Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education Courses Offered

A Comprehensive Guide to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses at Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education

Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education (SRUE) is a specialized university focused on teacher education located in Kano State, northern Nigeria. Established in 2023, SRUE aims to produce quality teachers and education professionals through its diverse academic programs.

Let’s examine the various study options available across schools at SRUE:

Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education Courses Offered


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Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education Courses Offered

Undergraduate Programs
School of Arts and Social Sciences
B.A. in Arabic EducationB.A. in Christian Religious Studies
B.A. in English LanguageB.A. in Geography
B.A. in Hausa LanguageB.A. in History
B.A. in Islamic StudiesB.A. in Social Studies
School of Education
B.Ed. in Biology EducationB.Ed. in Chemistry Education
B.Ed. in Early Childhood EducationB.Ed. in English Language Education
B.Ed. in Geography EducationB.Ed. in Hausa Language Education
B.Ed. in Integrated Science EducationB.Ed. in Islamic Studies Education
B.Ed. in Mathematics EducationB.Ed. in Physics Education
B.Ed. in Primary Education StudiesB.Ed. in Social Studies Education
School of Science and Technology
B.Sc. in Computer Science EducationB.Sc. in Home Economics Education
B.Sc. in Physics Education
Postgraduate Programs
Master of Education (M.Ed.) in various specializations
Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education Courses Offered

For more information on the specific courses offered, please visit the SRUE website or contact the university directly.

Additional Information:

  • SRUE is a relatively new university, having been established in 2023.
  • The university is located in Kano State, Nigeria.
  • SRUE offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs to help students afford their education.

I hope this information is helpful!

Undergraduate Programs

School of Arts and Social Sciences

The School of Arts and Social Sciences trains graduates to teach arts and humanities subjects in secondary schools through the following programs:

B.A. in Arabic Education

Students study Arabic grammar, morphology, syntax, literature, composition, translation and communication. The program emphasizes pedagogical methods for teaching Arabic language. Graduates can teach Arabic language and literature in schools.

B.A. in Christian Religious Studies

The curriculum covers Biblical studies, church history, systematic theology, ethics, interfaith relations, and principles for teaching Christian religious knowledge. Graduates are equipped to handle CRS instruction in secondary education.

B.A. in English Language

This program focuses on English linguistics, phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, lexicography, socio-linguistics and stylistics. Graduates pursue language teaching, research and journalism careers.

B.A. in Geography

Students learn about physical geography, human geography, geospatial techniques, environmental studies, cartography and instructional approaches for teaching geography. Graduates can teach geography at the high school level.

B.A. in Hausa Language

This develops expertise in Hausa grammar, literature, folklore, customs, and communications. Specialized techniques for teaching indigenous languages are covered. Graduates are qualified to teach Hausa language.

B.A. in History

The curriculum encompasses Nigerian history, African history, economic history, historiography, archaeology, and pedagogies for teaching history. Graduates are equipped to handle secondary school teaching jobs in history and social studies.

B.A. in Islamic Studies

Students study Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith literature, ethics, comparative religion, Arabic language, and approaches for teaching Islamic studies in schools and madrasas. Graduates can teach IRS courses.

B.A. in Social Studies

This interdisciplinary program provides knowledge of history, geography, economics, sociology, and political science, along with social studies teaching pedagogies. Graduates qualify as social studies teachers.

School of Education

This school conducts teacher training in education foundations, early childhood education and core subject disciplines through the following degree programs:

B.Ed. in Biology Education

Students gain extensive knowledge of biology and learning theories and strategies for teaching biology in senior secondary schools. Graduates are equipped as biology teachers.

B.Ed. in Chemistry Education

The curriculum covers principles of chemistry and pedagogical approaches for effective chemistry instruction up to senior secondary level. Graduates qualify as chemistry teachers.

B.Ed. in Early Childhood Education

This program focuses on early childhood development theories, teaching methodologies, curriculum design, child psychology, play and activity-based learning appropriate for young learners. Graduates are prepared for teaching and administrative roles in nursery and primary education.

B.Ed. in English Language Education

Students study English linguistics, grammar, literature, phonetics, communication, composition and specialized techniques for facilitating English language learning. Graduates can teach English in schools and colleges.

