Wigwe University Courses Offered

In the heart of Isiokpo, Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria, a beacon of education and innovation is set to illuminate the academic landscape.

Wigwe University, a private institution, is not just another name in the directory of universities; it’s a visionary project by Dr. Herbert Wigwe, the Group Chief Executive of Access Corporation PLC, and promises to transform education as we know it.

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Wigwe University Courses Offered

A Multifaceted Curriculum

The cornerstone of any great university is its curriculum, and Wigwe University takes this aspect seriously.

Offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs spanning the arts, sciences, engineering, and business, the university caters to a wide spectrum of academic interests.

Whether you dream of becoming a scientist, artist, engineer, or a business mogul, Wigwe University has something to offer.

Home Away from Home

For students, a comfortable and safe place to reside is paramount.

Wigwe University’s residential complex is a testament to its commitment to students’ welfare.

The complex can comfortably accommodate a substantial number of students, ensuring that they have a secure and convenient place to call home during their academic journey.

Expert Faculty

No university can thrive without a dedicated and knowledgeable faculty.

At Wigwe University, you’ll find a team of experienced and qualified faculty members who are passionate about nurturing the next generation of leaders.

These educators are not just teachers; they are mentors, guiding students towards academic excellence.

List Of Courses Offered

At Wigwe University, we’re dedicated to fostering knowledge, nurturing talents, and empowering our students with a broad and in-depth education.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the diverse range of disciplines we offer, ensuring that every student finds their passion and path to success.

Here’s a glimpse into the academic world that awaits you:

College of Science and Computing

Computer Science

Unleash your inner tech enthusiast with our computer science courses.

Explore the digital realm, from programming to software development.

Artificial Intelligence

Proceed into the future with artificial intelligence. Learn about machine learning, deep learning, and the fascinating world of AI.

Data Science

Master the art of data analytics and data-driven decision-making.

Our data science courses equip you with the skills to turn data into insights.


In the age of digital threats, our cybersecurity courses prepare you to protect and secure information in the virtual world.


Discover the exciting field of robotics. From design to programming, our courses offer a hands-on experience in building the robots of tomorrow.


Explore the beauty and precision of mathematics. Our courses cover a wide range of mathematical concepts and applications.


Delve into the fundamental laws of the universe. Physics courses at Wigwe University will expand your understanding of the natural world.


Unlock the secrets of matter and reactions through our chemistry courses.

From laboratory experiments to theory, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding.


Embark on a journey through the living world with our biology courses. Explore life at its finest, from cells to ecosystems.

College of Engineering

Civil Engineering

Build the world of tomorrow with civil engineering. Our courses cover structural design, construction, and infrastructure development.

Mechanical Engineering

Master the art of machines and mechanics. Mechanical engineering courses at Wigwe University are your gateway to innovation.

Electrical Engineering

Electrify your knowledge with electrical engineering. From circuits to power systems, we cover it all.

Electronic Engineering

Dive into the world of electronics and circuits. Our courses prepare you for the ever-evolving electronic industry.

Software Engineering

Become a coding maestro with our software engineering courses. Develop and design software solutions for the modern world.

Petroleum Engineering

Explore the energy sector with petroleum engineering. Understand the intricacies of oil and gas extraction.

Chemical Engineering

Master the science of transforming matter. Chemical engineering courses provide a foundation in chemical processes and design.

College of Arts

Creative Writing

Unleash your creativity through the power of words. Creative writing courses offer a canvas for your imagination.

Film and Television

Step into the world of cinematic storytelling. Our courses cover everything from scriptwriting to production.

Theatre Arts

Bring stories to life on the stage. Theatre arts courses provide a platform for actors, directors, and playwrights.


Harmonize your talents in the world of music. Explore composition, performance, and music theory.

Visual Arts

Unlock your artistic potential. Visual arts courses encompass everything from painting to digital art.


Design your future with courses in graphic design, industrial design, and more. Your creativity is the limit.


Design the world around us with architecture. Our courses prepare you for a career in architectural design and innovation.

College of Management and Social Sciences

Business Administration

Navigate the corporate world with business administration courses. Develop leadership skills and a strategic mindset.


Become a financial expert with accounting courses. Learn the principles of finance and accounting standards.


Understand the intricacies of global economies. Economics courses at Wigwe University provide insights into economic theory and policy.


