catchment areas, staff-student ratios, and gender balance, among others, come into play before final selections are made.

Candidates who meet basic cut-off marks across all stages but still don’t make the final list are placed on waiting lists and may be offered admissions subsequently to fill unexpected vacancies.


Lagos State University’s multi-layered admission process presents a rigorous mechanism for selecting the most deserving candidates for its diverse undergraduate programmes. By stipulating cut-off marks for UTME, post-UTME, and departmental assessments, LASU not only achieves merit-based student intake but also inducts candidates with the best likelihood of excelling academically.

However, attaining these cut-off thresholds does not suffice. Admissions seekers must distinguish themselves within the stiff competition by scoring higher cut-off marks.

Excelling in UTME subjects like mathematics and English offers an added advantage during selection. Balancing academic excellence with sound moral conduct also boosts prospective candidates’ chances.

As LASU’s programmes continue enjoying rising popularity evidenced by annual increase in applications, failure to meet basic cut-off marks eliminates candidates from the onset. Carefully selecting achievable programmes and meticulous preparation towards admission assessments remains vital. Of equal importance is completing application formalities accurately and on schedule.

With Nigeria’s tertiary institutions proliferating amid limited carrying capacities, admission to prestigious universities like LASU presents admirable career steps for discerning students. Meeting cut-off marks serve as the first of many milestones. Successfully transitioning through the coursework, research, revision, and examinations among other academic activities culminates in the ultimate goal – graduating as well-groomed, skilled, ethical and productive graduates.

For more information, visit the school’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does meeting LASU’s cut-off marks guarantee me admission?

No, meeting the UTME, post UTME and departmental cut-off marks does not guarantee admission. Several other factors come into play including number of slots, qualifications of other applicants, catchment area quotas among others before final selections are made.

2. Which UTME subject should I focus on most?

English and Mathematics are the most critical UTME subjects and also carry higher scores during grading. Excellence in them tremendously boosts prospective candidates’ chances while failure leads to automatic disqualification.

3. What is the difference between post UTME and departmental cut-off marks?

While the post UTME assessment is standardized written test, the departmental cut-off marks relates to oral assessments by particular departments. Both focus on evaluating readiness for academic work.

4. Does LASU accept awaiting O’level results?

No. All applicants must have their complete O’level results at the point of application. Minimum of five credits including English and Mathematics is mandatory.

5. Does LASU accept lower UTME scores for exceptionally gifted students?

No. All applicants must meet the base UTME cut-off mark of 195 or 200 for competitive courses like Medicine and Surgery regardless of special talents.

6. I scored LASU’s UTME and post UTME cut-off but missed the departmental mark, what next?

First confirm if your name appears on the waiting list by checking regularly. If not, applying in subsequent admission rounds or opting for another less competitive course whose cut-off you meet remains viable options.


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