University of Mkar School Fees

Planning for higher education involves meticulous consideration of various factors, with tuition fees being a crucial component.

The University of Mkar, a respected institution in Nigeria, offers a range of programs for students to pursue their academic aspirations.

In this post, I will break down the tuition fees for the 2023/2024 academic session, including an overview of the associated costs and factors that may influence these fees.

University of Mkar School Fees

University of Mkar Overview

In the heart of Mkar, Benue State, Nigeria, stands the University of Mkar (UMM), a distinguished private Christian institution.

Established in 2005 under the aegis of the Universal Reformed Christian Church (URCC), also known as Nongu u Kristu u I Ser Sha Tar – NKST, this university is a beacon of academic and ethical excellence.

Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), UMM offers a diverse array of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, each designed to foster holistic growth and transformative learning experiences.

Academic Exploration Across Diverse Fields

UMM embraces the tenets of exploration and learning by offering a wide spectrum of programs that cater to diverse academic interests.

From agriculture and education to engineering, law, management, and the sciences, students have the opportunity to delve into fields that resonate with their passions.

Beyond conventional programs, the university stands apart with its specialized offerings, including the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Centre for Sustainable Development, and the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Unraveling the Tuition Fees Structure

For the 2023/2024 academic session, the University of Mkar has set its tuition fee at N286,000 for all programs.

This fee encompasses a variety of essential components, ensuring a comprehensive educational experience.

Let’s delve into the breakdown:

  • Tuition Fee: N204,000
    • The core component of the fee, covering the cost of instruction by dedicated faculty members.
  • Registration Fee: N40,000
    • Ensuring that students are officially enrolled and have access to academic resources.
  • Library Fee: N20,000
    • Providing students with access to an extensive collection of academic resources.
  • Health Fee: N20,000
    • Ensuring the well-being of students through healthcare services and facilities.
  • Miscellaneous Fee: N20,000
    • Covering various additional expenses that contribute to a holistic educational environment.

Hostel Fee: A Semester-Based Cost

For students who opt for on-campus accommodation, the University of Mkar charges a separate hostel fee.

For the 2023/2024 academic session, the hostel fee stands at N100,000 per semester.

This fee is payable on a semester basis and is an additional consideration for students seeking the convenience of living on campus.

Total Cost of Study

To calculate the total cost of studying at the University of Mkar for the 2023/2024 academic session, it’s important to account for both the tuition and hostel fees.

For the first semester, the total cost amounts to N446,000, while the second semester incurs a cost of N426,000.

Factors Influencing Tuition Fees

Several factors can influence the tuition fees at the University of Mkar:

  • Program of Study: Different programs may have varying fee structures, depending on the resources required for each discipline.
  • Level of Study: Tuition fees for postgraduate programs are typically higher than those for undergraduate programs due to the advanced nature of the curriculum.
  • Nationality of the Student: International students may be subject to different fee structures than Nigerian students, taking into account unique circumstances and requirements.
  • Type of Accommodation: Students who choose to reside in the university’s hostel will incur additional costs in the form of hostel fees.

Note on Fee Changes

It’s important to bear in mind that tuition fees and other associated costs are subject to change.

To ensure that you have the most up-to-date information regarding fees, it is advisable to visit the University of Mkar’s official website.

Beyond the classroom, UMM nurtures well-rounded individuals equipped not only with knowledge but also with the virtues that shape ethical leaders and responsible citizens.

A Reputation for Excellence

The reputation of UMM as a bastion of academic excellence is well-deserved. In 2022, the National Universities Commission ranked UMM 28th out of 100 private universities in Nigeria, affirming its commitment to delivering quality education.

This commitment is further fortified by the university’s dedication to character development and values education.

Navigating the Tuition Landscape

UMM’s tuition fee for the 2023/2024 academic session is set at N286,000 for all programs.

This fee encompasses a holistic educational experience, covering tuition itself as well as various other essential elements.

Additionally, UMM charges supplementary fees, including a registration fee, a library fee, and a health fee.

This holistic approach ensures that students have access to comprehensive resources that contribute to their academic and personal growth.

A Glance into Notable Alumni

UMM’s impact extends beyond its campus, fostering the growth of individuals who go on to make significant contributions in various spheres.

Notable alumni include:

  • Dr. Zacharys Anger Gundu: Distinguished as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mkar, Dr. Gundu embodies the university’s commitment to leadership and excellence.
  • Dr. Timothy Iortyom: Serving as the Commissioner for Education in Benue State, Dr. Iortyom exemplifies UMM’s ethos of engagement and societal impact.
  • Mr. Tersoo Kenger: As a Member of the House of Representatives, Mr. Kenger’s journey reflects the transformative power of a UMM education.
  • Miss Peace Mbaegwu: Crowned Miss Nigeria 2021, Miss Mbaegwu’s accomplishments highlight the university’s emphasis on holistic growth and empowerment.

Forging Your Path to UMM

For those inspired by UMM’s commitment to education, ethics, and societal change, the university’s website serves as a gateway to comprehensive information and resources.

Aspiring students seeking to join the UMM community can explore further by visiting Here, where details about programs, admissions, and campus life await.

In conclusion, the University of Mkar stands tall as a testament to the power of education to shape minds and transform lives.

Through its academic prowess, commitment to values, and reputation for excellence, UMM remains a beacon of hope and opportunity for those seeking a quality Christian education in Nigeria.

Planning Your Academic Journey

Prospective students considering enrollment at the University of Mkar are encouraged to contact the university’s admissions office for detailed and personalized information regarding tuition fees, admission requirements, and any available scholarships or financial aid opportunities.

Careful planning ensures that you can embark on your academic journey with clarity and confidence, knowing the financial aspects have been thoroughly explored.

In conclusion, the University of Mkar’s commitment to providing quality education is exemplified through its transparent tuition fee structure.

By understanding the associated costs and the factors that may influence them, students can make informed decisions as they embark on their pursuit of knowledge at this esteemed institution.


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