When it comes to higher education in Nigeria, the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) stands as a beacon of academic excellence.

Established in August 1975 by a decree of the federal military government, UNILORIN has played a pivotal role in providing opportunities for Nigerian students to acquire a university education while also contributing significantly to the nation’s need for high-level manpower in its rapidly expanding economy.

A Vast Campus

One remarkable aspect of UNILORIN is the sheer size of its campus.

Covering approximately 15,000 hectares of land, it’s one of the largest land areas among Nigerian higher institutions of learning.

This vast expanse not only provides ample space for academic facilities but also offers a serene environment conducive to learning.

The Most Sought-After University

UNILORIN’s popularity is undeniable. In 2021, it was reported by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) as the most sought-after Nigerian university.

This trend continued in 2023 when Professor Ishaq Oloyede, the JAMB Head, announced that UNILORIN was once again the top choice for the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME), making it the 10th consecutive year at the pinnacle.

Diverse Academic Offerings

UNILORIN is more than just its expansive campus and popularity.

It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines, including but not limited to:

1. Agriculture

2. Arts

3. Basic Medical Sciences

4. Business and Social Sciences

5. Education

6. Engineering

7. Environmental Sciences

8. Law

9. Medicine

10. Pharmaceutical Sciences

11. Science

12. Veterinary Medicine

This diverse academic offering ensures that students with different interests and career aspirations can find their place at UNILORIN.

Academic Excellence

One of the hallmarks of UNILORIN is its commitment to academic excellence.

The institution has earned a stellar reputation for producing highly skilled graduates who are in high demand by employers, not just within Nigeria but also on a global scale.

The rigorous academic programs and world-class faculty contribute to this achievement.

A Hub for Cutting-Edge Research

UNILORIN is not only a teaching institution but also a hub for cutting-edge research.

It hosts several research institutes and centers, where scholars are engaged in groundbreaking research across various fields.

This commitment to research excellence enhances the academic environment and contributes to the university’s reputation.

Vibrant Student Life

Apart from academics, UNILORIN offers a vibrant student life. Students can join various clubs and societies to pursue their interests and hobbies.

The university also boasts a strong sports program, with its teams competing in a variety of inter-university competitions, fostering a sense of camaraderie among students.

University Of Ilorin Courses

When it comes to quality education in Nigeria, the University of Ilorin is a name that stands out.

Established in 1975, this institution has been consistently offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various disciplines.

Whether you are a prospective student looking for your dream program or simply curious about the academic offerings, this post is here to provide you with a detailed insight into the University of Ilorin’s diverse courses.

Undergraduate Courses

1. Accounting

Starting off the list, is  Accounting.

This program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to become proficient accountants in various sectors.

2. Architecture

For the creatively inclined, the Architecture course is designed to nurture future architects who will shape our cities and landscapes.

3. Biochemistry

The Biochemistry program delves into the intricacies of living organisms and is a gateway for various careers in healthcare and research.

4. Botany

Botany enthusiasts can explore the world of plants through this course, which offers a deep understanding of plant biology.

5. Business Administration

Business Administration prepares students for leadership roles in the corporate world by providing a solid foundation in management and administration.

6. Chemistry

The Chemistry program is a gateway to various scientific careers and equips students with the knowledge to analyze matter at the molecular level.

7. Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering focuses on infrastructure development, making it a vital field for building the future.

8. Computer Science

In today’s digital age, Computer Science is at the forefront of innovation, and this program grooms students to be tech-savvy problem solvers.

9. Economics

Economics is the study of resource allocation and decision-making, preparing students for careers in finance, policy, and beyond.

10. Education

The Education program is dedicated to shaping the educators of tomorrow, providing the tools and techniques needed to excel in teaching.

11. Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is a dynamic field that powers the world, and this program prepares students for the challenges of the energy industry.

12. English Language

For lovers of literature and language, the English Language program nurtures linguistic and literary talents.

