Osun State University School Fees

In the heart of Nigeria, Osun State University (UNIOSUN) stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence.

Established in December 2006 under the visionary leadership of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, UNIOSUN has rapidly evolved into a multi-campus institution that offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

In this post, I’ll go into the remarkable journey and accomplishments of UNIOSUN, showcasing why it’s a top choice for students seeking quality education.

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Osun State University School Fees

The Campuses: A World Within a State

UNIOSUN is strategically spread across the six administrative zones of Osun State, making it easily accessible to a broad spectrum of students.

The main campus, located in Osogbo, the state capital, serves as the epicenter of academic activities.

Here, you’ll find a thriving academic community within the Colleges of Health Sciences, Science, Engineering and Technology, Law, and Management and Social Sciences.

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But UNIOSUN doesn’t stop there; it extends its reach to the following campuses:

1. Okuku Campus – Nurturing Management and Social Sciences

The Okuku Campus is a haven for students pursuing studies in Management and Social Sciences. With state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated faculty, it’s the perfect place to nurture future leaders and entrepreneurs.

2. Ikire Campus – Exploring Humanities and Culture

Immerse yourself in the world of arts, culture, and humanities at the Ikire Campus. Here, students explore the depths of human expression and creativity, guided by passionate educators.

3. Ejigbo Campus – Cultivating Agricultural Excellence

For those with a green thumb and a passion for agriculture, the Ejigbo Campus is where dreams take root. UNIOSUN’s College of Agriculture thrives here, fostering innovation in farming and agribusiness.

4. Ipetu-Ijesa Campus – Shaping the Future of Education

Education is the foundation of progress, and the Ipetu-Ijesa Campus is dedicated to this cause. The College of Education prepares future educators to inspire the next generation.

Diverse Disciplines for Every Dreamer

UNIOSUN opens doors to a myriad of academic disciplines, ensuring that every student’s aspirations are met.

From Agriculture to Arts and Humanities, Business and Management to Health Sciences, Engineering and Technology to Law, and Science to Education, UNIOSUN’s curriculum covers it all.

With a commitment to quality education, students have the opportunity to explore their passions and excel in their chosen fields.

The UNIOSUN Community: A Family of Thousands

With a student population exceeding 20,000 and a faculty staff of over 1,000, UNIOSUN is a thriving community of learners and educators.

The diversity of its members fosters an environment where knowledge is shared, friendships are formed, and futures are forged.

A Commitment to Excellence

UNIOSUN’s commitment to academic excellence is evident in its achievements:

1. Pioneering Agricultural Biotechnology

UNIOSUN proudly stands as the first university in Nigeria to offer a degree program in Agricultural Biotechnology.

This groundbreaking initiative equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to address pressing agricultural challenges.

2. Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory

In a world driven by innovation, UNIOSUN leads the way as the first university in Nigeria to establish a Multidisciplinary Research Laboratory.

This facility serves as a hotbed of creativity, where ideas are transformed into solutions that benefit society.

3. Championing Climate Change Research

UNIOSUN is a trailblazer in climate change research.

It secured a grant from the World Bank, an achievement that showcases its dedication to addressing global environmental issues.

4. Accredited Medical School

UNIOSUN is among the select universities in Nigeria to have its medical school accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

This accreditation underscores the institution’s commitment to producing qualified medical professionals.

Osun State University (UNIOSUN) is not just an institution of higher learning; it’s a hub of excellence that nurtures talent, drives innovation, and shapes the future.

With a rich array of programs, a diverse and vibrant community, and a commitment to academic brilliance, UNIOSUN is the ideal choice for students seeking a quality education in Nigeria. Your journey towards a brighter future starts here, at UNIOSUN.

UNIOSUN – Nurturing Excellence, Igniting Minds, and Shaping Tomorrow.

Osun State University (UNIOSUN), nestled in the heart of Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria, has been a beacon of quality education since its establishment in 1983.

With a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, UNIOSUN caters to the educational needs of aspiring students.

In this section, I’ll go into the details of UNIOSUN’s school fees, helping you plan your academic journey.

Undergraduate School Fees: A Closer Look

UNIOSUN’s undergraduate school fees are structured to accommodate various levels and fields of study. Let’s break it down:

Freshers (100 and 200 Level Direct Entry Students):

  • Non-Science Courses: Aspiring students in non-science courses will pay an affordable fee of NGN 130,000. UNIOSUN ensures that quality education is accessible to all.
  • Sciences: Those venturing into the sciences will find their tuition set at NGN 155,000. UNIOSUN maintains a reasonable fee structure for science programs, encouraging growth in these vital fields.

Returning Students (200 Level and 300 Level, Direct Entry):

  • Non-Science: Returning non-science students will continue their education with a fee of NGN 111,910. UNIOSUN remains committed to providing consistent, affordable education.
  • Sciences: Science students at the same level will have a fee of NGN 136,910. UNIOSUN’s dedication to quality education extends to all its programs.

Returning Students (300 and 400 Level):

  • Non-Science: For those progressing to 300 and 400 levels in non-science courses, the tuition remains NGN 111,910, ensuring continuity in your educational journey.
  • Sciences: Science students at this stage will continue their studies with a fee of NGN 136,910, emphasizing the importance of scientific education.

Strictly for Spill Over Students (500 Level – Science, Engineering, and Law):

  • Science, Engineering, and Law: Spill over students in these fields will pay a fee of NGN 111,910, enabling them to complete their education seamlessly.

Postgraduate School Fees: Tailored for Excellence

UNIOSUN’s postgraduate school fees vary depending on the program of study. For detailed information on postgraduate school fees, please refer to the UNIOSUN website.

