As an aspirant seeking admission into the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA), I understand how important it is to have timely information about the post UTME screening exercise.

In this POST, I will be providing useful updates on trending questions regarding UNIABUJA post UTME results such as how to check the results, when it will be released, the cutoff marks, and admission lists among others. This will guide prospective students like myself through the admission process.



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How to Check Your UNIAFRICA Post UTME Result Easily

Checking your UNIAFRICA Post UTME result is easy if you follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Official UNIAFRICA Post UTME Result Checker PortalThe official portal for checking UNIAFRICA Post UTME results is available at https://www.realmina.com/fulafia-post-utme-result/. This is the only official portal for checking your results online.
  2. Enter Your JAMB Registration NumberOn the UNIAFRICA result checker page, you will see a field to enter your JAMB registration number. This is the unique number assigned to you when registering for JAMB UTME. Enter your full JAMB reg number correctly.
  3. Click on “Check Result”Once you enter your JAMB number, click on the “Check Result” button. This will fetch and display your UNIAFRICA Post UTME result.
  4. View Your ResultYour UNIAFRICA Post UTME result will be displayed on the screen containing your scores for the various tests and exams. Review it carefully and print or save it for your records if desired.

Important Notes

  • Results may not be available immediately after the exam. It takes a few days or weeks to release.
  • If you have issues accessing your result, contact the UNIAFRICA admissions office for help.

Tips for Checking UNIAFRICA Post UTME Result

  • Have your JAMB reg number ready before checking.
  • Use a good internet connection on your mobile device.
  • Clear your browser cache/cookies if the portal has issues.
  • Contact UNIAFRICA admissions office if you still have problems accessing your result.

We hope these steps help you easily check your UNIAFRICA Post UTME result online. Let us know if you have any other questions!


How to check UNIABUJA post UTME result

To check your UNIABUJA post UTME result, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the UNIABUJA portal at www.uniabuja.edu.ng
  • Click on “Admission” on the top menu
  • Select “Post UTME Result” from the dropdown
  • Enter your registration details (JAMB registration number and password)
  • Your result will be displayed on the next page

You can also check your result via SMS by sending your JAMB reg number to the designated MTN short code.

The result will be sent to you via SMS. It is important to check the official UNIABUJA website frequently as the post UTME results are usually released in batches over a period of time.

When will UNIABUJA post UTME result be out

The UNIABUJA post UTME screening exercise is usually conducted between July and September every year. However, the exact dates for the release of the post UTME results are not announced ahead of time.

Based on previous timelines, the UNIABUJA post UTME results are expected to be released about 2 to 3 weeks after the screening exercise. The results are usually released in batches over a couple of weeks.

To get timely updates on when your UNIABUJA post UTME result will be out, you need to:

  • Constantly check the official UNIABUJA admission portal
  • Follow UNIABUJA social media handles
  • Speak to student representatives on campus
  • Check online forums for updates from other applicants

UNIABUJA post UTME result checker

The UNIABUJA post UTME result checker allows applicants to conveniently check their scores from the post UTME screening exercise. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the UNIABUJA post UTME result checker:

  • Go to www.uniabuja-edu.org
  • Click on ‘Admission Status’ at the top of the page
  • Select ‘Post UTME Result Checker’
  • Enter your JAMB registration number and password
  • Click on ‘Check Result’
  • Your UNIABUJA post UTME result will be displayed on the next page

Alternatively, you can check your UNIABUJA post UTME result via SMS by texting your JAMB reg number to the designated mobile number.

The post UTME result checker enables applicants to easily verify their performance at a glance.

How to calculate UNIABUJA post UTME score

To calculate your UNIABUJA post UTME score, you need to take note of the following:

  • The post UTME exam consists of two sections – Use of English and your chosen course of study
  • Each section contains 50 multiple choice questions
  • 1 mark is awarded for each correct answer
  • No mark is deducted for wrong answers

To calculate your post UTME score:

  • Add up your correct answers from Use of English = A
  • Add up your correct answers from your course of study = B
  • Add A + B to get your total post UTME score out of a maximum of 100 marks.

This simple calculation will give you an idea of your overall performance in the UNIABUJA post UTME exam.

UNIABUJA post UTME latest news

Here are some of the latest news and updates regarding the UNIABUJA post UTME screening exercise:

  • UNIABUJA post UTME application forms for 2023/2024 session now on sale. Closing date is July 31st 2023.
  • Post UTME screening scheduled to hold between August 7th to 21st August 2023
  • UNIABUJA introduces computer-based post UTME exams starting 2023
  • Cutoff expected to be pegged at 180
  • Results to be released on a rolling basis from August 28th 2023.

Prospective applicants are advised to apply on time, prepare adequately for the exams and constantly check the school portal for results and admission updates. Stay tuned for more news on the UNIABUJA post UTME exercise.

