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If you’re aspiring to join the ranks of talented students at the University of Jos (UNIJOS), understanding the admission process is paramount. UNIJOS is renowned for its high standards and rigorous selection criteria, and one crucial component of the admissions process is the aggregate score.

In this post, I will walk you into the nitty-gritty details of how UNIJOS calculates its aggregate score and what it means for aspiring students like you.

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About UNIJOS: An Overview

UNIJOS Aggregate Score
UNIJOS Aggregate Score

In the heart of Plateau State, Nigeria, lies a bastion of education and innovation – the University of Jos (UNIJOS). Established in 1975, this esteemed institution stands as a testament to the commitment to quality education, growth, and diversity. With 16 faculties offering an array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, UNIJOS has carved a niche for itself not only in Nigeria but on the global academic stage.

the University of Jos (UNIJOS) stands as a beacon of quality education in Nigeria. With a rich history, diverse faculties, cutting-edge academics, and a vibrant student life, it offers a holistic educational experience.

Its idyllic location and accreditation further underscore its commitment to excellence. UNIJOS not only educates but also nurtures and empowers, embracing students from all walks of life in its pursuit of knowledge and progress.

The history of UNIJOS is a story of vision, progress, and evolution. Conceived by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the university aimed to empower the people of Plateau State and the surrounding regions with higher education. From its humble beginnings in the city of Jos, it rapidly expanded, necessitating the establishment of a second campus in Bukuru, located just 10 kilometers from Jos.

Faculties: A Diverse Spectrum

UNIJOS boasts 16 faculties, each contributing to a multifaceted educational experience. These faculties are the bedrock of the university’s academic prowess, offering programs in a wide range of disciplines, including Agriculture, Arts, Engineering, Law, Natural Sciences, and more. The diversity of offerings ensures that every student can find their academic passion and thrive.

Academics at the Forefront

UNIJOS is more than just classrooms and textbooks; it’s a hotbed of research and innovation. The faculty members are deeply engaged in cutting-edge research across various fields. The university also hosts numerous research centers and institutes, fostering an environment where scholars can thrive. As part of its commitment to academic excellence, UNIJOS provides students with various academic support services, such as tutoring, counseling, and financial aid, to ensure their success.

Vibrant Student Life

A university is not just about academics; it’s about the vibrant life it offers beyond the classroom. UNIJOS is a bustling campus with a plethora of student activities and organizations. The Student Union plays a pivotal role in representing the interests of the student body, ensuring that every voice is heard. Additionally, the university fields sports teams that compete in intercollegiate competitions, fostering a spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

A Scenic Haven: Location

Nestled in the heart of Plateau State, UNIJOS is situated in the captivating city of Jos. This city, the capital of Plateau State, is known for its breathtaking beauty, perched on the Jos Plateau—a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The location offers not just an excellent educational environment but also a serene, picturesque setting for students to enjoy.

Recognized Excellence: Accreditation

UNIJOS has earned its stripes in the realm of education. It is accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), the highest accrediting body for universities in Nigeria. Furthermore, it holds the esteemed membership of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, a testament to its commitment to international academic standards.

Rising in the Ranks

The excellence at UNIJOS doesn’t go unnoticed. The university consistently ranks among the top 10 in Nigeria, according to respected ranking agencies like Times Higher Education, QS World University Rankings, and Webometrics. Such accolades showcase the dedication to academic prowess that UNIJOS upholds.

The Foundation: UNIJOS Aggregate Score

The University of Jos, like many other institutions, relies on an aggregate score to evaluate the eligibility of prospective students. This score is a crucial factor in determining whether you’ll secure admission to your desired course.

The UNIJOS aggregate score typically falls within the range of 60% to 75%, varying from course to course. To find out where you stand, you need to calculate your aggregate score using a specific formula.

The Formula Unveiled

To calculate the UNIJOS aggregate score, your performance in two major exams holds the key: the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and the UNIJOS Post-UTME examination.

These two scores are weighted differently, with the JAMB score carrying a substantial 60% of the total aggregate score, and the Post-UTME score accounting for the remaining 40%. This weighting reflects the university’s emphasis on both national and internal assessments.

To calculate your UNIJOS aggregate score, you must be well-versed in the formula the university employs. It combines two significant components: O’Level Points and JAMB Points.

O’Level Points

Your O’Level points are a reflection of your performance in your five best O’Level subjects. UNIJOS uses the following grading system:

  • A1 = 8 points
  • B2 = 6 points
  • B3 = 4 points
  • C4 = 3 points
  • C5 = 2 points
  • D6 = 1 point
  • E7 = 0 points

Let’s break down this critical element with an example. Suppose you have three A’s and two B’s in your O’Levels. Here’s how you calculate your O’Level Points:

O’Level Points = (3 * 8) + (2 * 6) = 24 + 12 = 36 points

JAMB Points

Your JAMB Points are derived from your JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) score. UNIJOS uses a standardized method to convert your JAMB score into points. The formula is as follows:

JAMB Points = (JAMB Score / 400) * 60

For instance, if your JAMB score is 250, your JAMB Points would be:

