What Are The Types of Student Accommodation Available In Ireland?

When it comes to pursuing higher education in Ireland, one of the key aspects to consider is where you’ll be living during your academic journey.

The type of student accommodation you choose can greatly impact your overall experience, and it’s essential to select the one that aligns with your needs and preferences.

In this post, I’ll look into the main types of student accommodation available in Ireland, helping you make an informed decision about where to call home during your studies.

student accommodation available in Ireland


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Prices for Student Accommodation Available In Ireland

here’s the information presented in a tabular form:

CityPrice Range (€ per week)
Dublin€400 – €550
Cork€350 – €450
Galway€300 – €400
Limerick€250 – €350
Waterford€200 – €300
What Are The Types of Student Accommodation Available In Ireland?

Please note that these are average price ranges, and the actual cost of student accommodation can vary based on factors like the type of accommodation, location, and included amenities.

On-campus accommodations are typically more expensive than off-campus options.

On-Campus Accommodation: A Home Away from Home


  • Convenience: On-campus accommodation is just a stone’s throw away from your classes and all the university amenities, making it incredibly convenient.
  • Social Atmosphere: You’ll be surrounded by fellow students, fostering a vibrant and supportive community.
  • Private Bedrooms: Each student has their own private bedroom, ensuring a space of your own.
  • Meals Included: Some on-campus options even provide meal plans, saving you the hassle of cooking.


  • Expensive: On-campus accommodation can be pricier compared to off-campus alternatives.
  • Limited Availability: These spaces are highly sought after, and securing a spot can be competitive.
  • Rules and Regulations: On-campus accommodations may come with stricter rules and regulations.

Off-Campus Accommodation: Freedom and Diversity


  • Affordability: Off-campus housing options are often more budget-friendly, allowing you to save money.
  • Variety: You have a wide range of choices, from private apartments to shared houses, giving you the freedom to select the best fit for your lifestyle.
  • Independence: Enjoy greater independence and flexibility in your living arrangements.
  • Privacy: Off-campus options typically offer more private living spaces.


  • Distance from Campus: Depending on your choice, you might have to commute to reach campus, which can be inconvenient.
  • Transportation Costs: You may need to allocate a portion of your budget for transportation.
  • Landlords and Roommates: Dealing with landlords and roommates can sometimes be challenging.

Private Off-Campus Accommodation: A Cost-Efficient Choice


  • Affordability: Private off-campus housing is often the most cost-efficient option for students.
  • Diverse Options: You’ll find a plethora of choices that suit your preferences.
  • Independence: Enjoy the freedom to live on your terms.
  • Privacy: Private accommodations offer the highest level of privacy.


  • Distance from Campus: As with other off-campus options, you might have to commute.
  • Transportation Costs: Budgeting for transportation may be necessary.
  • Landlords and Roommates: Interacting with landlords and roommates is part of the package.

University-Endorsed Off-Campus Accommodation: The Best of Both Worlds


  • Convenience: University-endorsed off-campus housing is strategically located near campus amenities.
  • Social Environment: You’ll still be part of a close-knit community and enjoy social interaction.
  • Meets University Standards: These accommodations adhere to university standards, ensuring a quality living experience.


  • Cost: University-endorsed off-campus housing can be on the expensive side.
  • Availability: Just like on-campus accommodation, availability might be limited.
  • Rules and Regulations: Some rules and regulations may apply.

Homestay: A Taste of Irish Culture


  • Cultural Immersion: Homestays offer an immersive experience into Irish life and customs, helping you adapt to your new surroundings.
  • Home-Cooked Meals: Enjoy home-cooked Irish meals and the warmth of a family environment.
  • Learning Opportunity: It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the culture and traditions of Ireland.


  • Shared Space: You may have to share a room with someone else.
  • Family Rules: Be prepared to adhere to the rules and regulations of your host family.
  • Distance: Homestays might be situated further from campus.

Making the Right Choice

The decision on the best student accommodation for you ultimately depends on your unique needs and preferences.