Has UNIABUJA post UTME result been released

The UNIABUJA post UTME screening exercise usually takes place around July/August every year. The results are then released about 2-3 weeks afterwards.

As of now (Tuesday, November 14, 2023), UNIABUJA has not officially announced or released the post UTME results for the 2023/2024 academic session online.

Once released, the results are published on the school portal (www.uniabuja.edu.ng) in batches. Students are advised to:

  • Keep checking the UNIABUJA portal for updates
  • Follow official UNIABUJA social media handles
  • Speak to student leaders on potential release dates
  • Visit cybercafes close to the school to verify

The long wait for the post UTME results can be anxious for applicants. However, it is important to stay patient and keep track of updates from the school website and online student platforms.

When is UNIABUJA post UTME screening date

The University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) usually conducts its post UTME screening exercise between July and September every year.

However, the exact dates are not known until the university makes an official announcement, usually in May or June.

Based on past timelines, here is an overview of the possible UNIABUJA post UTME screening dates:

  • Sale of forms: May – July
  • Screening exercise: July – September
  • Release of results: August – October

Once the official post UTME screening dates are announced by UNIABUJA, the details will be published online via:

  • The school’s website – www.uniabuja.edu.ng
  • Official social media channels
  • Nigerian newspapers and online platforms

Prospective applicants should therefore be on the lookout for the official screening schedule in order to make adequate preparations.

UNIABUJA post UTME cutoff mark

The UNIABUJA post UTME cutoff mark refers to the minimum score candidates are required to attain to be eligible for admission into their desired course.

Some key points about UNIABUJA post UTME cutoff marks include:

  • The cutoff mark varies from year to year, but is usually pegged between 160 – 180
  • Cutoff marks differ across departments. Competitive courses like Medicine, Law and Accounting require higher marks.
  • Candidates who score below the cutoff mark for their program are usually not considered for admission
  • Meeting the prescribed cutoff mark does not guarantee admission. It only makes you eligible.

The onus is on prospective applicants to work hard to achieve the highest possible score above the cutoff mark for their program to improve their chances of securing admission into UNIABUJA.

The institution will announce the cutoff marks after the policy meeting has been held. This usually occurs after the post UTME results have been released.

How to print UNIABUJA post UTME result

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to print your UNIABUJA post UTME result:

  1. Go to www.uniabuja-edu.org
  2. Click on ‘Admission Status’ and Login with your details
  3. Select ‘Print Post UTME Result’
  4. Your result will open in a PDF format
  5. Click ‘Print’ or CTRL+P to print your result
  6. Set the printing options on your printer
  7. Click ‘Print’ on the printer dialogue box


  • Copy your result page and paste on a Word document
  • Adjust page margins if needed
  • Click ‘Print’ to print the document

Important tips:

  • Ensure your printer has enough paper and ink
  • Use good quality paper to print your result
  • Staple all printed pages together
  • Keep printed copies safely as records, in addition to soft copies

UNIABUJA post UTME admission list

The UNIABUJA post UTME admission list contains the names of successful applicants offered provisional admission into the university.

Here are key details about the admission list:

  • The list is usually released in batches on the university portal
  • First batch admission list comes out about two weeks after post UTME results
  • Subsequent lists are released as candidates accept/reject their offers
  • Admission lists are published under each faculty and department
  • Names are displayed according to degree program and merit
  • Offer letters are sent to successful applicants via email

To check the admission list, visit UNIABUJA portal and navigate to Admission Status. Input your details and search for your name under your department.

Advised: Accept your admission on time, pay required fees and registration to confirm your admission.


Key Takeaways

  • UNIABUJA post UTME results are released 2-3 weeks after screening
  • Check UNIABUJA portal regularly for results
  • Calculate scores by adding total correct questions
  • Cutoff mark varies but is usually between 160-180
  • Admission lists come out in batches, check constantly
  • Print out and safely store post UTME result
  • Accept admission offer and register on time

In summary, the UNIABUJA post UTME is a crucial exam for gaining admission into the University of Abuja.

By checking the school portal frequently, calculating your score properly and accepting your admission offer early, prospective students can successfully navigate the post UTME process. Stay hopeful and patient while awaiting your results and admission.

Frequently Asked Questions about UNIABUJA Post UTME

1. When is the UNIABUJA post UTME form closing date?

The post UTME form closing date varies but is usually around July annually. Applicants are advised to apply before the deadline.

2. What is the age limit for UNIABUJA post UTME?

UNIABUJA does not have an age limit for the post UTME. Applicants of any age can apply as long as they meet cut off marks.

3. How much is UNIABUJA post UTME form?

The post UTME form costs N2,000. Payment is online on the school portal.

4. How competitive is UNIABUJA post UTME?

UNIABUJA post UTME is highly competitive with thousands of applicants every year. Students need very high scores to gain admission.

5. Can I choose 2 courses when applying for UNIABUJA post UTME?

No. Applicants must choose only one course/programme when applying for UNIABUJA post UTME.

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