JAMB Points = (250 / 400) * 60 = 0.625 * 60 = 37.5 points

Putting It All Together

With your O’Level Points and JAMB Points in hand, you can now calculate your UNIJOS aggregate score. This is done by summing up your O’Level Points and JAMB Points and then dividing the total by 100. Let’s continue with our example:

Aggregate Score = (O’Level Points + JAMB Points) / 100 Aggregate Score = (36 + 37.5) / 100 Aggregate Score = 73.5%

The Bigger Picture

It’s important to recognize that the UNIJOS aggregate score is just one piece of the puzzle. While a strong aggregate score certainly boosts your chances of admission, it’s not the sole criterion. UNIJOS considers other factors too, such as your performance in the Post-UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) and your O’Level grades in the relevant subjects for your chosen course.

Seek Further Guidance

For comprehensive information on UNIJOS admission requirements, it’s always a good idea to refer to the university’s official website. There, you can find detailed admission guidelines, deadlines, and any updates regarding the admissions process.

The Formula Unveiled

Now, let’s demystify the formula used to calculate your UNIJOS aggregate score:

Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score * 60 + Post-UTME Score * 40) / 100

Let’s break it down with an example:

Imagine a candidate who scores 250 in JAMB and 70 in Post-UTME. To determine their aggregate score, we apply the formula:

Aggregate Score = (250 * 60 + 70 * 40) / 100 = 73

In this instance, the candidate’s aggregate score is 73, which will be crucial in determining their eligibility for admission.

Deciphering Cut-off Marks

UNIJOS employs different cut-off marks for various courses, further emphasizing the importance of the aggregate score. The cut-off mark for a specific course is the minimum aggregate score a candidate must achieve to be considered for admission to that particular program.

While cut-off marks typically range between 60% and 75% for most courses, competitive programs like Medicine and Law may require higher scores due to the overwhelming demand and limited available slots.

How to Secure Admission Into UNIJOS

Are you aspiring to become a student at the prestigious University of Jos (UNIJOS)? If so, you’re in the right place. Admission to UNIJOS is highly competitive, but with the right strategy, dedication, and knowledge, you can significantly increase your chances of securing a spot at this esteemed institution.

Admission to the University of Jos is indeed competitive. However, by meeting the specific requirements and following the strategies and tips outlined in this section, you can significantly enhance your chances of securing a coveted spot at UNIJOS. Remember that dedication, preparation, and the right course choice are key elements of your path to success.

Understanding UNIJOS Admission Requirements

To secure admission to the University of Jos, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Meet the Minimum JAMB Score

One of the primary requirements for admission to UNIJOS is achieving the minimum JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) score for your chosen course of study. The JAMB cut-off marks for UNIJOS courses may vary depending on the specific program, but they generally fall within the range of 60% to 75%. It’s essential to aim for a score that meets or exceeds this threshold to increase your chances of admission.

2. Pass the UNIJOS Post-UTME Examination

The Post-UTME examination is a crucial step in the admission process. UNIJOS conducts this screening test to select students for admission. The examination typically covers subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, and relevant subjects specific to your chosen course of study. To succeed in the Post-UTME, you must thoroughly prepare for it.

3. Fulfill the O’Level Requirements

UNIJOS also requires students to meet O’Level (Ordinary Level) requirements for their chosen courses. These requirements may differ based on the program but typically involve obtaining five credits in relevant subjects. It’s crucial to ensure that your O’Level results align with the prerequisites for your desired course of study.

4. Consider Additional Factors

In addition to the core requirements mentioned above, UNIJOS takes other factors into account when admitting students. Your performance in the JAMB UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) and your O’Level grades in subjects relevant to your chosen field of study play a role in the selection process.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Admission

Securing admission to UNIJOS is a challenging task, but it’s certainly attainable if you follow the right strategies. Here are some valuable tips to help you on your journey:

1. Start Early Preparation

Early preparation is key to success. The sooner you begin preparing for the JAMB UTME and the Post-UTME examination, the better. This early start will give you ample time to cover all the necessary material and enhance your chances of success.

2. Excel in O’Level Subjects

Your O’Level grades carry significant weight in the admission process. Study diligently and aim to excel in all your O’Level subjects, especially those relevant to your intended course of study.

3. Choose the Right Course

Selecting the right course is a critical decision. Consider your interests, strengths, and career aspirations when making this choice. Opt for a program that aligns with your passion and has promising job prospects.

4. Apply Early

Submitting your application to UNIJOS as early as possible can work to your advantage. Universities often have limited spaces, and early applicants may have a better chance of securing admission.

Additional Tips for Admission Success

To further increase your chances of gaining admission to UNIJOS, consider the following:

  • Engage in Extracurricular Activities: Participating in extracurricular activities can help you develop your skills and make your application more appealing to UNIJOS.
  • Craft a Strong Personal Statement: Your personal statement is an opportunity to showcase who you are and why you want to study at UNIJOS. Write a well-structured and informative statement that highlights your passion and commitment.
  • Seek Strong Recommendations: Letters of recommendation from teachers and professionals who know you well can bolster your application. Ensure you ask individuals who can write compelling recommendations on your behalf.

