Al-Muhibbah Open University, based in Abuja, Nigeria, is an institution committed to providing accessible, high-quality education through open and distance learning methods. The university, founded by the Al-Muhibbah Institute of ICT & Entrepreneurship Ltd, aims to serve a diverse student body without distinction of race, creed, sex, or political affiliation while addressing the social, cultural, and economic needs of Nigeria and the global community.​

Al-Muhibbah Open University, Abuja Overview 

Al-Muhibbah Open University stands as a beacon of hope and progress, emerging from the Al-Muhibbah Institute of ICT & Entrepreneurship Ltd. This university dedicates itself to providing high-quality open and distance education. It integrates essential 21st-century skills, aiming to enrich people from all walks of life.

This educational institution commits to advancing learning. It welcomes students regardless of their race, religion, gender, or political views. The university’s activities are tailored to address the social, cultural, and economic needs of not only Nigerians but also people around the globe.

Vision: Al-Muhibbah Open University aspires to be a leading open university and a center of excellence. It focuses on delivering innovative, top-quality, and easily accessible education.

Mission: The university strives to offer state-of-the-art facilities and a nurturing environment. Its skilled academic staff aims to guide students to master 21st-century skills. This approach transforms students into problem-solvers who contribute positively to society.

Our History & Passion: The idea of the open university was born out of a desire to contribute to Nigeria’s educational growth. It aims to be a driving force in the educational, moral, and entrepreneurial upliftment of Nigerians and the global community. The university also focuses on instilling values in students, shaping them into future leaders and innovators.

(Dr.) Aisha Bala Muhammed, the founder of Al-Muhibbah Foundation, is well-respected in Nigeria and beyond for her humanitarian work. Her efforts to help women, children, and communities began well before the establishment of the foundation. She has been a pillar of support in her hometown of Alkaleri and now in Abuja, promoting self-reliance, small-scale businesses, and empowering community groups both in Nigeria and internationally.

Faculty of Social Sciences at Al-Muhibbah 

The Faculty of Social Sciences at Al-Muhibbah Open University offers a diverse range of courses, focusing on understanding and addressing societal challenges. Two prominent courses are:

Economics: This course dives into the complexities of economic systems. It covers topics like market dynamics, financial policies, and economic theories. Students learn to analyze economic problems and develop strategies that can influence both national and global economies.

International Studies: This program is designed for students interested in global affairs. It covers international relations, global politics, and cultural dynamics across borders. The course equips students with the skills to understand and navigate the complexities of international interactions and diplomacy.

These courses aim to prepare students for careers that require a deep understanding of societal dynamics and global interactions.

Faculty of Management Sciences

At Al-Muhibbah Open University, the Faculty of Management Sciences offers a suite of courses designed to equip students with essential skills for the business world. The courses available are:

Accounting & Finance: This course focuses on the principles of accounting, financial analysis, and management. It prepares students for careers in financial planning, auditing, and fiscal management, offering a comprehensive understanding of financial systems in business.

Business Administration: This program covers a wide range of topics, including leadership, organizational management, and strategic planning. It’s ideal for those aiming to hold managerial positions or start their own businesses.

Entrepreneurship: Tailored for aspiring business owners and innovators, this course teaches how to develop business ideas, create business plans, and manage startups. It’s a blend of practical knowledge and innovative thinking.

Project Management: This course is designed for those interested in leading projects efficiently. It covers project planning, execution, and management skills essential for successful project completion in various industries.

Each of these courses aims to develop professionals who can contribute significantly to their chosen fields.

Academic Structure

The university offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across different faculties, including:

Social Sciences (Economics, International Studies)

Management Sciences (Accounting & Finance, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Project Management)​​

Campus and Facilities

AOU prides itself on a conducive learning environment, blending online and face-to-face teaching methods. The university operates study centers in Abuja and Bauchi, ensuring accessibility for students across different regions​​​​.

Key Personnel

Prof. Muhtar Hanif Alhassan, Vice-Chancellor

Barr. Muslim Maigari, Registrar

Murtala Yusuf Fourty Four, Ph.D., Bursar

Ahmad Salisu Garba, Ph.D., Director, Academic Planning & Quality Assurance

Mrs. Ladi Ibrahim Thomas, Director of Business Development

Aliyu Ibrahim Usman, University Librarian​​

Al-Muhibbah Open University Admission Requirements

Prospective students should have a minimum of five credits in SSCE or equivalent qualification and must pass the university’s entrance examination​.

Al-Muhibbah Open University Fees and Financial Aid

AOU’s fee structure includes:

Tuition Fees: Second Semester N105,000.00 (payable in two installments)

Additional Fees: Application Fee, Examination Fee, Library Fee, ID Card Fee, Transcript Fee, Caution Deposit

Scholarships: Available for eligible students​​​​

Al-Muhibbah Open University Accreditation

AOU is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)​​​​.

Al-Muhibbah Open University Contact Information

22 Bicados Street, off Charles Adebayo Unuigbe Street, Kubwa FO1, Abuja, Nigeria.

Bauchi Study Centre

First Floor NIDB building, Maiduguri bypass Bauchi State.



[email protected]


Al-Muhibbah Open University represents a significant contribution to the Nigerian education sector, especially in the realm of open and distance learning. With its diverse academic programs, flexible learning environments, and commitment to quality and accessibility, AOU is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping future leaders and professionals.



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