MAUSTECH Aggregate Score for All Courses

Gaining admission into Nigerian universities is highly competitive, and Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology (MAUSTECH) is no exception.

With its reputation for academic excellence and state-of-the-art facilities, MAUSTECH is one of the most sought-after technology and science-focused universities in the country.

As a candidate seeking admission to study at MAUSTECH, calculating your aggregate score accurately is crucial because it determines your eligibility and competitiveness.

This post provides a detailed overview of how MAUSTECH calculates aggregate scores for admission purposes and the minimum scores required for different courses.

MAUSTECH Aggregate Score for All Courses


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MAUSTECH Cut Off Mark For All Courses

What is an Aggregate Score?

An aggregate score refers to the total sum of a candidate’s scores from different exams used in the admission process.

It is a weighted average of the separate scores, calculated using a defined formula specific to each institution.

In MAUSTECH’s case, your aggregate score will be derived from two exams:

  • Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME): This is a national standardized exam you take to qualify for admission into any accredited Nigerian university. It tests your aptitude in a wide range of subjects.
  • MAUSTECH Post UTME: This is an internal screening exam conducted by MAUSTECH after the UTME. It focuses more closely on the specialty areas related to your desired course of study.

MAUSTECH’s Formula for Calculating Aggregate Scores

MAUSTECH uses the following formula to compute your aggregate score:

Aggregate Score = (UTME Score x 0.4) + (Post-UTME Score x 0.6)

As shown in the formula above:

  • Your UTME score contributes 40% to your overall aggregate score
  • Your Post-UTME exam performance contributes the remaining 60%

This weighting means your Post-UTME is more heavily considered during admission decisions, as it tests skills and knowledge more specialized to your particular program.

Let’s take an example:

  • UTME Score = 220
  • Post-UTME Score = 280

Plugging this into the aggregate score formula:

Aggregate Score = (220 x 0.4) + (280 x 0.6)

Aggregate Score = 88 + 168

Aggregate Score = 256

So if you scored 220 in UTME and 280 in MAUSTECH’s Post-UTME, your aggregate score for admission consideration would be 256.

Minimum Aggregate Scores for Different Courses

While 256 might be a competitive score overall, MAUSTECH sets specific cut-off aggregate scores for different courses below which you’d be ineligible for admission.

This table summarizes the typical minimum scores for some popular programs:

CourseMinimum Aggregate Score
Medicine and Surgery240
Computer Science200
Business Administration & Management190
MAUSTECH Aggregate Score for All Courses

Do note that these scores are the absolute minimum cut-offs*. To stand the best chance of admission, you should strive for significantly higher aggregates aligned to the competitive cutoff for your program and cohort.

MAUSTECH’s admission process is extremely selective – for instance, the 25th to 75th percentile aggregate score range for Medicine and Surgery admits is usually between 290 to 305. So while 240 might technically qualify you, your chances would still remain low.

How is Performance in Individual Exams Considered?

While MAUSTECH mainly considers your aggregate score during admission decisions, your performance in UTME and Post-UTME independently also matters.

Certain baseline requirements need to be met in terms of subject-specific cuts-offs within each exam type. Additionally, academy counsellors assess your component results to gauge skills and consistency.

Exceptionally brilliant performance in one exam can sometimes offset poorer results in the other to an extent. However, drastic mismatches in scores (e.g. acing Post-UTME but failing UTME) can also raise concerns regarding aptitude hence should be avoided.

Key Takeaways

To recap, the key highlights regarding MAUSTECH’s aggregate admission scores:

  • Comprises 40% of UTME score and 60% of Post-UTME score
  • Overall minimum aggregates vary across degree programs
  • You need both a satisfactory total aggregate AND pass criteria in individual exams
  • Strive for aggregates well above the minimum to gain a competitive edge
  • Exceptional results in one exam can potentially offset another poorer exam to some degree

I hope this detailed overview gives you clarity regarding MAUSTECH’s aggregate calculation methodology. Prepare smartly targeting well above the minimum scores levels to maximize your odds of admission success!

