WAEC Office in Kogi State; Location and Time Open

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essential details of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) office located in Kogi State, ensuring you have all the information you need, from its precise location to its opening hours. This post is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, aiming to provide you with the most relevant and useful information about the WAEC office in Kogi State.

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Location and Contact Information Of The WAEC Office In Kogi State

Situated in the heart of Lokoja, the capital city of Kogi State, the WAEC branch office is easily accessible to all residents within the state. This strategic location ensures that individuals seeking examination-related services can find convenience and efficiency in their interactions with WAEC.

Complete Address of the WAEC Office In Kogi State:

The WAEC office in Kogi State is located at Block 568 And 569, Salau Atima Housing Estate, PMB 1050, Lokoja, Kogi State. This address places the office in a central location, making it reachable for visitors coming from various parts of the state.

Contact Information:

Opening Hours Of Kogi Office

The WAEC office in Kogi State operates with specific hours, ensuring that visitors can plan their visits accordingly.

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Opening Days: The office is open from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. This schedule aligns with standard working days, providing ample opportunity for visitors to access the services provided.

Opening Hours: The office welcomes visitors starting from 8:00 AM.

Closing Time: Services conclude for the day at 4:00 PM.

These hours are structured to cater to a wide range of individuals, including students, parents, and school officials, ensuring they can visit the office without disrupting their daily routines significantly.

Importance of the Kogi Branch Office

The WAEC office in Kogi State is not just a physical location for administrative purposes; it’s a vital resource for educational advancement within the state. It plays a key role in the coordination of examinations, issuance of results and certificates, and handling inquiries and challenges faced by stakeholders in the education sector. This office is crucial for maintaining the integrity and smooth operation of secondary education assessments in Kogi State.

Other WAEC Office Near Me (Close to KOGI State)

For those residing near the borders of Kogi State or seeking alternative locations for WAEC services, neighboring states also house WAEC offices. Each of these offices provides similar services, ensuring that WAEC’s reach extends across the region, catering to a broader audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I collect my WAEC certificate from the Kogi office?

Visit the office during working hours, ensuring you have valid identification and any required documents.

Can I register for WAECthe exams at the Kogi office?

Yes, registration for exams can be completed at the office and also online, along with receiving guidance on the process.

What should I do if I find an error on my WAEC certificate?

Report the error at the Kogi office where staff can guide you on the correction process:

It’s advisable to address the issue directly at a WAEC office to ensure the correct process is followed.

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Required Documents:

  • Birth Certificate: You’ll need to present your original birth certificate, as it’s a crucial document for verifying your correct date of birth.
    • Administrative/Processing Fee: A fee of N10,000 is required for the correction process. This fee covers administrative and processing costs.
    • Letter of Application: Write a formal letter to WAEC requesting the correction of your date of birth or name on the certificate. This letter should be directed to the WAEC State Office.
    • Affidavit: Obtain an affidavit from any high court in Nigeria, confirming the correct date of birth or name. This legal document is essential for the correction process.
    • Photocopies of Original Registration Forms: Include photocopies of the WAEC registration form you filled out during your examination registration.
    • Passport Photographs: Six copies of your passport photograph on a red background are required.
    • Original WAEC Certificate: Present the original certificate that needs correction.

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Correction Process:

  • Submit the listed documents along with your formal letter of application and the processing fee to the WAEC state office.
    • The staff at WAEC will guide you through the submission process and inform you of the next steps.
    • The correction process might take some time, so it’s essential to be patient and follow up with the office as needed.

Duration: The entire process can take about six months or more. However, durations may vary, and it’s recommended to check with the WAEC office for an updated timeframe.


The WAEC office in Kogi State is a cornerstone for educational assessment and support within the region. With its central location, dedicated contact information, and structured operating hours, it stands as a beacon of assistance for students, educators, and all stakeholders in the educational sector.

Whether it’s for exam registration, certificate collection, or addressing inquiries, the Kogi office is equipped to meet your needs with efficiency and professionalism.

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