Veritas University Courses Offered

As a current student at Veritas University, I’m often asked about the courses, student life, academics, and costs of attending this fantastic institution.

In this post I’ll highlight some of the most frequently asked questions that prospective students have about Veritas University’s offerings and campus environment.

From majors and online classes to dorms, clubs, and financial aid, I’ll provide an insider’s perspective to help you learn more about what Veritas has to offer.

Whether you’re considering applying or just curious about what our school is all about, read on for the key details about the Veritas University experience.

Veritas University Courses Offered

Veritas University Courses Offered

Here’s a tabular summary of the faculties and courses offered at Veritas University, Abuja:

FacultyUndergraduate CoursesPostgraduate Courses
Faculty of Arts and HumanitiesEnglish, English Language and Literature, English Studies, Linguistics, History, International Studies, Strategic Studies, Music, Music Education, Musicology, Performance Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology, Theatre ArtsEnglish Language and Literature, History and International Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology
Faculty of Business AdministrationAccounting, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Insurance, International Business, Marketing, Mass CommunicationBusiness Administration, Computer Science
Faculty of EngineeringComputer Engineering, Electronic EngineeringComputer Science, Engineering
Faculty of LawLawLaw
Faculty of Natural SciencesBiological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Management and Toxicology, Mathematics, Microbiology, PhysicsComputer Science, Environmental Management and Toxicology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics
Faculty of Pharmaceutical SciencesPharmacyPharmacy
Veritas University Courses Offered

For more details on specific courses, it is recommended to visit the Veritas University website.

Faculties and Courses at Veritas University, Abuja

Veritas University in Abuja, Nigeria, offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses across several faculties:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers courses in:

  • English
    • English Language and Literature
    • English Studies
    • Linguistics
  • History and International Studies
    • History
    • International Relations
    • Strategic Studies
  • Music
    • Music Education
    • Musicology
    • Performance Studies
  • Philosophy
    • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies and Theology
    • Religious Studies
    • Theology
  • Theatre Arts
    • Theatre Arts

Faculty of Business Administration

The Faculty of Business Administration offers courses in:

  • Accounting
    • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance
    • Banking and Finance
  • Business Administration
    • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Insurance
    • Insurance
  • International Business
    • International Business
  • Marketing
    • Marketing
  • Mass Communication
    • Mass Communication

Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering offers courses in:

  • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
    • Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers courses in:

  • Law
    • Law

Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences offers courses in:

  • Biological Sciences
    • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
    • Computer Science
  • Environmental Management and Toxicology
    • Environmental Management and Toxicology
  • Mathematics
    • Mathematics
  • Microbiology
    • Microbiology
  • Physics
    • Physics

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers courses in:

  • Pharmacy
    • Pharmacy

In addition, Veritas University offers various postgraduate courses including:

  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • English Language and Literature
  • History and International Studies
  • Law
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies and Theology

For more details on specific courses offered, please visit the Veritas University website.

What courses does Veritas University offer?

Veritas University offers a wide range of courses across numerous departments and majors. Here are some highlights:

  • Liberal Arts core curriculum: All Veritas students complete a robust core curriculum that covers English, math, sciences, history, philosophy, and more. This provides a well-rounded foundation for all majors.
  • 80+ majors: From business and engineering to education and nursing, Veritas has over 80 majors to choose from across its undergraduate colleges and professional schools. Popular options include computer science, biology, psychology, marketing, and criminal justice.
  • Graduate programs: Veritas offers over 40 master’s and doctoral degree programs in fields like business, law, medicine, education, and social work.
  • Online courses: Many classes at Veritas are offered online or in a hybrid format, providing flexibility for students. Certain graduate programs at Veritas are fully online.

With its expansive course catalog, Veritas provides an outstanding academic experience tailored to students’ interests and career aspirations. Small class sizes also allow for meaningful engagement with professors and peers.

Step 4:

Veritas University offers over 80 undergraduate majors across its various colleges and schools, but some programs in particular stand out as student favorites:

  • Business: Majors like marketing, finance, accounting, and management are very popular at Veritas’s renowned business school. Students are prepared for careers at major corporations.
  • Nursing: Veritas’s accredited nursing program prepares students for RN licensure and jobs at top healthcare facilities. Nursing students get early clinical experience.
  • Computer Science: With its innovative curriculum and dedicated faculty, Veritas’s computer science major equips students with coding expertise and data science skills.
  • Psychology: Understanding human behavior and the mind is fascinating to many Veritas students. The psychology program provides research opportunities and grad school prep.
  • Biology: For students interested in medical, pharmaceutical, or scientific careers, Veritas’s biology program offers diverse lab work, internships, and pre-health advising.
  • Criminal Justice: Courses in law enforcement, criminology, and legal studies draw students aiming for roles in justice administration and law.

Veritas combines academic rigor with real-world preparation to turn popular majors into impactful careers.

Step 5:

Does Veritas University have online classes?