MAUSTECH Admission Requirements

As one of the most prestigious specialized universities in the country, Moshood Abiola University of Science and Technology (MAUSTECH) maintains strict, competitive admission standards aligned to international best practices.

In addition to meeting the aggregate score criteria outlined earlier, you also need satisfy various eligibility prerequisites to qualify for different academic programs.

Let’s explore MAUSTECH’s general and course-specific admission requirements in detail:

General Admission Requirements

There are a few baseline eligibility criteria mandatory for applicants to ALL courses at MAUSTECH:

1. Credits in Relevant O’Level Subjects

You must have a minimum of five (5) O’Level credits with a minimum of C6 grade or better. This is to demonstrate college readiness to be admitted to MAUSTECH’s rigorous curriculum in most disciplines.

The O’ Level subjects accepted depend on your degree program – relevant subjects aligning to your academic field are required. For STEM programs, credits in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry etc. are typically needed.

The table below summarizes common O’Level requirements:

CourseMandatory O’Level Credits
Medicine & SurgeryMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English
EngineeringMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English + technical subjects
Law & Social SciencesMathematics, English, Government, Literature, History
Management & BusinessMathematics, English, Economics, Commerce
General Admission Requirements

2. 180+ Score in UTME

You’re required to achieve a minimum score of 180 in the mandatory national UTME examination. While sufficient to meet eligibility criteria, scores above 250 are highly recommended to strengthen your candidacy during competitive review.

3. Passing Post-UTME

Finally, you must take and pass MAUSTECH’s internal Post-UTME screening, scoring above any cutoff and demonstrating aptitude areas relevant to your intended program of study.

Meeting these three criteria allows you to formally submit an admission application to MAUSTECH for assessment.

Program-Specific Requirements

Over and above the general requirements, certain courses have additional prerequisites you must meet:

Medicine & Surgery

  • 6+ Relevant O’Level Credits: Mandatory credits in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & English with high grades
  • Minimum UTME Score: 240
  • High Post-UTME Score with strong performance in domain areas like biology, sciences, quantitative reasoning, etc.


  • 5+ Relevant O’Level Credits: Including English Literature, History, Government etc. besides the mandatory Mathematics & English
  • Minimum UTME Score: 220
  • High Post-UTME Score with excellent results in aptitude, language, writing, logical reasoning tests

Engineering & Sciences

  • Technical O’Level Credits Required: Such as Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Woodwork, Basic Electronics etc.
  • Minimum UTME Score: 200-220 (varies across engineering disciplines)
  • High Post-UTME Score with outstanding quantitative, analytical, and science-based assessments

Management & Social Science

  • Relevant Arts/Commercial O’Level Credits: Such as Economics, Commerce, Accounting, Literature etc.
  • Minimum UTME Score: 180-190
  • High Post-UTME Score with strong critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, language skills, group tasks performance

As evident from these samples, program-specific cut-offs and eligibility criteria can differ significantly from the general requirements.

Application & Screening Process

Once you have reviewed the admission requirements for your desired program and ensured you meet ALL of them, you can proceed with MAUSTECH’s application and screening process:

1. Online Application: Submit required documents and forms on MAUSTECH’s admission portal before the published deadlines for your program.

2. Upload Credentials: Provide scanned copies of your O’Level results, UTME scorecard, birth certificate, passport photos as needed per portal instructions.

3. Pay Application Fees: Settle the non-refundable application fees payment as notified on the portal to activate your application.

4. Attend Post-UTME: If shortlisted, present yourself at the designated exam center on given date and time for MAUSTECH’s Post-UTME test.

5. Await Admission Decision: If you successfully clear the post-UTME cutoff for your program, await admission decisions from MAUSTECH within the the stipulated date.

6. Accept Offer: Accept the offer on the portal, pay fees as applicable, and proceed with enrollment formalities.

Each program’s application timeframe, requirements, and screening test patterns might differ slightly; please carefully go through MAUSTECH’s admission microsite for your course.

With meticulous preparation, perseverance and consistent hard work, I’m confident you have it in you to clear MAUSTECH’s stringent admission process.

All the very best!


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