Master the world of finance. Our courses cover investments, financial planning, and risk management.


Unleash your marketing prowess with courses that explore consumer behavior, advertising, and brand management.

Human Resources Management

Shape the workforce of the future with human resources management courses. Develop skills in talent acquisition and employee relations.

International Relations

Explore global diplomacy and international politics. Our courses cover international relations theory, foreign policy, and more.

Political Science

Delve into the world of politics with political science courses. Understand governance, political ideologies, and policy analysis.


Unlock the mysteries of human society with sociology courses. Explore social dynamics and research methods.


Dive into the human mind with psychology courses. Understand behavior, mental processes, and psychological research.

For more detailed information about the courses offered in Wigwe university, visit the school website.

Unique Features

Wigwe University stands out in several ways:

Unique FeaturesDescription
1. International Faculty MixA 60% local and 40% expatriate faculty population ensures a diverse blend of perspectives and expertise.
2. Global ExposureStudents have the opportunity to spend a year abroad, gaining international exposure and broadening their horizons.
3. Innovation and EntrepreneurshipThe university strongly emphasizes fostering innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit among students for real-world challenges.
4. Modern CampusWigwe University’s modern campus, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, provides an ideal environment for learning and personal growth.
Wigwe university courses offered

International Faculty Mix

  • A 60% local and 40% expatriate faculty population ensures a rich blend of perspectives and expertise.

Global Exposure

  • Students will have the opportunity to spend a year abroad, gaining international exposure and broadening their horizons.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • The university places a strong emphasis on fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among its students, preparing them for the challenges of the real world.

Modern Campus

  • The university’s modern campus, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, offers an ideal environment for learning and personal growth.

Campus Life

Wigwe University envisions a campus life that is not only academically enriching but also vibrant and dynamic, offering students a holistic learning experience.

The university’s commitment extends beyond the classroom, aiming to nurture well-rounded individuals who thrive both academically and personally.

Student Clubs and Societies

Wigwe University offers an array of student clubs and societies, providing a platform for students to pursue their interests and passions. These diverse clubs and societies include:

Sports Clubs: Whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, or track and field, sports enthusiasts can channel their energy and skills into athletic pursuits, fostering teamwork and physical well-being.

Academic Clubs: Intellectual curiosity finds its home in clubs dedicated to specific academic disciplines, such as math, science, engineering, and business, encouraging the exploration of knowledge beyond the classroom.

Arts and Culture Clubs: Creative spirits can flourish in clubs centered around the arts, including drama, music, dance, and art, allowing students to express themselves through various artistic forms.

Social and Service Clubs: Students who want to give back to the community and engage in meaningful service can join clubs like the Rotaract, Lions, or Red Cross clubs, where they can make a positive impact on society.

Student Support Services

Wigwe University recognizes that success in academia and personal life requires support, and to that end, offers a range of student support services.

These services include:

Academic Advising: Academic advisors guide students in selecting courses, creating academic plans, and addressing any academic challenges, ensuring they stay on the path to success.

Career Counseling: With an eye on the future, career counselors help students explore career options, develop job-seeking skills, and plan for life after graduation.

Financial Aid Counseling: The financial aid office provides guidance on securing financial assistance, scholarships, and managing the cost of education.

Health and Wellness Services: The well-being of students is a priority, and health and wellness services are available to address physical and mental health needs.

Student Counseling: Sometimes, personal challenges can affect academic performance. Student counseling services provide a confidential and supportive space for students to navigate life’s difficulties.

Campus life at Wigwe University is poised to be a rich and rewarding experience.

The university’s commitment to providing ample resources and support is evident in its array of clubs, support services, and initiatives.

Wigwe University understands that success in higher education is not solely measured by academic achievements but also by personal growth, well-being, and the sense of belonging in a diverse and inclusive community.

Wigwe university courses offered


In conclusion, Wigwe University is not just a new educational institution; it’s a vision, a commitment, and a promise.

It represents the future of education in Nigeria, where students are not just taught but empowered to become the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

As Wigwe University is set to commence academic activities in the 2024/2025 academic year, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Nigerian education, and indeed, the world.

Wigwe University is not just another university; it’s a revolution in the making, a place where dreams are nurtured, and future leaders are born.

Welcome to the future of education.

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