Obong University Courses Offered

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Obong University, nestled in the heart of Nigeria, beckons aspiring students to explore a diverse range of academic opportunities.

With 25 dynamic undergraduate courses across three faculties, this institution is committed to nurturing future leaders and innovators.

In this post, I will discuss the offerings of Obong University, providing insights into each faculty and its unique programs.

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Obong University Courses Offered
Obong University Courses

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Obong University Address and Location

Obong University, located in the serene surroundings of Obong Ntak, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, stands as a symbol of educational excellence and faith.

The university’s address is as follows:

Obong University

Obong Ntak

Akwa Ibom State


As a private Christian university, Obong University is affiliated with the Churches of Christ.

This affiliation underscores its commitment to upholding values and ethics alongside academic pursuits.

The Genesis of Obong University: Dr. Moses Akpanudo’s Vision

Obong University, a renowned institution of higher learning in Nigeria, has a unique and inspiring history.

Founded in 1997, it is the brainchild of Dr. Moses Akpanudo, a Nigerian-American educationist and entrepreneur with a remarkable journey.

Dr. Moses Akpanudo: A Visionary Educationist

Dr. Moses Akpanudo, the visionary behind Obong University, was born in the picturesque town of Obong Ntak, located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

However, his path to establishing a university was far from conventional.

In 1978, driven by a thirst for knowledge and opportunities, he immigrated to the United States.

His journey of academic pursuit led him to Michigan State University, where he earned a PhD in Education in 1985.

The Return to Nigeria

With his newfound knowledge and a deep-rooted desire to contribute to the development of his homeland, Dr. Akpanudo returned to Nigeria in 1986.

He embarked on his educational mission by establishing Obong Christian School, a primary and secondary school in Obong Ntak.

This endeavor marked the beginning of his commitment to providing quality education in his hometown and beyond.

The Birth of a University

In 1997, Dr. Moses Akpanudo’s vision expanded further with the founding of the African College of Management.

This institution later underwent a transformation, being renamed the University of Africa, and eventually evolving into the Obong University known today.

This journey from a local school to a full-fledged university is a testament to Dr. Akpanudo’s unwavering dedication to education.

Total number of Courses offered at Obong University?

Choosing Obong University for your undergraduate studies is a decision that paves the way for a brighter future.

With a range of courses spanning various fields of study, this institution provides you with the opportunity to tailor your education to your interests and career goals.

Obong University is not just an institution; it’s a gateway to knowledge, personal growth, and boundless opportunities.

The 25 undergraduate courses offered across the faculties of Social Sciences, Management Sciences, and Natural and Applied Sciences are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in a competitive world.

Let’s briefly take a look at the Obong University Courses.

Faculty of Social Sciences: Shaping Global Perspectives

1. BSc in Economics

Are you fascinated by the intricacies of global economies? Our BSc in Economics program equips you with the analytical skills and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving world of finance.

2. BSc in Political Science

Delve into the world of politics and international relations with our BSc in Political Science. Develop a deep understanding of government systems, policies, and their impact on society.

3. BSc in Sociology

Uncover the dynamics of human behavior and societal structures with a BSc in Sociology. This program encourages critical thinking and promotes social change.

4. BSc in Psychology

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and understanding the human mind with our BSc in Psychology. Explore the realms of cognition, emotion, and behavior.

Faculty of Management Sciences: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

5. BSc in Business Administration

Prepare to lead in the corporate world with a BSc in Business Administration. Gain insights into management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

6. BSc in Accounting

Become a financial expert with a BSc in Accounting. This program hones your skills in financial reporting, analysis, and auditing.

7. BSc in Marketing

Discover the art of selling and promoting products with a BSc in Marketing. Unleash your creative side while learning effective marketing strategies.

8. BSc in Human Resource Management

Learn the art of talent management and organizational development with a BSc in Human Resource Management. Become a leader in the world of HR.

