WAEC Office in Ekiti State; Location and Time Open

This guide provides detailed information on the WAEC office in Ekiti State, including its location, contact details, opening hours, and more, to assist students. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is a prestigious examination body that plays a crucial role in the educational framework of West Africa. It is instrumental in conducting examinations and issuing certificates comparable to those of equivalent examining authorities internationally. For residents of Ekiti State, having a WAEC office within reach is vital for easy access to examination-related services.

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Location and Contact Information Of The WAEC Office In Ekiti State

The WAEC office in Ekiti State is conveniently located to serve the needs of students and educators within the region. Positioned opposite Omolayo Printing Press, off Ikere road, it stands as a beacon for academic support in Ado-Ekiti.

Complete Address:

Opposite Omolayo Printing Press, Off Ikere Road, P.M.B 5451, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.
Telephone Numbers: 07052031748, 0811 891 8840, 0814 829 3583, 0811 891 8850
Email: [email protected], [email protected] Hours Of EKITI Office

Working Hours and Days

Opening Days:

The office is open from Monday to Friday, ensuring that it is accessible to the public on all business days.

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Opening Hours:

Services begin bright and early at 7:30 AM, allowing for early queries and transactions.

Closing Time:

The office wraps up its services at 4:00 PM, providing ample time for visitors to seek assistance throughout the day.

Importance of the Ekiti Branch Office

The Ekiti branch of WAEC is essential for facilitating the smooth execution of exams and related educational activities in the region. It aids in the registration process for candidates, issuance of examination materials, and release of results. Furthermore, it acts as a vital point of contact for inquiries, verification of results, and rectification of issues pertaining to WAEC examinations.

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Other WAEC Office Near Me (Close to EKITI State)

For those looking for WAEC offices close to Ekiti State, there are several options within neighboring states, ensuring that WAEC’s services are accessible to a wider audience. Offices in nearby locations include:

  • Akure, Ondo State: Behind INEC Office, Alagbaka Quarters, Akure.
  • Osogbo, Osun State: Alekunwodo area, behind Govt Technical College, Osogbo.

These offices ensure that residents in and around Ekiti State have multiple points of access to WAEC’s services, catering to a broad spectrum of needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I register for WAEC examinations in Ekiti State?

Registration can be done at the WAEC office in Ado-Ekiti or through approved schools participating in the examination.

What do I need to collect my WAEC certificate from the Ekiti Office?

You will need to present a valid identification and the necessary proof of examination registration and completion.

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Can I get assistance with examination-related queries at the Ekiti office?

Yes, the office is equipped to handle various inquiries and provide assistance with examination procedures and results.


The WAEC office in Ekiti State is an essential facility that supports the educational aspirations of students and professionals in the region. With comprehensive contact information, convenient opening hours, and a clear mandate to assist with examination-related services, it stands as a beacon of educational support in Ekiti State. Whether for examination registration, certificate collection, or any inquiries, the Ekiti branch office is ready to assist, embodying WAEC’s commitment to educational excellence in West Africa.

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