13. Estate Management

Estate Management covers property development and real estate, making it ideal for those interested in the property market.

14. Geography

Geography explores the world’s physical and cultural landscapes, offering students a global perspective.

15. Geology

Geology is the study of the Earth’s structure and history, essential for resource exploration and environmental protection.

16. History

The History program looks into the past to understand the present, preparing students for careers in research, education, and more.

17. Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy offers a comprehensive study of the human body’s structure, crucial for medical professionals and researchers.

18. Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry equips students with the knowledge and skills to work in chemical industries.

19. Information and Communication Science

In the digital era, Information and Communication Science is crucial for careers in media, marketing, and technology.

20. Law

The Law program is the foundation for aspiring lawyers and legal professionals.

21. Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science prepares students for careers as librarians and information specialists.

22. Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of science and offers numerous career opportunities in research and finance.

23. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is at the heart of innovation and prepares students for careers in design, manufacturing, and more.

24. Medicine and Surgery

The Medicine and Surgery program is a stepping stone to becoming a medical doctor and saving lives.

25. Microbiology

Microbiology explores the microscopic world of microorganisms, vital for healthcare and research.

26. Nursing Science

Nursing Science is a noble field that trains caregivers and healthcare professionals.

27. Pharmacy

Pharmacy equips students with the knowledge to dispense medication and advise patients on their proper use.

28. Physics

Physics is the foundation of natural sciences, offering insights into the fundamental laws of the universe.

29. Political Science

Political Science delves into politics, governance, and policy, shaping future leaders and policymakers.

30. Psychology

Psychology explores the human mind and behavior, preparing students for careers in counseling and research.

31. Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying is essential for cost estimation and project management in construction.

32. Sociology

Sociology studies human society and behavior, offering insights into the dynamics of social change.

33. Statistics

Statistics equips students with the tools to analyze data and make informed decisions in various industries.

34. Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine trains future animal healthcare professionals, ensuring the wellbeing of our furry friends.

Postgraduate Courses

Now, let’s explore the postgraduate offerings at the University of Ilorin:

1. Accounting

Building on the undergraduate program, the postgraduate Accounting course offers advanced financial knowledge and expertise.

2. Adult Education

Adult Education focuses on teaching adults and empowering them with new skills and knowledge.

3. Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Economics delves into the economic aspects of farming and food production.

4. Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering combines engineering principles with agriculture to improve farming techniques.

5. Agronomy

Agronomy is the science of crop production and soil management.

6. Anatomy

Postgraduate Anatomy offers in-depth knowledge of the human body’s structure and function.

7. Applied Linguistics

Applied Linguistics explores the practical applications of linguistic theory, valuable for language professionals.

8. Arabic

The Arabic program delves into the Arabic language and its cultural significance.

9. Arabic Literature

Arabic Literature explores the rich literary heritage of the Arabic-speaking world.

10. Biochemistry

Postgraduate Biochemistry offers advanced study in molecular biology and biochemistry.

11. Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering at the postgraduate level delves into advanced chemical processes and technologies.

12. Chemistry

Postgraduate Chemistry allows for specialization and research in various branches of chemistry.

13. Christian Studies

Christian Studies provides a deep understanding of Christian theology and history.

14. Comparative Education

Comparative Education explores global education systems and their comparative analysis.

15. Comparative Religious Studies

Comparative Religious Studies offers insights into the world’s diverse religious traditions.

16. Computer Science

Postgraduate Computer Science takes advanced programming and technology skills to the next level.

17. Constitutional Law and Development

This program focuses on constitutional law and its role in societal development.

18. Crop Protection

Crop Protection explores techniques to safeguard crops from pests and diseases.

19. Curriculum and Teacher Education

This program focuses on curriculum development and teacher training.

20. Curriculum Development Arts

Curriculum Development in Arts emphasizes curriculum design in the field of arts and humanities.

21. Curriculum Development Social Science Education

Social Science Education curriculum development is tailored to the unique needs of social science educators.