Factors such as your budget, proximity to campus, desire for independence, and social inclinations should guide your choice.

Whether it’s the convenience of on-campus living, the freedom of off-campus options, the affordability of private accommodations, the balance of university-endorsed housing, or the cultural experience of a homestay, there’s an ideal solution waiting for every student.

I hope this guide has provided you with the insight you need to make an informed decision and set you on the path to a successful academic journey in Ireland.

What type is student accommodation?

If you’re a student in Ireland, finding the perfect place to call home during your academic journey is a crucial decision.

Student accommodation comes in various forms, from on-campus dorms to private off-campus options.

In this section, I’ll walk you through the types of student accommodation available in Ireland, factors to consider when making your choice, and resources to help you find your ideal place.

Let’s dive in!

Types of Student Accommodation

1. Halls of Residence

Halls of residence are a popular choice among students, particularly for first-year students. These accommodations typically consist of private bedrooms and shared spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. They offer a social atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet new people.

2. Apartments

Student apartments are self-contained units available for individual students or couples. They often come with a kitchen, living room, bedroom(s), and a bathroom. Apartments provide a balance between privacy and social interaction, making them a versatile choice.

3. Houses

Student houses are another option, either for individual students or groups. They can be furnished or unfurnished, and the level of amenities may vary. Houses offer more independence but still provide opportunities for shared living.

4. Homestays

Homestays offer a unique cultural experience for students. In this accommodation type, students live with a local family, allowing them to immerse themselves in Irish culture and customs. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a more immersive experience.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Student Accommodation

Selecting the right student accommodation in Ireland involves several important factors to keep in mind:

1. Budget

Determine your budget before you start your search. Student accommodation in Ireland can vary greatly in price, so it’s essential to set a clear budget to narrow down your options.

2. Location

Consider the location of your accommodation concerning your campus and other amenities. Proximity to your university or college can significantly impact your daily life. If you’re commuting, factor in transportation costs as well.

3. Amenities

Different accommodations offer various amenities such as meals, laundry facilities, and fitness centers. Make a list of the amenities that matter most to you to find the perfect fit.

4. Social Atmosphere

The level of social interaction can differ between accommodations. If you’re looking to make friends and connect with fellow students, you might prefer a hall of residence or a student apartment complex with communal areas.

5. Privacy

For those who value personal space, accommodations like studio apartments or houses with private bedrooms provide the solitude you desire.

Finding Your Ideal Student Accommodation

Once you’ve considered these factors, it’s time to start your search for the ideal student accommodation in Ireland.

Fortunately, numerous resources are available to help you in your quest. Explore the following options:

  • University Websites: Most universities in Ireland provide information about on-campus and endorsed off-campus accommodations on their websites. These resources can help you explore your options.
  • Online Platforms: Websites like Daft.ie, MyHome.ie, and Rent.ie offer extensive listings of student accommodations. You can filter your search based on your preferences and budget.
  • Student Forums: Online forums and social media groups dedicated to students in Ireland often have discussions and recommendations regarding accommodations. Join these communities to gather insights from your peers.
  • Local Estate Agents: You can also reach out to local estate agents who specialize in student accommodation. They can provide personalized assistance in finding the right place for you.

How to find accommodation in Ireland for students?

Finding the right student accommodation in Ireland can be a rewarding yet challenging task.

To help you navigate this process smoothly, here are some valuable tips:

1. Start Your Search Early

Begin your search as early as possible, especially if you’re commencing your studies in September, the busiest time for securing student accommodation. Early action increases your chances of finding the best options.

2. Set a Budget

Determine your budget before you start your search. Knowing how much you can afford will help you filter your options and identify accommodation that suits your financial constraints.

3. Explore Different Types of Accommodation

Ireland offers various types of student accommodation, including on-campus, private rentals, and homestays. Consider your budget, location preferences, and social needs to choose the right fit for you.