The university is committed to providing accessible and quality education at the postgraduate level.

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Here’s the information presented in a tabular form:

CategoryLevelCourseSchool Fees (NGN)
Undergraduate School FeesFreshers (100 and 200 Level Direct Entry)Non-Science Courses130,000
Returning Students (200 Level and 300 Level, Direct Entry)Non-Science Courses111,910
Returning Students (300 and 400 Level)Non-Science Courses111,910
Strictly for Spill Over Students (500 Level – Science, Engineering, and Law)Science, Engineering, and Law111,910
Postgraduate School FeesVaries by Program of StudyRefer to UNIOSUN Website for DetailsVaries by Program
Additional FeesFaculty/Departmental DuesVaries
ICT FeesVaries
Medical FeesVaries
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance per Academic SessionBetween NGN 200,000 and NGN 300,000
Osun State University School Fees

In Osun State University (UNIOSUN) offers a range of affordable school fees for its undergraduate programs, making quality education accessible to all.

The postgraduate fees vary depending on the chosen program of study.

Additionally, students should budget for additional expenses, including faculty/departmental dues, ICT fees, and medical fees.

It’s essential to note that school fees are subject to change, so students are encouraged to verify the current fee structure with the university before enrollment.

UNIOSUN stands as a beacon of affordable and quality education, providing a path to academic excellence for aspiring scholars.

Beyond Tuition: Additional Fees

In addition to tuition fees, UNIOSUN students are required to cover additional expenses such as faculty/departmental dues, ICT fees, and medical fees.

These supplementary fees, while essential, ensure a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Planning Your Budget

The total cost of attendance for UNIOSUN students typically falls between NGN 200,000 and NGN 300,000 per academic session, factoring in tuition and additional fees.

It’s important to note that school fees are subject to change without notice, so it’s always advisable to contact the university directly to confirm the current fee structure before applying or registering for classes.

Your Path to Affordable Education

Osun State University (UNIOSUN) not only offers quality education but also maintains a reasonable fee structure, making it an excellent choice for students seeking affordable and accessible higher education.

UNIOSUN’s commitment to academic excellence shines through its fee policies, ensuring that education remains within reach for all aspiring scholars.

Your path to an affordable and quality education begins at UNIOSUN.

Affordability and Accessibility

UNIOSUN’s commitment to affordable education is evident in its meticulously structured school fees.

The university recognizes the financial constraints that many students and their families face, and as a result, it has taken deliberate steps to ensure that quality education remains accessible to all, regardless of economic background.

For Freshers (100 and 200 Level Direct Entry Students), the school fees for both Non-Science and Science courses are designed to strike a balance between affordability and educational excellence.

At NGN 130,000 for Non-Science courses and NGN 155,000 for Sciences, UNIOSUN ensures that aspiring students have the opportunity to embark on their academic journeys without being burdened by exorbitant fees.

Returning students (200 Level and 300 Level, Direct Entry) continue to benefit from UNIOSUN’s commitment to affordability.

With fees set at NGN 111,910 for Non-Science courses and NGN 136,910 for Sciences, the university recognizes the importance of consistency in providing accessible education throughout a student’s academic progression.

Even for students reaching the advanced stages of their education (300 and 400 Level), UNIOSUN maintains its commitment to affordability.

The tuition fees for Non-Science and Science students remain at NGN 111,910 and NGN 136,910, respectively, highlighting the institution’s dedication to offering quality education at every stage of a student’s journey.

For students in need of spill-over opportunities (500 Level – Science, Engineering, and Law), UNIOSUN extends its affordability to ensure that these students can complete their education seamlessly.

With a fee of NGN 111,910, the university eases the financial burden, allowing these students to focus on their studies.

Postgraduate Opportunities

UNIOSUN’s commitment to accessible and quality education extends beyond the undergraduate level.

While specific postgraduate school fees vary based on the program of study, the university’s dedication to providing opportunities for higher education remains unwavering.

Students seeking to pursue advanced degrees can find a diverse range of programs to suit their academic and career aspirations.

Beyond Tuition

UNIOSUN understands that education encompasses more than just classroom learning.

To ensure a holistic and enriching educational experience, students are required to cover additional fees, including faculty/departmental dues, ICT fees, and medical fees.

These supplementary charges contribute to a comprehensive learning environment that goes beyond the traditional classroom.

Planning Your Budget

Understanding the total cost of attendance is crucial for prospective UNIOSUN students.

The estimated range of NGN 200,000 to NGN 300,000 per academic session, which includes tuition fees and additional expenses, provides a clear picture of the financial commitment required for a year of education at UNIOSUN.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that school fees are subject to change without notice.

Therefore, students are strongly advised to contact the university directly to confirm the current fee structure before embarking on their academic journey.

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UNIOSUN: A Beacon of Affordable and Quality Education

In conclusion, Osun State University (UNIOSUN) stands as a testament to the idea that quality education need not come at an exorbitant cost.

With its carefully structured school fees, UNIOSUN has not only made education accessible to a wide range of students but has also maintained its dedication to academic excellence.

UNIOSUN’s role in shaping the future of countless individuals and contributing to the intellectual and economic development of Nigeria cannot be overstated.

It serves as a beacon of affordable and quality education, offering students the chance to pursue their dreams and transform their lives.

As you embark on your educational journey, remember that UNIOSUN is not just a university; it’s a gateway to knowledge, an opportunity for personal and intellectual growth, and a place where dreams are nurtured.

Your path to an affordable and quality education begins at UNIOSUN, an institution that has consistently demonstrated its commitment to making higher education accessible to all.

Choose UNIOSUN, where affordability and quality education meet, and where your aspirations can become a reality.


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