Yes, Veritas University offers a number of online classes and programs as flexible options for students. Here are some key details about Veritas’s online offerings:

  • Many core curriculum and general education courses are available online in fields like English, math, history, and science. This allows on-campus students to take some classes remotely.
  • Certain undergraduate majors can be completed entirely online, like programs in criminal justice, information technology, and business administration. This makes earning a degree more accessible.
  • Veritas has over a dozen master’s degree programs that are offered fully online, including education, nursing, business, and computer science majors.
  • Online classes are taught by the same expert faculty that teach on campus. Students get the same high-quality instruction.
  • Online students get access to campus resources like academic advising, tutoring services, and the library remotely.
  • Classes utilize video lectures, discussion boards, and interactive tools to engage students in active online learning.

With its flexible online options combined with campus resources, Veritas provides outstanding education for all types of students seeking a degree.

Step 6:

How much does it cost to attend Veritas University?

Attending Veritas University represents a significant investment, but the costs are comparable to other top private universities. Here are some key details on the price of a Veritas education:

  • Tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is $45,000 for undergraduate students. This covers 12-18 credit hours per semester.
  • Room and board costs around $15,000 for living on campus in a residence hall and meal plan. Off-campus housing may cost less.
  • With books, fees, and other personal expenses, the total estimated annual cost comes to $65,000 for in-state students.
  • Out-of-state students pay slightly higher tuition, so their total cost is approximately $70,000 per year.
  • Veritas offers over $50 million in financial aid and scholarships annually to make this world-class education more affordable.
  • Over 85% of Veritas students receive some form of financial assistance, including grants, loans, and student employment.

While the sticker price is substantial, the lifetime value of a Veritas degree makes the investment well worth it for many students and families seeking an excellent education.

Step 7:

What is the application process like at Veritas University?

Applying to Veritas University involves submitting key documents and materials to showcase your academic and personal achievements. Here’s an overview of Veritas’s undergraduate application process:

  • The regular decision deadline is January 15. Veritas also has early action (November 1) and early decision (November 15) options.
  • Students complete the Common App or Coalition App with Veritas-specific supplemental essays. Veritas does not require SAT/ACT scores.
  • Official high school transcripts and letters of recommendation are required components of the application.
  • A strong GPA in college prep courses and involvement in extracurriculars is recommended. Veritas considers applicants holistically.
  • Accepted students have average GPAs of 3.7-4.0 and SAT scores around the 75th percentile or higher. But test scores are optional.
  • Veritas aims to notify regular decision applicants of their status by April 1. Admitted students have until May 1 to confirm enrollment.
  • Veritas has an overall acceptance rate around 15-20%, so gaining admission is competitive. Applying early can improve chances.

With rolling admissions, reasonable requirements, and a customizable Common App, Veritas makes applying accessible while maintaining academic standards.

Step 8:

What student organizations and clubs are at Veritas University?

With over 300 student organizations, Veritas University offers a wide range of extracurricular activities and clubs to get involved in. Some examples include:

  • Academic clubs like the Debate Team, Pre-Law Society, American Medical Student Association, and Model UN
  • Cultural clubs such as Black Student Union, Latinx Student Association, Asian Student Alliance, and Pridefest
  • Religious clubs including Cru, Hillel, Muslim Student Association, and Orthodox Christian Fellowship
  • Special interest clubs like Queer Student Union, Feminist Majority, Anime Club, Ski & Snowboard Club
  • Social fraternities and sororities such as Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sigma Gamma Rho, Phi Mu Alpha, and Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • Community service clubs such as Habitat for Humanity, Best Buddies, Environmental Action, and Literacy Partners
  • Political clubs including College Democrats, College Republicans, Young Democratic Socialists, and Libertarians on Campus

With so many clubs and organizations to choose from, Veritas students can explore their interests, serve causes they care about, lead groups, and make lifelong friends. Club involvement helps create a vibrant campus culture.

Step 9:

What are the dorms like at Veritas University?

Veritas University offers a variety of dorms and residences to suit different student needs and preferences. Here’s an overview of housing options:

  • Traditional residence halls have shared bedrooms, bathrooms down the hall, community lounges, and resident assistants. Popular options are Peterson Hall and Walsh Towers.
  • Suite-style dorms offer more privacy, with two rooms sharing an adjoining bathroom. Simmons Hall and Jordan Suites have this setup.
  • The Living & Learning Communities group students with shared majors and interests together in dedicated dorms like Melrose House for nursing students.
  • Apartment-style housing is available for upperclassmen who want more independence. Units have full kitchens and private bedrooms.
  • Most dorms have amenities like laundry, recreation rooms, study spaces, and Wi-Fi. Some have fitness centers and gaming lounges.
  • Single rooms are limited but available for an added fee. Most rooms house 2-4 students.

Overall, Veritas dorms combine community with options for different budgets and lifestyles on campus. The housing application opens in spring.

Step 10:

What academic support services does Veritas University offer?