4. Use Online Resources

Leverage online platforms and websites to find student accommodation in Ireland. Some popular options include:

5. Contact Your University or College

Many educational institutions have dedicated student services departments that can assist you in your search. They may also provide a list of approved accommodation providers, making your decision-making process easier.

6. Attend Student Accommodation Fairs

Student accommodation fairs, typically held in August and September, offer an excellent opportunity to explore various options and meet accommodation providers in person. This hands-on approach can provide valuable insights into your choices.

7. Visit Properties in Person

Once you’ve shortlisted potential accommodations, visit them in person before making a decision. This allows you to assess the property’s suitability and address any questions or concerns with the landlord.

8. Act Swiftly

The best student accommodation options tend to get reserved quickly. If you find a property that aligns with your needs and budget, be prepared to put down a deposit promptly to secure it.

Additional Tips:

9. Be Flexible with Dates

If possible, consider adjusting your tenancy start date slightly. This flexibility can help you find more affordable options.

10. Share Accommodation

Sharing a house or apartment with other students is not only cost-effective but also a great way to make new friends.

11. Choose Proximity to Public Transportation

Opt for accommodation that is conveniently located near public transportation. This ensures easy access to your campus and other essential amenities.

12. Review the Tenancy Agreement

Carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions in the tenancy agreement before signing it. Clarity on your obligations and rights is essential.

Finding student accommodation in Ireland may present challenges, but with proper planning and effort, it’s entirely achievable. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to securing the perfect place to call home during your educational journey.

How much is student accommodation in Ireland?

Student life in Ireland is a thrilling experience filled with education, culture, and adventure.

However, one of the crucial aspects that students and their families must consider when embarking on this journey is the cost of accommodation.

The price you pay for student housing can greatly impact your overall budget and lifestyle during your stay in Ireland.

In this section, I will look into the world of student accommodation in Ireland, shedding light on the range of prices, the factors that influence them, and the various cities offering different housing experiences.

The Irish Student Accommodation Landscape

Student accommodation in Ireland is as diverse as the students themselves. It ranges in price from €150 to €550 per week, making it essential to understand the various options available to make an informed decision.

The cost of student housing depends on several key factors, including the type of accommodation, location, and the amenities included.

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Accommodation

One of the fundamental choices you will make when seeking student accommodation in Ireland is whether to reside on or off-campus.

It’s important to know that on-campus accommodation is typically more expensive than off-campus alternatives.

However, it comes with its own set of advantages.

On-Campus Accommodation:

  • On-campus housing is situated within the university or college campus.
  • It offers proximity to classes, libraries, and other campus facilities.
  • The cost usually includes utilities, internet, and other amenities.
  • Provides a vibrant community atmosphere with fellow students.

Off-Campus Accommodation:

  • Off-campus housing can range from apartments to shared houses.
  • It provides more independence and freedom in choosing your location.
  • The cost may or may not include utilities and amenities, so it’s essential to clarify this.
  • Offers a chance to experience the local community and lifestyle.

Now, let’s explore the cost of student accommodation in some of the major Irish cities.

Dublin: The Capital’s Accommodation Scene

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is home to several prestigious universities and colleges. While it offers a vibrant student experience, it comes with a higher price tag for accommodation.

The cost of student accommodation in Dublin typically ranges from €400 to €550 per week.

The higher end of the spectrum often includes more luxurious options and better amenities. Living in Dublin provides the advantage of easy access to the city’s cultural and job opportunities, but it’s crucial to budget accordingly.

Cork: A Charming Student Hub

Cork, known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant arts scene, is another popular destination for students. The cost of student accommodation in Cork usually falls within the range of €350 to €450 per week.

The city offers a balance between affordability and a high-quality education, making it an appealing choice for many.

Galway: The Cultural Gem

Galway, located on the west coast of Ireland, is famous for its rich cultural heritage and picturesque surroundings. The cost of student accommodation in Galway typically ranges from €300 to €400 per week. Living in Galway gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in traditional Irish culture and breathtaking natural beauty.