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences: Pioneering Innovation

9. BSc in Computer Science

Enter the digital age with a BSc in Computer Science. Develop software, design algorithms, and explore the limitless possibilities of technology.

10. BSc in Microbiology

Dive into the world of microorganisms and their applications in medicine and biotechnology with a BSc in Microbiology.

11. BSc in Biochemistry

Unlock the secrets of life at the molecular level with a BSc in Biochemistry. Explore the building blocks of living organisms.

12. BSc in Physics

Experience the laws of the universe with a BSc in Physics. Study matter, motion, energy, and the fundamental principles that govern our world.

Exploring Interdisciplinary Studies

13. BSc in Environmental Management

Address pressing environmental issues and contribute to sustainable development with a BSc in Environmental Management.

14. BSc in International Relations and Diplomacy

Navigate the complexities of international relations with a BSc in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Become a global diplomat.

Obong University Courses Offered

Located in the heart of Nigeria, Obong University stands as a beacon of quality education, offering a diverse range of courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

With a commitment to academic excellence, the university boasts three distinguished faculties: Social Sciences, Management Sciences, and Natural and Applied Sciences.

Faculty of Social Sciences: Illuminating Perspectives

Christian and Religious Studies

Delve into the study of faith, spirituality, and religious traditions with our program in Christian and Religious Studies.

Explore the essence of belief systems that shape societies.

English and Literary Studies

Embark on a literary journey with our English and Literary Studies program.

Immerse yourself in the world of words, from classic literature to contemporary storytelling.

History and International Studies

Unravel the tapestry of history and international relations with this program.

Gain insights into the past and its profound impact on the present.

Mass Communication

Become a voice in the media landscape with our Mass Communication program.

Develop the skills to convey information, entertain, and influence through various media channels.


Explore the dynamics of human societies, relationships, and behaviors with our Sociology program.

Gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

Faculty of Management Sciences: Nurturing Leaders of Tomorrow


Master the language of business with our Accounting program.

Acquire the skills to manage financial resources and make sound economic decisions.

Business Administration

Prepare for leadership in the corporate world with a degree in Business Administration.

Develop a holistic understanding of management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.


Learn the art of promoting and selling products with our Marketing program.

Discover the strategies that drive successful businesses and brands.

Public Administration

Dive into the world of public service with our Public Administration program.

Equip yourself to contribute to the efficient functioning of governmental organizations.

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences: Pioneering Innovation

Biological Sciences

Delve into the wonders of life and its diverse forms with our Biological Sciences program.

Explore the intricacies of the natural world.

Computer Science

Enter the realm of technology and innovation with a degree in Computer Science.

Develop software, solve complex problems, and shape the digital future.

Mathematics and Statistics

Master the language of numbers with our Mathematics and Statistics program.

Acquire analytical skills and statistical knowledge applicable in various fields.


Experience the fundamental principles that govern our universe with a degree in Physics.

Study matter, motion, energy, and the laws of nature.

Exciting New Programs

In an exciting development, Obong University has received approval to offer five new Bachelor’s level programs:

  1. Public Administration
    • Prepare for a career in public service and governance.
  2. International Relations
    • Explore the dynamics of international politics and diplomacy.
  3. Political Science
    • Gain insights into the political systems and processes that shape nations.
  4. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
    • Contribute to conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts.
  5. Sociology
    • The study of human behavior and society.

Obong University’s commitment to providing high-quality education is reflected in its dedication to aligning its courses with the needs of the Nigerian economy and global standards of excellence.

The university’s programs are designed to empower students to excel in their chosen careers, making them valuable contributors to society.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the courses offered by Obong University.

For more information, visit the university’s website and embark on your journey of academic and personal growth

Faculty of Social SciencesFaculty of Management SciencesFaculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
Christian and Religious StudiesAccountingBiological Sciences
English and Literary StudiesBusiness AdministrationComputer Science
History and International StudiesMarketingMathematics and Statistics
Mass CommunicationPublic AdministrationPhysics
Exciting New Programs
Public Administration
International Relations
Political Science
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
Courses Offered at Obong University

This table provides a clear and concise overview of the courses offered at Obong University, categorized by their respective faculties, along with the exciting new programs.