22. Economics

Postgraduate Economics offers advanced economic theory and policy analysis.

23. Educational Management

Educational Management focuses on the administrative aspects of educational institutions.

24. Educational Technology

Educational Technology explores the integration of technology in teaching and learning.

25. Election and Political Party Management

This program focuses on election management and political party strategies.

26. English Language Education

English Language Education provides advanced language teaching techniques.

27. Estate Management

Postgraduate Estate Management offers advanced knowledge in property development and management.

28. Exercise and Sports Science

Exercise and Sports Science prepares professionals for careers in sports, fitness, and health.

29. Finance

Postgraduate Finance delves into advanced financial analysis and investment.

30. Food Science

Food Science explores the science behind food production, safety, and quality.

31. French Language

French Language focuses on advanced language proficiency and cultural understanding.

32. Geography

Postgraduate Geography offers specialization in physical and human geography.

33. Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences explores the Earth’s geological processes, valuable for environmental studies and resource exploration.

34. Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and Counseling equips professionals to provide guidance and support to individuals in need.

35. Health Education

Health Education focuses on promoting health and wellness through education and awareness.

36. History and Policy of Education

This program explores the history and policies of education, offering insights into educational development.

37. Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry at the postgraduate level offers advanced knowledge for chemical industries.

38. Information and Communication Science

Information and Communication Science explores advanced concepts in media, communication, and technology.

39. Islamic Law

Islamic Law focuses on Islamic jurisprudence and its applications.

40. Islamic Studies

Islamic Studies delves into the rich Islamic traditions, culture, and history.

41. Large Animal Surgery

Large Animal Surgery focuses on advanced veterinary surgical techniques for larger animals.

42. Law

The postgraduate Law program allows for specialization in various legal fields.

43. Legislative Drafting

Legislative Drafting focuses on the art and science of creating legislative documents.

44. Legislative Studies

Legislative Studies explore the workings of legislative bodies and their impact on society.

45. Linguistics and Communication Studies

Linguistics and Communication Studies goes into language, communication, and sociolinguistics.

46. Mathematics

Postgraduate Mathematics allows for specialization and research in advanced mathematical concepts.

47. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering at the postgraduate level offers advanced knowledge for engineering professionals.

48. Medical Microbiology and Parasitology

Medical Microbiology and Parasitology explore advanced aspects of medical microbiology.

49. Medicine

Postgraduate Medicine offers advanced medical training and specialization.

50. Microbiology

Postgraduate Microbiology explores advanced aspects of microbiology research and applications.

51. Nursing Science

Nursing Science at the postgraduate level allows for specialization and research in nursing.

52. Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology focus on advanced women’s healthcare and pregnancy-related issues.

53. Ophthalmology

Ophthalmology offers specialized training in eye care and ophthalmic surgery.

54. Orthopaedic Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery focuses on advanced bone and joint surgery techniques.

55. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

Otorhinolaryngology deals with advanced ear, nose, and throat medical and surgical techniques.

56. Paediatrics

Paediatrics focuses on advanced child healthcare and pediatric medicine.

57. Pathology

Pathology explores advanced concepts in disease diagnosis and laboratory medicine.

58. Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Pharmacology and Therapeutics looks  into advanced drug research and development.

59. Pharmacy

The postgraduate Pharmacy program allows for specialization in various pharmaceutical fields.

60. Physics

Postgraduate Physics offers advanced research opportunities and specialized studies in various physics disciplines.

61. Physiology

Physiology focuses on advanced studies of how the human body functions.

62. Plant Science

Plant Science delves into advanced botanical research and applications.

63. Political Science

Postgraduate Political Science explores advanced political theories, policies, and analysis.

64. Psychiatry

Psychiatry focuses on advanced mental health and psychiatric care.

65. Psychology

Postgraduate Psychology offers advanced psychological research and applications.

