Ten Strategies to Improve Students Performance in WAEC 2024

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an important milestone in the academic journey of every student in West Africa. Therefore, success in this examination is a must, as it is the bridge that connects students to tertiary institutions.

However, achieving maximum success in WAEC is not easy. It requires more than just cramming and soft reading before the exam. It demands 100% attention and concentration, strategic planning, dedication, and a systematic approach to studying.

On Ngschoolboard, we will explore ten proven and effective strategies to improve students’ performance in WAEC, helping them excel in the examination.

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Strategies to Improve Students Performance in WAEC
Strategies to Improve Students Performance in WAEC

Top 10 Ways to Improve Students Performance in WAEC

1.    Early Preparation

The first essential strategy for Nigerian students, who want to excellently pass the West African Examination Council (WAEC) with flying colors is to start preparing as early as possible. By doing this, you will be able to prepare yourself for success.

Also you will also get the opportunity to create a study plan that will allow you to cover the entire syllabus thoroughly. The WAEC syllabus is always wide, so giving yourself the time and the space to carefully study the syllabus will help you get a good grasp of all that you need to know for the exam.

Starting early and preparing ahead will also allow time for effective revision. This will help you to enhance your retention and help you identify areas in which you should improve.

2.   Set SMART Goals

Setting smart and specific goals is also part of the foundational strategies to improve students’ performance in WAEC. SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. This strategy entails setting clear, precise, and realistic academic goals that go beyond vague ambitions.

You should be able to set a target, such as striving for A grades in particular subjects like Mathematics, English, and other important subjects. To make these goals achievable, ensure to break them down into smaller, time-bound targets. You can decide to study specific topics per week and practice past questions at the end of the week to ensure that you fully understand the topics.

This will enable you to cover your syllabus on time and help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Importantly, your goals must be measurable in such a way that you will be able to track your progress. You can do that by practicing test questions, engaging in a questions and answers session with peers or doing a review of each topic study.

In addition, it’s advisable to share your goals with teachers, parents, or peers to enhance your accountability. Sharing will also enable them to support and encourage you in any way they can.

3.   Manage Your Time Effectively

This is part of the most critical strategies to improve students’ performance among all other techniques.  It is important that any student who wants to pass the WAEC exam manage his or her time judiciously. You can do this by wisely allocating your available time to study various subjects.

You can manage your time by doing the following: 

●      Prioritization: identify the subjects or topics that require more attention and focus on them. It’s advisable you allocate more time to subjects you find more challenging while ensuring you don’t abandon the ones you find easier.

●      Create a Study Schedule: A well-organized study schedule is your roadmap to success. Create a schedule for your daily, weekly, and monthly study sessions. Also, include breaks and review time and assign specified times for each subject. Ensure to be as strict as you can with this schedule.

●      Avoid Procrastination: Procrastination is a time-waster. Identify your distraction triggers and work on avoiding them.

4.   Understand the WAEC Format and Syllabus

Understanding the WAEC syllabus and familiarizing yourself with it will help you identify where to focus your efforts and  ensure that you cover all the necessary topics. You will also be able to get enough clarity on each subject and know the areas at which you will be accessed.

Aside from studying the syllabus, it is equally important to study the WAEC past questions. Study and understand the format at which the questions were asked and note the areas where more questions were asked. 

Studying the past questions will also help you become familiar with the structure, content, and difficulty level of the questions so that you can know how hard to prepare for the exam.

Alongside past papers, also ensure to review of the marking schemes provided by WAEC. These schemes will offer guidance on how you are expected to answer questions and how marks are allocated for each question.

To excel in your WAEC examination, utilizing effective strategies to improve students’ performance includes studying high-quality recommended materials.  These materials or textbooks serve as the foundation for your preparation and will significantly improve your understanding of the subjects.

Quality textbooks are your to-go resources. Therefore, get the recommended textbooks that align with the WAEC curriculum for each of your subjects. Also, it’s important that you don’t limit yourself to only textbooks.

Ensure to explore different relevant online resources and educational apps that can complement and help your studies. These would further reinforce your knowledge and provide additional explanation on topics you find challenging and help reinforce your knowledge.

6.   Seek Support and Guardians

There are numerous strategies to improve students’ performance in WAEC, and seeking the appropriate guidance and support is part of them. As a student, it is important you consult your teachers and subject tutors on how you can best tackle WAEC.

Ask them questions, seek clarification, and seek help whenever you need it. Your teachers will surely provide you with all the insights and resources you need to excel.

Collaborating with peers to study can also be highly beneficial. Group discussions enable you to share insights on different concepts you’ve learned,  which will strengthen your understanding. You will also be able to learn from your peers’ perspectives and share study resources.

7.   Live Healthy

This is the most cogent of all strategies to improve students’ performance in WAEC. Health is wealth. Therefore, it is important to maintain an adequate health lifestyle while you’re preparing for your WAEC examination.

Ensure to always get enough sleep because sound sleep is important for your cognitive functioning and memory retention. Also, make sure that you eat a balanced diet in order for your brain to gain the optimal nutrients it needs to function well. Avoid sugary and caffeinated as they could affect your ability to focus.

It is understandable that passing your WAEC examination is important. However, don’t overwork yourself to the extent that you lose energy. High levels of stress can negatively affect your exams and ability to study effectively, so ensure to take breaks when needed and meditate if you can.

8.   Join Study Groups

In ensuring maximum success in your WAEC exams, Study groups can be helpful. They provide you with a supportive environment to read, understand, and improve your academic performance.

When you study with peers, you get the opportunity to share ideas, solve critical questions and learn from each other. Each member of the study group will be able to contribute and share their uniqueness, which can broaden your understanding of the subject matter.

9.   Develop Your Writing Skills

Developing excellent writing skills is also part of the strategies to improve students’ performance in WAEC, especially in subjects like English Language, Literature-in-English, Government, and even in theoretical-based subjects.

Therefore, practicing how to write excellently ahead of your exams will help you improve your clarity and coherence when expressing an idea. It will also strengthen your ability to articulate your thoughts well and present them in a logical and sequential order.

Furthermore, practicing writing boosts your critical thinking skills and also serves as a skill that can generate funds for you outside academics.

10.   Be Confident and Optimistic

Your motivation, resilience, and general success during the WAEC examinations can be greatly impacted by having an optimistic mindset and self-belief.

Being confident and believing in yourself helps you approach challenges with the belief of overcoming them. It prepares your mind and helps you see opportunities in obstacles.

Therefore, it is very important that you embrace a positive attitude towards your exams, as it will allow you to tackle difficult subjects with strong determination and perseverance, enhancing your ability to comprehend and pass them excellently.

Confidence also helps to block any form of exam-related anxiety and nerves, allowing you to strongly believe in your abilities to perform at your optimal level.


No doubt, WAEC is a big deal, and it can be hard and challenging, however, with adequate and early preparation, you will definitely write the exams and pass all the subjects excellently.

This is why we have put together amazing strategies to improve students’ performance in WAEC. If you are a student who really wants to excel in your exams, applying these tips will go a long way in helping you succeed.

For questions or more inquiries, kindly drop them in the comment section, and we’ll promptly address them.


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