Does Obong University offer Computer Science?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Computer Science has become an indispensable field, driving innovation and progress across the globe.

For students seeking to embark on a journey into the world of code, algorithms, and innovation, Obong University stands as a beacon of opportunity.

Offering a robust Computer Science program within the Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences, this institution paves the way for aspiring tech enthusiasts to realize their potential.

Exploring Computer Science at Obong University

The Computer Science program at Obong University is meticulously crafted to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the fast-paced and dynamic field of computer science.

Whether you’re a budding programmer, a future software engineer, or an aspiring IT consultant, this program is your gateway to a world of possibilities.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

At the heart of Obong University’s Computer Science program is a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide spectrum of topics.

Students can expect to dive into the following areas:

1. Programming Languages

The program introduces students to a variety of programming languages, equipping them with the skills to develop software and applications that can change the world.

2. Data Structures and Algorithms

Understanding data structures and algorithms is fundamental in computer science.

This program delves into these critical building blocks of software development.

3. Software Engineering

Students learn the art and science of software development, mastering the methodologies and best practices that drive the industry.

4. Computer Architecture

Exploring the inner workings of computers, this course provides insight into the hardware that powers the digital world.

5. Operating Systems

A deep dive into the core software that manages computer hardware and resources, ensuring seamless operations.

6. Database Systems

Understanding the storage and retrieval of data is key in today’s data-driven world. Students gain expertise in database systems.

7. Networking

In an increasingly interconnected world, networking knowledge is vital. Obong University’s program covers this essential aspect of computer science.

8. Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of AI, students have the opportunity to explore this cutting-edge field, diving into machine learning and intelligent systems.

Exceptional Faculty and Resources

Obong University prides itself on having a dedicated team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members.

These educators are committed to nurturing the next generation of computer scientists, providing guidance and mentorship along the way.

Moreover, the university boasts state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including well-equipped computer labs and libraries.

These resources are essential in creating a conducive learning environment that encourages hands-on experience and in-depth exploration.

Shaping Future Careers

Graduates of Obong University’s Computer Science program emerge with a strong foundation and are well-prepared to embark on successful careers.

The opportunities are vast, spanning across fields such as software development, IT consulting, academia, and more.

The real-world application of the knowledge and skills gained during the program ensures that graduates are highly sought after by employers in the technology industry.

Ready to Dive into the World of Computer Science?

If you’re enthusiastic about studying Computer Science at Obong University and joining the league of future innovators, visit the university’s website for more information.

Your journey into the exciting world of computer science awaits, and Obong University is here to guide you every step of the way.

Does Obong University offer International Relations?

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, pursuing a degree in International Relations can be a game-changer.

With the increasing demand for professionals who can navigate the complexities of global politics and diplomacy, Obong University has taken a significant step by offering International Relations as one of its new Bachelor’s degree programs.

Let’s explore what Obong University’s International Relations program has to offer and why it should be your top choice if you’re passionate about international affairs and diplomacy.

The Rise of International Relations

International Relations is a field that has gained immense importance in recent years.

It’s not just about diplomacy between nations; it encompasses a wide range of topics, including global politics, international law, economics, and cultural studies.

Understanding the intricacies of this field is crucial for addressing global challenges and shaping a more peaceful world.

Obong University’s Commitment to Excellence

Obong University, a reputable institution with a strong focus on academic excellence, has expanded its academic offerings by introducing a Bachelor’s degree program in International Relations.

This move reflects the university’s dedication to providing students with diverse academic opportunities that align with the evolving needs of the global community.

What Sets Obong University Apart?

1. Expert Faculty

One of the key strengths of Obong University’s International Relations program is its faculty.

