Nigeria Police Academy Wudil SCHOOL FEES 2024

Breakdown of Fees at Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil for Prospective Students

The Nigeria Police Academy (NPA) in Wudil, Kano State is the premier police training institution in Nigeria. The academy offers degree programs in diverse fields like Criminology, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Police Science and Management. Attending the NPA provides a direct path to joining the Nigeria Police Force as a cadet inspector.

One of the top advantages of pursuing a degree at the NPA Wudil is that the academy does not charge any tuition fees. This makes it an affordable option for those interested in a career in law enforcement. However, there are other mandatory fees payable to the academy.

This article provides a detailed breakdown of the NPA fees structure to help prospective students or cadets in planning their finances.

Nigeria Police Academy Wudil SCHOOL FEES


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The NPA degree programs take 4 years to complete. Upon graduating, cadets get commissioned into the Nigeria Police Force with the rank of Cadet Inspector. The NPA tuition-free model allows equal opportunity by making a police career affordable to all eligible applicants regardless of economic status.

However, to attend the highly competitive police academy, you will need to pay various administrative and operational fees during the 4-year program. Understanding these fees will help you financially prepare for the rigorous training. Read more here.

Nigeria Police Academy Wudil SCHOOL FEES Summary

Application FeesTo start the NPA application process, purchase an application form at N3,500. Can be paid at a designated bank. Submit application online or send it to the academy.
Acceptance FeeAccepted cadets must pay a one-time fee of N20,000 before officially registering as a cadet. Confirms enrollment into the next cadet intake.
Caution Fee DepositAll cadets must pay a refundable caution fee deposit of N50,000. Refunded after graduating and clearing with school authorities.
Procurement of Cadet KitsAdmitted cadets must procure official cadet kits and accessories at N70,000 – N100,000. Includes uniforms, boots, belts, and other regalia.
Books and Instructional MaterialsCadets obtain essential textbooks from NPA at discounted rates. Spend about N20,000 – N30,000 per session.
Medical and Insurance CoverPay for medical consultations and treatments at NPA Medical Center. Mandatory insurance cover for health emergencies, costing N150,000 – N250,000 per session.
Feeding and AccommodationHighly subsidized quality feeding and shared accommodation provided. Cadets contribute N20,000 per month for feeding and accommodation during academic session periods.
Transport CostsIncur transportation costs during holidays and mid-term breaks. Transport subsidy provided at the beginning and end of each academic session.
Research Project ExpensesComplete intensive research project in final year. Costs about N150,000 – N250,000 for data collection, materials, supervision, and report compilation.
Graduation FeesPay fees of about N75,000 for graduation ceremony. Covers gowns, certificates, refreshments, honorarium, and other necessities.
Nigeria Police Academy Wudil SCHOOL FEES

Application Fees

To start the NPA application process, you are required to purchase an application form at a non-refundable fee of N3,500. This can be paid at a designated bank. After completing the application, you can submit itonline or send it to the academy.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an entrance exam. If you pass the competitive exam, you proceed to the medical screening, interview and other assessments.

Acceptance Fee

Those accepted into the NPA program must pay a one-time acceptance fee of N20,000 before they can officially register as a cadet. This also confirms your enrollment into the next cadet intake of the academy.

Caution Fee Deposit

As a standard requirement, all NPA cadets must pay a caution fee deposit of N50,000. This refundable deposit will cater for any potential liabilities or damages during your training. The deposit is fully refunded after graduating from the academy and clearing with the school authorities.

Procurement of Official Cadet Kits

Admitted cadets need to personally procure their complete official cadet kits and accessories according to academy specifications at an estimated cost of N70,000 – N100,000. This includes items likes uniforms, boots, belts, headgears and other cadet regalia. These will be used throughout the 4-year program.

Books and Instructional Materials

For learning and research purposes, cadets are required to obtain all essential textbooks for their courses. These are obtained from the NPA at discounted rates. On average, cadets spend about N20,000 – N30,000 per session on books and instructional materials.

Medical and Insurance Cover

As a paramilitary training institution, all cadets must pay for medical consultations and treatments at the NPA Medical Center for the duration of their studies. There is also a mandatory insurance cover to cater for heath emergencies that may arise during the rigorous training. These two are estimated to cost about N150,000 – N250,000 per session.

Feeding and Accommodation

The NPA provides highly subsidized quality feeding and shared accommodation for all cadets for the 4-year program duration. However, cadets must contribute about N20,000 per month during their stay to cater for feeding and accommodation. This covers the entire academic session periods.

Transport Costs

Cadets will incur costs on transportation to and from the academy during holidays and mid-term breaks. Transport subsidy is only provided at the beginning and end of each academic session. Depending on location, transport can cost between N15,000 – N50,000 per holiday period.

Research Project Expenses

In their final year, cadets must complete an intensive research project. The cost of the research including data collection, materials, supervision and report compilation averages about N150,000 – N250,000.

Graduation Fees

For the graduation ceremony, every cadet must pay fees amounting to about N75,000. This caters for gowns, certificates, refreshments, honorarium and other necessities to facilitate a colorful graduation event.


The zero tuition policy allows all prospective cadets to access police academy training irrespective of economic capability. However, cadets and their sponsors should be prepared to cater for the various administrative charges highlighted above. The fees ensure successful completion of world-class training to serve the nation as police officers. With proper financial planning, the fees are manageable for a lifetime career opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NPA charge any tuition fees?

No, the NPA does not charge any tuition fees for the 4-year degree programs. All training costs are fully sponsored by the government.

What is the most expensive fee at the NPA?

The caution fee of N50,000 is the most expensive individual payment. It is however refundable after completing the program.

Do fees change every academic year?

The fees can be reviewed based on economic factors. However, significant fee increments are rare at the NPA.

Can I pay the fees in installments?

Unfortunately, the NPA fees are not payable in installments. Cadets must make full payment as required for each component.

Are there other costs apart from the outlined fees?

Yes, cadets will need money for toiletries, laundry, club activities, religious subscriptions and other personal upkeep.

When should I make the payments?

Most fees are paid at the beginning of each academic year. Graduation fees are paid in the final semester.

Can the caution fee be used to offset other charges?

No, the caution deposit cannot be used to pay any other obligations. It is strictly refundable upon graduation.

What if I don’t complete the program, will I get the caution fee back?

Only cadets who complete the 4-year program qualify for the caution fee refund after graduation.

In summary, the NPA provides an affordable avenue for those passionate about law enforcement by not charging tuition fees. With proper planning, prospective cadets can comfortably budget for the associated fees required during the duration of the degree program.


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