Limerick: An Affordable Option

Limerick, often regarded as one of the more affordable student cities in Ireland, offers accommodation ranging from €250 to €350 per week. The city provides an excellent quality of life without breaking the bank, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious students.

Waterford: A Budget-Friendly Oasis

Waterford, located in the southeast of Ireland, offers some of the most budget-friendly student accommodation options, ranging from €200 to €300 per week. The city is known for its friendly atmosphere and affordability, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to save on living costs.

Factors Influencing Price

While the above-mentioned price ranges give you a general idea of what to expect, it’s important to note that these are just averages.

The actual cost of student accommodation can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Accommodation Type: The type of housing, such as shared apartments, studios, or single rooms, can significantly impact the price.
  • Location: Proximity to the university, city center, and public transportation can influence the cost.
  • Amenities: Some accommodations include additional amenities like fitness centers, study spaces, and social areas, which can affect the price.
  • Lease Length: Longer leases may offer more competitive prices.
  • Time of Booking: Booking well in advance or at the last minute can lead to price differences.

How many student accommodations are there in Ireland?

When it comes to pursuing higher education, choosing the right place to live is just as important as selecting the right institution.

Ireland, with its rich academic heritage, is a sought-after destination for students from around the world. However, one critical aspect of the student experience often overlooked is accommodation.

How many student accommodations are there in Ireland? In this section, I’ll go into the world of student accommodations in the Emerald Isle.

The Quest for Student Accommodations

As a prospective student, one of the first questions that may arise is, “How easy is it to find accommodation in Ireland?” The answer to this question isn’t just about quantity but also quality, affordability, and convenience.

In this section, I will primarily focus on the number of student accommodations in Ireland and how this landscape is evolving.

A Lack of Official Estimates

Surprisingly, there is no official estimate of the number of student accommodations in Ireland. This lack of a concrete figure might seem puzzling, given the significance of the education sector in the country.

However, various factors contribute to this ambiguity.

A Glimpse into the Numbers

While there might not be an official count, we can glean some insights from available data. According to a 2023 report by the Irish government, there are an estimated 31,300 student bed spaces in Ireland. This means there are at least 31,300 accommodations available for students in the country. This number includes various types of student housing, from dormitories to private apartments.

Projecting the Future

The student accommodation landscape in Ireland is far from static. As of the latest information, there is an anticipation that this number will grow significantly. By 2024, it is expected to increase to 43,500. This projection indicates a substantial expansion in the availability of student accommodations in the country.

Factors Influencing the Growth

Several factors contribute to this expected increase in student bed spaces in Ireland. These factors include:

  1. Rising Demand: Ireland’s growing reputation as an education hub has attracted more international students, increasing the demand for student accommodations.
  2. Investment in Infrastructure: The government and private investors are actively investing in student housing projects to meet the growing need.
  3. Urban Development: The expansion of cities and towns, where most educational institutions are located, has led to the development of more student-friendly housing options.

The Diversity of Student Accommodations

It’s important to note that student accommodations in Ireland vary widely in terms of amenities and cost. Here are some common types of student housing options you can find in the country:

  1. University Halls: Many universities in Ireland offer on-campus accommodation, which can be a convenient option for students.
  2. Private Student Residences: These are privately operated student accommodations, often with modern amenities and various room options.
  3. Shared Apartments: Students can choose to share apartments with their peers, which can be a more economical option.
  4. Homestays: Some students opt to live with local families, offering a unique cultural experience.
  5. Independent Rentals: Renting a private apartment or house is also a possibility, though it may require more effort in terms of finding and managing the accommodation.
student accommodation available in Ireland


In conclusion, choosing the perfect student accommodation in Ireland is a significant step in your academic journey.

Consider your budget, location, amenities, social preferences, and need for privacy when making your decision.

With the help of university resources, online platforms, student forums, and estate agents, you’ll be well-equipped to find the accommodation that suits your needs and enhances your overall college experience. Best of luck in your search!


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