List of Unijos Courses and Cut-off Marks

Are you aspiring to join the prestigious University of Jos (UNIJOS) but find yourself wondering about the cut-off marks for its various courses? Look no further.

Whether you’re aiming for Medicine, Law, Engineering, or any other discipline, this article will provide you with the vital information to steer your academic journey in the right direction.

The Basics: UNIJOS Cut-off Marks

The University of Jos, often referred to as UNIJOS, is a highly sought-after institution in Nigeria, known for its academic excellence and rigorous admission criteria.

One of the key determinants for gaining admission into UNIJOS is the cut-off mark. These marks act as a benchmark, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are accepted into various programs.

Variability in Cut-off Marks

UNIJOS adopts a flexible approach when it comes to cut-off marks. The cut-off marks can vary significantly based on the course you intend to pursue. While the standard range for cut-off marks typically falls between 60% and 75%, the exact requirements can differ for each course. Here’s a glimpse of some popular courses and their respective cut-off marks:

CourseCut-off Mark
Business Administration60%
Computer Science60%
English Language60%
Mass Communication60%
Political Science60%
unijos courses and cut-off marks

Course-Specific Insights

Let’s take a closer look at the cut-off marks for a few key courses:

1. Medicine (75%) and Law (75%)

Medicine and Law are two of the most competitive programs at UNIJOS. To secure a place in these courses, you’ll need to meet the high threshold of 75%. The competition is fierce, and the academic requirements are demanding.

2. Pharmacy (70%) and Engineering (65%)

Pharmacy and Engineering programs are also highly regarded at UNIJOS, with cut-off marks of 70% and 65%, respectively. Aspiring pharmacists and engineers must demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence to gain admission.

3. Nursing (65%) and Other Courses (60%)

Nursing, along with several other courses like Accounting, Business Administration, and Computer Science, require a cut-off mark of 60%. While these marks are relatively lower, competition remains intense due to the popularity of these fields.

Flexibility and Fluctuations

It’s crucial to understand that these cut-off marks are general guidelines and can vary from year to year. Factors such as the number of applicants and the university’s overall admission policies can influence these requirements.

To ensure you have the most up-to-date information on the cut-off marks for your desired course, it’s advisable to visit the official UNIJOS website or get in touch with the university’s admissions office.

UNIJOS Screening Insight

The UNIJOS screening exercise is a pivotal phase in the admission journey. Your performance in the online screening, Post-UTME examination, and, if applicable, the interview, will determine whether you take the next step towards realizing your academic aspirations at this prestigious institution.

The UNIJOS screening exercise serves as a crucial gateway for students seeking admission. It aims to assess the academic prowess of applicants and determine their suitability for their chosen courses. This meticulous evaluation process comprises the following stages:

1. Online Screening

The first phase of the UNIJOS screening exercise is the online screening. Regardless of the course you’re interested in, this is a mandatory requirement for all applicants. The process involves completing an online screening form and paying a non-refundable fee of N2,000.

Why is Online Screening Important?

The online screening enables UNIJOS to gather essential information about each applicant. Here’s what the form typically includes:

Personal Details: You will provide your name, date of birth, gender, address, and contact information.

Academic Details: This section covers your O’Level results and JAMB results.

Payment Details: To complete the online screening, applicants must pay a non-refundable fee of N2,000.

The online screening form can be accessed conveniently on the UNIJOS website.

2. Post-UTME Examination

Following the online screening, candidates will proceed to the Post-UTME examination, a written test that UNIJOS administers. This examination typically covers subjects like English Language, Mathematics, and the relevant subjects for your chosen course of study.

Why is the Post-UTME Examination Important?

This examination helps UNIJOS assess your academic preparedness, ensuring that you have the foundational knowledge necessary for your selected program. The Post-UTME is typically held at designated examination centers across Nigeria, with the examination period usually in August or September.

3. Interview (As Needed)

In certain cases, UNIJOS may schedule interviews for applicants who are shortlisted for admission. These interviews provide an opportunity for the university to get to know the applicant better and evaluate their suitability for their chosen course.

Why is the Interview Important?

The interview is a more personalized step in the screening process, allowing UNIJOS to gauge an applicant’s enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to their chosen field. It often takes place at the UNIJOS campus in Jos, Plateau State, with interviews scheduled for October or November.

The Path to Admission

Applicants who successfully navigate the screening exercise will receive an invitation to join the University of Jos. The university communicates this exciting news through a formal letter of admission, which is sent to the applicant’s email address or postal address.

It’s important to note that receiving an offer of admission is just the beginning. To secure your spot at UNIJOS, you’ll need to accept the admission offer and pay the acceptance fee within the specified deadline.


understanding the UNIJOS aggregate score is vital for aspiring students who aim to secure a spot in this prestigious institution. While the process may seem intricate, mastering it will undoubtedly enhance your prospects of realizing your academic dreams at the University of Jos. Good luck with your UNIJOS admission journey!


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