NOK University School Fees

When it comes to embarking on a transformative educational journey, look no further than NOK University.

Our institution stands as a beacon of excellence, not only in the programs we offer but also in the dedication of our faculty and the quality of our facilities.

In this post, we’ll delve into the details of NOK University’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs, shedding light on the tuition fees, hostel costs, and other important fees associated with pursuing higher education here.

NOK University School Fees

Undergraduate Programs: Shaping Your Foundation

At NOK University, we understand the importance of building a strong educational foundation.

Our undergraduate programs are meticulously designed to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to thrive in their chosen fields.

The commitment to excellence is evident not only in our curriculum but also in our faculty members who are experts in their respective disciplines.

Tuition Fee: Investing in Your Future

Investing in education is an investment in your future success.

Our undergraduate programs come with a tuition fee of N620,600 per year, which reflects our dedication to providing top-notch education that is accessible and valuable.

Hostel Fee: Your Home Away From Home

For the convenience and comfort of our 100 level students, we offer hostel facilities.

The hostel fee for the academic session is N180,000 per session.

This fee covers accommodation, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for focused learning.

Other Fees: Details Matter

In addition to the tuition and hostel fees, there are other associated costs to consider:

  • Acceptance Fee: This fee covers the administrative processes involved in welcoming you to the NOK University community.
  • Registration Fee: Necessary for enrolling in courses and accessing academic resources.
  • Examination Fee: Supports the smooth conduct and evaluation of assessments.

The combined total of these fees, along with the tuition and hostel charges, sums up to N870,600 for the academic year.

Postgraduate Programs: Elevating Your Expertise

NOK University’s commitment to excellence extends to our postgraduate programs as well.

We recognize the importance of continuous learning and specialization in today’s dynamic world.

Our postgraduate programs are designed to provide in-depth knowledge, research opportunities, and a platform for advanced skill development.

Tuition Fee: Value for Expertise

Pursuing a postgraduate degree at NOK University comes with a tuition fee of N725,600 per year.

This fee reflects the value of the advanced education, research facilities, and expert guidance that our programs offer.

Hostel Fee: Continuing Comfort

Just like our undergraduate students, our 100 level postgraduate students have the option of availing the hostel facilities.

The hostel fee remains N180,000 per session for those who choose to stay on campus.

Other Fees: A Breakdown

Similar to the undergraduate programs, postgraduate students are also subject to the other fees, namely the acceptance, registration, and examination fees.

These fees contribute to the administrative and academic processes that ensure a smooth learning experience.

The total amount for these fees, combined with tuition and hostel costs, is N975,600.

Staying Informed: A Vital Step

In a world where information is key, staying informed about the latest updates is crucial.

The figures provided for the tuition, hostel, and other fees are specific to the academic session.

It’s important to note that these figures are subject to change by the university, reflecting the evolving nature of education and associated costs.

For the most accurate and up-to-date fee details, we encourage you to regularly visit the official NOK University website.

This will ensure that you have the latest information at your fingertips.


NOK University isn’t just an institution; it’s a launchpad for your educational journey.

We are committed to creating a vibrant and nurturing learning environment that fosters not only intellectual growth but also personal development.

As you embark on this journey with us, know that you’re joining a community that values excellence and aims to empower you for success.

We’re excited to be a part of your educational adventure, and we look forward to guiding you every step of the way. Welcome to NOK University!


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