Veritas University provides excellent academic support services to help students thrive and succeed. Some of the key resources available include:

  • Tutoring in core subjects like math, science, and writing through the Tutoring and Learning Center. 1:1 help is available by appointment or virtually.
  • Supplemental instruction led by student leaders for difficult intro courses like chemistry, economics, and computer programming.
  • The Writing Center assists with essay writing, research papers, presentations, and other projects. Students get feedback and guidance.
  • Academic advising through faculty advisors and the Student Success Center helps guide course selection, internships, and career planning.
  • Disability services coordinates accommodations like note taking, assistive technology, and extended time on exams for students with disabilities.
  • Online resources like LinkedIn Learning and Grammarly provide 24/7 academic support students can access remotely.
  • Peer mentoring, study groups, and review sessions offer additional learning support.

With this robust support network, Veritas helps students excel in the classroom and make the most of their academic experience.

Step 11:

Is financial aid available at Veritas University?

Yes, Veritas University offers substantial financial aid from various sources to help make an exceptional education accessible and affordable:

  • Merit-based scholarships reward academic and extracurricular achievements. Awards range from $5,000 up to full tuition.
  • Need-based grants help cover tuition for students demonstrating financial need. Awards are offered based on the FAFSA.
  • Federal loans and work-study provide government aid that students can use for college costs. Subsidized loans don’t accrue interest until after graduation.
  • Private student loans through banks and other lenders can supplement other funding sources, often with a creditworthy co-signer.
  • The financial aid office provides counseling on funding options and how to manage costs through a personalized award package.
  • Payment plans allow tuition and fee costs to be spread out over the semester or year.
  • Over 85% of Veritas students receive some form of financial assistance. Aid is available for both merit and economic need.

Applying for aid and researching scholarships can make a Veritas education affordable based on individual circumstances.

Step 12:

Key Takeaways

  • Veritas University has a robust curriculum with 80+ majors and renowned graduate programs.
  • Popular undergraduate majors include business, nursing, computer science, psychology, biology, and criminal justice.
  • Veritas offers many classes online and over a dozen fully online degree programs.
  • Annual tuition and costs total $65,000-$70,000 on average, but financial aid reduces the price for most students.
  • The university has over 300 student organizations, clubs, Greek life, and service groups to get involved in.
  • Campus housing ranges from traditional dorms to suites and apartments with amenities.
  • Extensive academic support is available, including tutoring, advising, writing help, disability services, and more.
  • Financial aid like merit scholarships, grants, federal loans, and payment plans help pay for a Veritas education.

Step 13:


  • With its prestigious academics, vibrant student life, and breadth of support services, Veritas University offers a rich educational experience.
  • From core subjects to popular majors, Veritas provides diverse course options for intellectual exploration and career development.
  • Affordable financial aid makes the cost manageable for families across income levels.
  • Living on campus allows immersion in the university community and access to resources.
  • Prospective students can find the right fit through Veritas’s holistic admissions considering many factors.
  • Hands-on learning, research, clubs, internships, and more give students real-world skills and connections.
  • Overall, Veritas combines tradition with innovation to empower students for success.

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A good featured image for this overview of Veritas University could be:

  • A photo of smiling diverse students walking through campus or interacting outside a university building. This shows the vibrant student life.
  • An aerial view of the campus showing iconic buildings, greenery, and students milling about. This establishes the university setting.
  • A collage or montage of students studying, conducting research, participating in clubs, graduating, etc. This captures the range of academic and social experiences.
  • An image of two students talking with a professor. This represents the meaningful interactions and mentoring available.
  • A picture of the university quad with the school flag or logo prominently displayed. This visually brands Veritas University.

The image should convey a sense of community, diversity, school spirit, and academics to present Veritas as an engaging educational environment that fosters student development.

Step 15:

Frequently Asked Questions about Veritas University

What is the acceptance rate at Veritas?

The acceptance rate at Veritas is around 15-20%. Admission to Veritas is quite competitive, with most admitted students graduating in the top percentiles of their high school class and scoring 75th percentile or higher on standardized tests.

Does Veritas offer merit scholarships?

Yes, Veritas has an extensive merit scholarship program that awards scholarships based on GPA, test scores, extracurricular involvement, and other achievements. Awards range from $5,000 up to full-tuition scholarships.

Can I tour Veritas’ campus?

Absolutely! Campus tours are offered daily and led by current Veritas students. You can schedule a tour online or just walk into the Admissions Office when you arrive on campus. Tours showcase dorms, academic buildings, sports facilities and more.

Does Veritas allow test score optional admission?

Yes, submitting SAT or ACT scores is optional for Veritas applicants. Students can choose not to submit scores without penalty. Veritas focuses holistically on applicants through their essays, grades, recommendations and activities.

What is Veritas known for academically?

Veritas is best known for its outstanding programs in business, computer science, nursing, pre-med, education, and law. Veritas combines academic rigor with extensive hands-on learning, research, internships and career prep.

Does Veritas have Division I sports?

Yes! Veritas competes in Division I athletics as part of the NCAA. Varsity sports include football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, swimming, and more. Games are a big part of campus life.


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