LASUED Aggregate Score for All Courses

The Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) is a center of academic excellence, renowned for training quality teachers and educationists. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across diverse faculties.

With a competitive admission process, prospective students are evaluated based on performance in qualifying exams.

Unlike some other institutions with a fixed cut-off mark, LASUED utilizes a flexible scoring system where different courses have varying cut-off marks.

LASUED Aggregate Score for All Courses

An Overview of Aggregate Scores

Aggregate scores are used by many Nigerian tertiary institutions, including LASUED, to make admission decisions. This method involves combining an applicant’s scores from different exams and using the total weighted average.

The aggregate score gives admission panels a broader view of students’ capabilities since it incorporates multiple assessment results. Students applying to LASUED require UTME and post-UTME scores which contribute differing percentages towards aggregates as outlined below:

  • UTME Score: JAMB exam performance carrying 40% of the aggregate weight.
  • Post-UTME Score: LASUED’s post-UTME exam carrying the heavier 60% of the aggregate score.

By calculating in proportions, the aggregate score aims to build a complete academic proficiency profile essential for rating applicants seeking admission into competitive higher institution programs.

Calculating Your LASUED Aggregate Cut-Off Mark


Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score x 40%) + (Post-UTME Score x 60%)


  • JAMB Score is the UTME Exam score (maximum of 400 marks)
  • Post-UTME Score is the Post-UTME Exam score

Let’s walk through a sample calculation for an applicant gunning for a course with a LASUED aggregate cut-off mark of 50.

If the applicant scores 270 in JAMB scoring and 56 in Post-UTME, then:

JAMB Score = 270
Post-UTME Score = 56

  • Substitute into formula:
    Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score x 0.4) + (Post-UTME Score x 0.6)
    = (270 x 0.4) + (56 x 0.6)
    = 108 + 33.6
    = 141.6
  • The aggregate score is therefore 141.6

This candidate can be considered for admission since their 141.6 aggregate surpasses the hypothetical course cut-off of 50.

Meeting aggregate cut-offs is essential but may not conclusively guarantee admission alone. Factors like available slots and departmental entry requirements also come into play.

Range of LASUED Cut-Off Marks For Different Courses

To set cut-off marks, LASUED evaluates past performances in qualifying exams, number of available spaces per faculty, and specific department requirements per program. The more limited the slots or tougher the course, the higher the cut-off marks.

Below is an indicative overview of overall cut-off marks for different LASUED courses:

Competitive Courses

  • Medicine and Surgery – 80%+
  • Law – 75% +
  • Pharmacy – 70% +

Intermediate Courses

  • Engineering – 65%
  • Computer Science – 60%
  • Accounting – 55%

Less Competitive Courses

  • Mass Communication – 50%
  • Business Administration – 50%
  • Economics – 50%
  • Political Science – 50%

For any clarification on applicable cut-offs, applicants should crosscheck annually updated admission information and specific program requirements on the official LASUED website.

SEE LASUED Portal: Admission | Student | Screening


Calculating one’s personal aggregate score by substituting actual JAMB and post-UTME performance into the aggregate formula is key to assessing qualification for desired LASUED courses.

Applicants should strategically aspire towards programs aligned with their capability while working hard to exceed advertised cut-off marks to receive admission from Nigeria’s pioneering specialized university of education.


What is the pass mark for LASUED?

There is no uniform pass mark across board. Every LASUED course has its own cut-off aggregate score that applicants have to equal or exceed to be eligible. Competitive courses have higher cut-offs.

Which exam is weighted higher between JAMB vs Post-UTME?

The Post-UTME exam holds a 60% weight in the aggregate score versus JAMB’s 40% for LASUED admission consideration.

Does LASUED have the same cut-off aggregate for all courses?

No, cut-off marks vary widely ranging from 50% for less competitive courses to 80%+ for highly competitive programs like Medicine. Applicants must meet course-specific requirements.

If I meet the LASUED aggregate cut-off, am I automatically admitted?

Meeting the cut-off score does not conclusively guarantee admission. Space availability per department also determines intake. But higher aggregate scores strengthen admission chances.

Which has a higher cut-off – Medicine or Law at LASUED?

Cut-off marks at LASUED are generally highest for Medicine (80%+) followed closely by Law (75%+). However, small annual deviations are possible.


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