66. Public Health

Public Health explores advanced concepts in public health and epidemiology.

67. Public Law

Public Law delves into advanced legal aspects related to the government and public policies.

68. Quantity Surveying

Postgraduate Quantity Surveying offers advanced knowledge for construction project management.

69. Radiology

Radiology explores advanced medical imaging and diagnostic techniques.

70. Religion

Religion focuses on advanced religious studies and theological exploration.

71. Science Education

Science Education explores advanced teaching techniques for science educators.

72. Sociology

Postgraduate Sociology delves into advanced sociological theories and research.

73. Statistics

Postgraduate Statistics allows for specialization and research in advanced statistical methods.

74. Surgery

Surgery offers advanced surgical training and specialization.

75. Veterinary Medicine

Postgraduate Veterinary Medicine explores advanced veterinary practices and research.

This is just a sample of the many courses offered at the University of Ilorin.

For a more comprehensive list, please visit the university’s website.

University Of Ilorin School Fees

When it comes to pursuing higher education, one of the essential aspects to consider is the cost of tuition.

The University of Ilorin, a renowned institution in Nigeria, offers a wide range of courses and programs, each with its associated fees.

In this post, i will look into the intricacies of the school fees at the University of Ilorin.

Whether you’re an aspiring undergraduate or a prospective postgraduate student, understanding the financial aspects of your education is crucial.

Understanding the Basics

School Fees for Undergraduate Students

For prospective undergraduates at the University of Ilorin, the school fees can vary significantly depending on the faculty and the specific course of study.

It’s important to note that these figures may change slightly from year to year, so it’s advisable to visit the official university website for the most up-to-date information.


  • Faculty: Agriculture
  • Course: Agriculture
  • School Fees (₦): 22,500


  • Faculty: Arts
  • Course: English Language
  • School Fees (₦): 27,500

Basic Medical Sciences

  • Faculty: Basic Medical Sciences
  • Course: Biochemistry
  • School Fees (₦): 32,500

Business and Social Sciences

  • Faculty: Business and Social Sciences
  • Course: Business Administration
  • School Fees (₦): 37,500


  • Faculty: Education
  • Course: Education
  • School Fees (₦): 22,500


  • Faculty: Engineering
  • Course: Computer Science
  • School Fees (₦): 42,500

Environmental Sciences

  • Faculty: Environmental Sciences
  • Course: Environmental Management
  • School Fees (₦): 32,500


  • Faculty: Law
  • Course: Law
  • School Fees (₦): 47,500


  • Faculty: Medicine
  • Course: Medicine and Surgery
  • School Fees (₦): 52,500

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Faculty: Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Course: Pharmacy
  • School Fees (₦): 57,500


  • Faculty: Science
  • Course: Physics
  • School Fees (₦): 32,500

Veterinary Medicine

  • Faculty: Veterinary Medicine
  • Course: Veterinary Medicine
  • School Fees (₦): 62,500

These figures represent estimates and should be used as a general reference.

It’s advisable to check with the university for precise, up-to-date tuition fees.

School Fees for Postgraduate Students

If you’re considering postgraduate studies at the University of Ilorin, the school fees may also vary based on your chosen program.

Postgraduate students should be prepared for a financial commitment, which can range from ₦100,000 to ₦150,000 per session.

Beyond Tuition

It’s important to remember that the cost of education goes beyond tuition fees.

As a student, you’ll also need to budget for various additional expenses, such as accommodation, food, transportation, and books.

The amount you spend on these expenses can fluctuate significantly based on your lifestyle and needs.

Therefore, it’s essential to plan your finances carefully.

Financial Aid Options

The University of Ilorin is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals.

They offer various financial aid options, including scholarships, bursaries, and loans.

These opportunities are designed to alleviate the financial burden of education, making it more accessible to deserving students.

For detailed information about financial aid programs and eligibility criteria, please visit the university’s official website.

