UNIILESA Aggregate Score for All Courses

The University of Ilesa (UNILESA) Cut Off Mark for 2023/2024 Academic Session

The University of Ilesa, also known as UNILESA, is a state government owned university located in Osun State, Nigeria. UNILESA recently released its cut off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session across all courses offered in the institution.

In this detailed article, we provide a comprehensive overview of UNILESA’s cut off mark for aspiring students. We cover key areas such as:

  • What cut off mark means
  • UNILESA’s cut off mark for 2023/2024 session
  • Cut off marks for all courses offered in UNILESA
  • Post UTME requirements and eligibility
  • How to calculate UNILESA aggregate scores

And lots more vital information to guide prospective UNILESA students.

UNIILESA Aggregate Score for All Courses

What is Cut Off Mark?

The cut off mark refers to the minimum score set by a tertiary institution that any prospective student must obtain in a qualifying examination to be eligible for admission into their desired higher institution.

For universities in Nigeria, the qualifying exams are typically the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) as well as the Post-UTME screening conducted by individual universities.

Therefore, the cut off mark serves as the baseline academic competency for admission. It helps tertiary institutions select the best candidates with the requisite capacity from the pool of aspiring students seeking enrollment.

Scoring the set cut off mark does not guarantee admission. It only makes the candidate eligible for consideration during the admission process. Other factors also come into play during admission such as available quota, competition for available slots, catchment areas, etc.

UNILESA Cut Off Mark for 2023/2024 Academic Session

The management of the University of Ilesa has announced a cut off mark of 160 for all courses for the 2023/2024 academic session.

This implies that any candidate seeking admission into UNILESA must score a minimum of 160 in their UTME exams to be eligible for admission.

Candidates who meet up the 160 cut off mark requirement will then participate in the post UTME screening exercise, after which the best candidates with the highest aggregate scores within the available admission quota will be offered provisional admission.

Why 160 Cut Off Mark?

UNILESA is renowned for quality tertiary education grounded in moral discipline. Hence, the management expects students admitted into the institution to have a certain degree of academic competence suitable for quality graduates output.

The 160 cut off marks serves as a quality check to admit only candidates with the requisite intellectual capacity and foundational knowledge to cope with and excel in their various academic programs.

Candidates who score below 160 are considered as lacking the baseline academic competency required for admission into UNILESA programs, hence the set benchmark.

The cut off mark is set at par with many other popular Southwest universities also known for academic excellence such as OAU, UI and UNILAG.

UNILESA Cut Off Mark for All Courses

The University of Ilesa cut off mark of 160 applies to all courses offered across the institution’s faculties and departments.

Below is a table showing the cut off marks for all UNILESA academic programs and courses for the 2023/2024 admission session:

UNILESA Courses and Cut Off Marks Table

S/NCoursesCut Off Mark
1B.Sc. Anatomy160
2B.Sc. Physiology160
3B.Sc. Accounting160
4B.Sc. Business Administration160
5B.Sc. Economics160
6B.Sc. Ed. Economics160
7B.Sc. Political Science160
8B.Sc. Ed. Political Science160
9B.Sc. Tourism and Hospitality160
10B.Sc. Transport Planning and Logistics Studies160
11B.A. Linguistics160
12B.A. Ed. English160
13B.A. English Language160
14B.A. History and International Studies160
15B.A. Music160
16B.A. Ed. Music160
17BMLS. Basic Medical Laboratory Science160
18B.Sc. Microbiology160
19B.Sc. Biochemistry160
20B.NSc. Nursing Science160
21B.Sc. Public Health160
22LL.B. Law160
23B.Sc. Computer Science160
24B.Sc. Cyber Security160
25B.Sc. Ed. Computer Science160
26B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling160
27B.Ed. Business Education160
28B.Ed. Educational Management160
29B.Ed. Adult and Continuing Education160
30B.Sc. Agricultural Science160
31B.Ed. Social Studies160
32B.Sc. Ed. Integrated Science160
UNIILESA Aggregate Score for All Courses

The table shows that all courses from different faculties like Sciences, Arts, Social Sciences, Law, Education, Agriculture, etc all have a uniform cut off mark of 160.

The 160 cut off mark applies to all UNILESA courses without exceptions.

Any prospective student irrespective of their program of study must score a minimum of 160 in UTME to be eligible to compete for admission via the post UTME screening.

UNILESA Post UTME Requirement and Eligibility

Attaining the 160 UNILESA cut off mark is just the first crucial step to gaining admission into the prestigious higher institution.

The next compulsory requirement is the post UTME screening exam organized by the university to further select the best and most qualified candidates within the limited admission quota.

Therefore, it is one thing to score 160 and above in UTME, it is another challenge entirely to excel in the highly competitive post UTME exams.

Here are the basic requirements to be eligible for the post UTME test:

UNILESA Post UTME Eligibility

  • Must score a minimum of 160 in the 2023 UTME exams
  • Must have sat for the 2023 UTME exam with appropriate subject combinations
  • Must have a minimum of 5 credit passes in relevant O’level subjects at one sitting
  • Subjects must include English, Mathematics and other relevant subjects to your course of study e.g. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Accounts, Economics, Literature-in-English, CRK/IRK etc.
  • Must have a certified document confirming participation in the one-year NYSC program (for graduate programs)
  • Must possess basic computer literacy skills

The post UTME exams comprise of written essay tests to assess candidates’ comprehension on general knowledge and their proposed course of study.

Sections tested include English Proficiency, Critical Reasoning, Quantitative Analysis, General Paper, and subject specific questions from your field of study e.g science subjects, social science subjects etc depending on candidate’s chosen program.

The date, requirements and application guidelines for the Post UTME test shall be communicated accordingly via the university’s website and official channels in due time.

How to Calculate UNILESA Aggregate Score

The aggregate score determines candidates ranking for admission at the end of the process. It is calculated simply by:

Unilesa Aggregate Score = JAMB Score + Post UTME Score / 2

For instance:

Candidate A scores 260 in UTME and 78 in Post UTME

Candidate A Aggregate Score = 260 + 78 / 2

Copy code

= 338/2 = 169

Therefore, Candidate A has an aggregate score of 169.

The higher your aggregate score compared to other candidates, the higher your chances of securing admission during admission selections, hence it is paramount to excel in both UTME and Post UTME.

Scoring above the UNILESA cut off mark in JAMB gives you the eligibility, but your aggregate score gives you a chance at securing admission.


We have provided detailed insights into the recently announced UNILESA cut off mark for the 2023/2024 admission process.

The benchmark of 160 cut off mark applies uniformly across all courses offered in the university and serves as the baseline academic competence for prospective students seeking admission.

Candidates who achieve this set target will then partake in the post screening exercise where the best students with the highest scores within the available admission quota will be offered provisional admission.

We encourage all applicants to take note of the information provided to guide their admission process.


What is UNILESA’s cut off mark for 2023/2024 academic session?

UNILESA’s cut off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session is 160. This applies to all courses.

Is 160 the cut off mark for all UNILESA courses?

Yes, 160 is the fixed cut off mark for all courses offered in UNILESA without exceptions.

Can I gain admission into UNILESA without sitting for post UTME?

No. Post UTME is compulsory, scoring 160 and above only grants you eligibility.

When is UNILESA’s post UTME exam scheduled?

The post UTME date shall be communicated on the school’s website. Check for updates.

How do I calculate my UNILESA aggregate score?

Aggregate score = JAMB Score + Post UTME Score / 2

What if I score below 160 in JAMB?

You will not be eligible for admission if your JAMB score is below 160.



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