The program is led by a team of accomplished professors and experts in the field of International Relations.

With their extensive knowledge and experience, students receive a top-notch education that goes beyond textbooks and theories.

2. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Obong University is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms, a dedicated International Relations library, and access to online resources.

These facilities create an environment conducive to research and learning, allowing students to excel in their studies.

3. Real-World Exposure

To truly understand International Relations, students need exposure to real-world scenarios.

Obong University collaborates with various international organizations, embassies, and government agencies to provide students with internships, study abroad opportunities, and guest lectures from professionals who are actively involved in the field.

The Curriculum: A Glimpse

Obong University’s International Relations program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this competitive field.

Some of the core courses include:

– International Political Economy
– International Law and Organizations
– Comparative Politics
– Conflict Resolution and Diplomacy
– Global Security Studies
– Regional Studies

This diverse range of courses ensures that students have a well-rounded understanding of international affairs, enabling them to make a significant impact in their future careers.

Career Opportunities

Graduating from Obong University’s International Relations program opens doors to a wide array of exciting career opportunities. Graduates can pursue roles in:

  • Foreign Service
  • International Organizations
  • NGOs and Non-profits
  • Intelligence and Security
  • Journalism and Media
  • International Business

The skills acquired through this program are highly transferable and sought after in various sectors, making it a versatile and valuable degree choice.

In a world where global interactions and diplomacy are more critical than ever, Obong University’s International Relations program stands out as a beacon of excellence.

With expert faculty, outstanding facilities, and a curriculum that fosters a deep understanding of international affairs, this program is a gateway to a rewarding and impactful career in a field that shapes our world.

If you’re passionate about international relations and aspire to make a difference on the global stage, Obong University’s International Relations program is your ideal choice.

It’s not just an education; it’s a journey towards a brighter and more interconnected future.

Is Obong University Accredited?

Obong University’s Accreditation Journey

Obong University, a prominent institution in Nigeria, has undergone a rigorous accreditation process led by the NUC.

The university achieved its initial accreditation in 2007, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards providing quality education.

This accreditation was a testament to Obong University’s commitment to excellence and adherence to the NUC’s standards.

Over the years, Obong University has continued to uphold these standards, resulting in the renewal of its accreditation on several occasions.

The most recent reaccreditation took place in 2022.

This reaffirmation by the NUC is a testament to the university’s unwavering dedication to maintaining high-quality educational standards.

Why Accreditation Matters

Accreditation is not just a bureaucratic process; it holds immense importance for students, academic institutions, and the workforce.

Here are some reasons why accreditation is crucial:

Ensuring a High-Quality Education

Accreditation serves as a guarantee that students at Obong University are receiving a high-quality education.

The NUC’s stringent criteria ensure that the university’s teaching standards, faculty qualifications, and academic resources are up to par.

This means that students can have confidence in the education they are receiving, knowing that it meets national standards.

Employability and Further Education

Graduates of accredited universities, like Obong University, have a distinct advantage in the job market.

Employers are more likely to favor candidates with degrees from accredited institutions because it reflect a solid academic foundation and a commitment to excellence.

Additionally, students from accredited universities often find it easier to pursue further education, both nationally and internationally.

International Recognition

Accreditation also enhances the international recognition of Obong University.

It ensures that the degrees awarded by the university are recognized globally, making it possible for students to pursue international career opportunities and further studies.

Obong University Courses


Choosing Obong University for your undergraduate studies is a decision that paves the way for a brighter future.

With a range of courses spanning various fields of study, this institution provides you with the opportunity to tailor your education to your interests and career goals.

Obong University is not just an institution; it’s a gateway to knowledge, personal growth, and boundless opportunities.

The 25 undergraduate courses offered across the faculties of Social Sciences, Management Sciences, and Natural and Applied Sciences are designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in a competitive world.

So, take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling academic journey by exploring the diverse programs at Obong University.

Your future begins here.


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