University Of Ilorin Admission Requirement

Are you aspiring to join the prestigious University of Ilorin but feeling overwhelmed by the admission process? Fret not; this post will walk you through the admission requirements, ensuring that you’re well-prepared to embark on your academic journey.

The admission criteria may vary depending on the faculty and course of study, but i’ve got you covered.

General Admission Requirements

Before diving into faculty-specific criteria, let’s first explore the general admission prerequisites that apply to all prospective students:

1. O’level Credit Passes: To secure a spot at the University of Ilorin, you must attain a minimum of five O’level credit passes in relevant subjects. These subjects should include English Language and Mathematics, and you must achieve this feat within a maximum of two sittings.

2. UTME Score: Your journey towards becoming a Unilorin student starts with a respectable UTME score. Aim to score 180 and above in relevant subjects to stand a chance at admission.

3. Post-UTME Screening: After a successful UTME, your next step is participation in the post-UTME screening exercise. This step is crucial in assessing your suitability for your chosen course.

Now, let’s go into specific faculty requirements and other helpful tips to increase your chances of securing admission.

Faculty-Specific Requirements

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

If you aspire to join the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, the requirements extend beyond the general ones.

In addition to the general requirements mentioned above, you must also meet the following criteria:

1. ‘A’ Level Passes: Aspirants should possess at least two ‘A’ level passes in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

These ‘A’ level passes are in addition to the UTME score requirement.

Meeting these prerequisites demonstrates your commitment to pursuing a career in medicine and surgery.

Faculty of Law

Prospective law students should take note of the following requirements:

1. O’level Credits: Alongside the general requirements, you must possess O’level credit passes in Literature-in-English and any other relevant subject.

2. Relevant Subjects: Choose your UTME subjects wisely.

Ensure they align with your law studies, further increasing your chances of securing a spot in the Faculty of Law.

Faculty of Engineering

Aspiring engineers, here’s what you need to know:

1. O’level Credits: In addition to the general requirements, ensure you have O’level credit passes in Physics and any other relevant subject.

2. UTME Subjects: Choose your UTME subjects carefully. Opt for subjects that resonate with the field of engineering.

Faculty of Arts

For students interested in the Faculty of Arts, here’s the key information:

1. O’level Credits: Aspire to attain O’level credit passes in Literature-in-English and any other relevant subject.

2. UTME Subjects: Select UTME subjects that align with your chosen program within the Faculty of Arts.

Faculty of Agriculture

Are you passionate about agriculture? Here’s what you need to know:

1. O’level Credits: In addition to the general requirements, ensure you have O’level credit passes in Agricultural Science and any other relevant subject.

2. UTME Subjects: Opt for UTME subjects that are aligned with agricultural studies.

For more specific information on faculty and course-specific requirements, it’s advisable to visit Cut Off Mark For University Of Ilorin For All Departments – JAMB Cut Off

Tips for Maximizing Your Chances

In addition to meeting the required criteria, consider these valuable tips to enhance your chances of admission:

1. Score High: Strive for excellence in both the UTME and post-UTME screening exercises. High scores are a testament to your dedication and knowledge.

2. Subject Combinations: Carefully select your O’level and UTME subject combinations based on your desired program.

3. Personal Statement: Craft a compelling personal statement highlighting your academic accomplishments and extracurricular activities. This is your opportunity to shine.

4. Recommendations: Secure strong recommendations from your teachers and counselors. Their endorsement can make a difference.

5. Be Prepared: Attend the post-UTME screening exercise with confidence. Be ready to answer questions related to your chosen course of study.


In conclusion, the University of Ilorin is more than just a higher institution of learning; it’s a testament to academic excellence, research innovation, and a vibrant student community.

UNILORIN’s continued status as the most sought-after Nigerian university is a testament to its commitment to providing quality education.

For those aspiring to acquire a university education and make a meaningful impact in the rapidly expanding Nigerian economy, UNILORIN stands as a premier choice, offering a world-class education experience.



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