Pan-Atlantic University School Fees

As you step into the realm of higher education at Pan-Atlantic University, an institution dedicated to academic excellence, the landscape of tuition fees and payment plans awaits your consideration.

Here, we unravel the intricacies of the tuition structure and the flexible payment options available to accommodate your educational journey.

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Pan-Atlantic University School Fees

Pan-Atlantic University Overview

Pan-Atlantic University (PAU), situated in the vibrant city of Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria, stands as a testament to the power of education and innovation.

Established in 2002 by the Pan-Atlantic University Foundation (PAUF), a non-profit organization committed to fostering intellectual growth, PAU has emerged as a beacon of academic excellence in the region.

This post delves into the university’s rich history, diverse academic offerings, esteemed affiliations, outstanding alumni, tuition fees, and admission requirements.

A Legacy of Excellence

PAU’s journey began with a vision to provide a world-class education within Nigeria’s borders.

Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria, the university upholds rigorous academic standards while nurturing an environment of holistic growth.

This commitment to excellence has led to the institution’s recognition as one of Nigeria’s premier private universities.

Mapping Out the Tuition Fees

Pan-Atlantic University presents a diverse array of programs, each with its own distinctive educational pathway.

Here’s an overview of the tuition fees for select programs within the 2023/2024 academic session:

  • Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics: Navigating the realms of commerce and financial management, these programs are attainable at a fee of 332,425 naira per year.
  • Finance: The world of financial analysis and investment beckons at a tuition fee of 332,425 naira per year.
  • Mass Communication: The art of effective communication is embraced with a tuition fee of 367,275 naira per year.
  • Information Science and Media Studies: Exploring the dynamic intersections of information and media comes to life with a tuition fee of 374,2375 naira per year.

The Pathways of Payment

Pan-Atlantic University recognizes the importance of flexibility in managing tuition payments.

To this end, the university offers a range of payment plans to suit your financial preferences:

  • Plan A: For those who opt to pay their full tuition fees in September 2022, an enticing 2.5% discount awaits as a token of appreciation.
  • Plan B: Alternatively, you can choose to divide the payment into two parts. The first semester fees can be paid in September 2022, while the second semester fees can be settled in January 2023.
  • Plan C: Recognizing the value of structured payments, the university also provides a three-installment option. Under this plan, the first installment of 500,000 naira can be paid in September 2022, followed by the second installment of 300,167 naira in November 2022, and finally, the third installment of 300,000 naira can be settled in January 2023.

Beyond Tuition: Navigating Additional Fees

In addition to tuition fees, it’s important to consider the auxiliary costs that contribute to your comprehensive university experience.

Fees such as examination fees, library fees, computer fees, sports fees, and accommodation fees might be part of your financial planning.

The exact amount of these fees will vary based on your chosen program of study.

Forging Your Path at Pan-Atlantic University

As you embark on this educational odyssey at Pan-Atlantic University, it’s essential to engage with the financial dimensions of your journey.

The university’s transparent tuition structure and flexible payment plans underscore their commitment to facilitating your pursuit of knowledge, regardless of financial constraints.

To gain a deeper understanding of the tuition fees, payment options, and additional fees associated with your desired program, I encourage you to explore the university’s official website.

There, you’ll find a wealth of information to guide you in making informed decisions about your educational investment.

At Pan-Atlantic University, education isn’t just an endeavor; it’s a transformative journey enriched by knowledge, values, and the promise of a brighter future.

Academic Diversity

The heart of PAU’s educational landscape lies in its diverse range of degree programs.

Covering disciplines such as business, law, communication, engineering, and science, PAU ensures that students have the opportunity to explore their passions and cultivate expertise.

The university’s commitment to interdisciplinary learning is exemplified by its renowned research centers and institutes, including the Lagos Business School, the Yemisi Shyllon Museum of Art, and the Enterprise Development Centre.

Connecting Globally

PAU’s reach extends beyond national borders, as it proudly holds membership in esteemed organizations such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and the African Association of Universities (AAU).

These affiliations facilitate cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, enriching the academic experience for both students and faculty members.

A Star-Studded Alumni

The halls of PAU have been graced by individuals who have gone on to make significant contributions to society. Notable alumni include:

  • Henry Odein Ajumogobia: A distinguished diplomat who served as Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Funke Akindele: A celebrated actress and producer known for her influential contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry.
  • Uzor Kalu: A prominent businessman and politician who has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s economic and political landscape.
  • Yemi Osinbajo: The Vice President of Nigeria, whose leadership and legal acumen have garnered widespread acclaim.
  • Folorunsho Alakija: An accomplished businesswoman recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic endeavors.
  • Aliko Dangote: A visionary businessman and industrialist whose ventures have significantly impacted Nigeria’s economy.

Navigating Tuition

Understanding the financial aspect of education is crucial. PAU offers transparency in this regard, with tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic session as follows:

  • Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics: 332,425 naira per year
  • Finance: 332,425 naira per year
  • Mass Communication: 367,275 naira per year
  • Information Science and Media Studies: 374,2375 naira per year

Charting the Admission Process

Aspiring students looking to join the PAU community must meet specific criteria. To apply, candidates should:

  • Attain a score of 220 or above in the 2023 JAMB exam.
  • Showcase O’ Level results with at least 5 credits, including Mathematics and English.
  • Initiate the application process through
  • Ensure they are at least 16 years old by the commencement of the academic session (typically in October).

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A Final Word

Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) stands as a testament to the transformative power of education.

Rooted in academic excellence and driven by a commitment to holistic growth, PAU prepares individuals to excel in their chosen fields and contribute meaningfully to society.

As the university continues to shape futures and drive innovation, it remains a beacon of hope and progress in Nigeria’s educational landscape.

For more information and to embark on your journey with PAU, visit the official website


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