B.Ed. in Geography Education

The curriculum encompasses physical, human, regional and geospatial geography, field skills, map reading, and instructional strategies for teaching geography across secondary grades. Graduates are equipped as geography teachers.

B.Ed. in Hausa Language Education

Students enhance proficiency in spoken and written Hausa and gain skills in teaching Hausa language, literature and culture in indigenous language schools. Graduates qualified as Hausa language teachers.

B.Ed. in Integrated Science Education

This program provides broad training in core science disciplines like chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, and agriculture along with pedagogical principles for teaching general science. Graduates can handle teaching integrated science at the junior secondary level.

B.Ed. in Islamic Studies Education

Students examine Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith, ethics, comparative religion, Arabic language, and pedagogies for teaching Islamic religious knowledge in schools. Graduates are suitable for teaching IRS courses.

B.Ed. in Mathematics Education

This covers extensive knowledge of mathematics and specialized techniques for facilitating effective mathematics instruction up to senior secondary level. Graduates are equipped to take up mathematics teaching roles.

B.Ed. in Physics Education

Students undertake rigorous study of physics theory and experiments in mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, electronics, nuclear physics and modern physics, in addition to physics education pedagogy. Graduates can teach physics in senior secondary schools.

B.Ed. in Primary Education Studies

This program focuses on teaching methodologies and learning principles for core subjects taught at the primary education level including English, mathematics, social studies, science, arts, and physical education. Graduates are prepared for teaching roles in primary schools.

B.Ed. in Social Studies Education

The curriculum encompasses foundational knowledge in history, economics, sociology, political science and geography, along with instructional approaches for teaching social studies across secondary grades. Graduates qualify as social studies teachers.

School of Science and Technology

This school focuses on developing teachers in technical and vocational fields through the following programs:

B.Sc. in Computer Science Education

Students are trained extensively in programming, algorithms, databases, software engineering, operating systems, computer networks, AI, and teaching methods for computer science and ICT. Graduates can teach related subjects in secondary schools and technical colleges.

B.Sc. in Home Economics Education

The curriculum covers food and nutrition science, textiles, clothing, child development, consumer education, home management, and instructional approaches for teaching home economics in schools. Graduates are qualified home economics teachers.

B.Sc. in Physics Education

Students undertake rigorous study of physics theory and experiments in thermal physics, optics, electromagnetism, electronics, solid state physics, quantum mechanics, and physics education pedagogy. Graduates are equipped to teach physics up to senior secondary level.

Postgraduate Programs

SRUE offers postgraduate qualifications focused on enhancing professional competencies of practicing teachers and education managers.

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

This is an advanced master’s degree program focused on education research, policy and practice. Specializations offered are:

  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Teaching
  • M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
  • M.Ed. in Education Management and Planning
  • M.Ed. in Guidance and Counselling
  • M.Ed. in Science Education
  • M.Ed. in Social Science Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

This 1-year intensive program provides teacher training in pedagogy, learning principles and instructional approaches to graduates from other disciplines looking to join the teaching profession.

In summary, Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs focused on producing quality teachers across disciplines through its Schools of Arts & Social Sciences, Education and Science & Technology.

The programs integrate comprehensive subject knowledge, hands-on training, latest technologies and community service to develop professionally competent teachers and education administrators. As a specialized university, SRUE contributes significantly towards human capital and education sector development in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of programs are offered at SRUE?

SRUE offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees focused on training teachers and education professionals across arts, social sciences, science, technical and vocational disciplines.

What are the admission requirements?

UG applicants need a minimum of 5 credits including English and Mathematics along with acceptable UTME scores. PG applicants require a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Does SRUE offer distance learning programs?

Currently, SRUE offers only full-time on-campus programs. Online learning options are being developed.

What facilities are available on campus?

SRUE has well-resourced lecture halls, education labs, libraries, skill acquisition centers, ICT facilities, cafeteria, health services and modern student hostels.

Where is SRUE located?

The main campus of SRUE is situated along Dutse road in Kano municipal, Kano State, Nigeria.

What is the application procedure?

Applications can be submitted online or in-person at the admissions office. Visit for application forms, requirements and guidelines.

What scholarships are offered to students?

SRUE provides scholarships, grants and financial aid to students showing outstanding merit, sports excellence and economical hardship to support their education.

I hope this detailed guide provides a good understanding of the programs offered at Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education. Please reach out if you need any other information.


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