YMSUK Cut Off Mark For All Courses | JAMB & POST UTME – Admission Guide

Yusuf Maitama Sule University Admission Cut-Off Marks and Entry Requirements for 2023/2024

Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano (YUMSUK) is a recognized tertiary institution in Nigeria with increasing interest from student applicants annually.

As the admission period for next academic year approaches, the university management has released vital details on cut-off marks per faculty and degree program.

YMSUK Cut Off Mark For All Courses

Overview of Cut-Off Marks

Being a competitive university for undergraduate admissions, YUMSUK sets JAMB cut-off marks per faculty and course between 160 and 235. Interested candidates looking to further studies here must achieve the prescribed cutoff scores for their desired programs.

Additionally, department-specific Post-UTME cutoff marks apply ranging from 170 to 240. Candidates meeting basic JAMB cutoffs proceed to participate in screening exercises where the higher post-UTME cutoffs become crucial.

Outlined below are the JAMB and Post-UTME cut-off marks per faculty and degree programs at YUMSUK:

Faculty of Arts

  • English – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • History – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170
  • Linguistics – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170
  • Arabic – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170
  • Religious Studies – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170

Faculty of Sciences

  • Computer Science – JAMB 190; Post-UTME 240
  • Information & Communication Tech – JAMB 190; Post-UTME 240
  • Mathematics – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Physics – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Chemistry – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Biology – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Economics – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Political Science – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Sociology – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Psychology – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Mass Communication – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180

Faculty of Management Sciences

  • Business Administration – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Accounting – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Marketing – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Finance – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180

Faculty of Education

  • Educational Administration – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • Guidance and Counselling – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 180
  • French – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170
  • Hausa – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170
  • Igbo – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170
  • Yoruba – JAMB 160; Post-UTME 170

Faculty of Law

  • Law – JAMB 200; Post-UTME 235

Faculty of Medicine

  • Medicine & Surgery – JAMB 200; Post-UTME 240

As observed, cut-off marks are typically higher for sciences, medicine, engineering, law and highly sought-after courses. This allows the selection process to be highly competitive for oversubscribed programs.

Meeting the base JAMB score allows participation in post-UTME assessments for final selection.

Post-UTME Screening and Selection

The Post-UTME screening at YUMSUK involves various assessments including:

  • Written exam – This evaluates knowledge of core subjects, communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Oral interview – Assesses clarity of thought, personality and perspective alignment to programs.
  • Aptitude tests – Required mainly for creative arts, engineering and specialized programs to determine technical/special abilities.
  • Health checks – Carried out for medical degrees to ascertain physical fitness.

Based on performance in the above plus JAMB scores, admission lists are prepared ranking top candidates who adequately demonstrate readiness.

Admission lists are published periodically indicating successful applicants who have completed all processes.

Admission Application Guidelines

To begin admission application process at YUMSUK, prospective students must:

  • Meet UTME cutoff mark for their program choice
  • Create user profile on school portal
  • Submit basic biodata and contact information
  • Provide JAMB registration number
  • Upload academic credentials (WAEC, Diploma etc)
  • Make online payment of N2000 application fee
  • Complete and submit application form before stated deadlines

The application deadline for 2023/2024 intake is March 31st 2024. Updates on post-UTME screening will be provided accordingly.

Applicants are to participate in all prescribed post-UTME assessments as well as undertake document verification when invited. This includes submission of original academic certificates.

Acceptance, Matriculation & Commencement

Successful admission candidates will receive email notifications and letters of provisional admission from April 2024. Payment of non-refundable acceptance fee of N20,000 follows to confirm acceptance.

Pre-resumption formalities like medical examinations, collection of registration pin, course registration, departmental processing and fresher orientation programs are to be completed before new students can fully integrate into the university.

The matriculation event, marking the official entry into YUMSUK is scheduled for end of July 2024 after which lectures commence according to approved academic calendar.


The management team of Yusuf Maitama Sule Univerity, Kano maintains relatively high admission standards with the aim of nurturing high quality graduates equipped to deliver meaningful impact.

By satisfying outlined admission requirements unique to respective programs and actively participating in provided assessment mechanisms, qualified candidates stand great chances of securing admission.

Prospective students are thus encouraged to target programs cut out for their competencies and strive to excel in qualifying processes for a spot in their desired departments.

For more admission news update, visit the school official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is YUMSUK’s general JAMB cutoff score for all courses?

A: There’s no general cutoff. Scores range from 160 to 235 depending on program. Candidates should confirm exact requirements per faculty.

Q: When will the post-UTME screening hold for 2023/2024 intake?

A: Dates for post-UTME are yet to be announced. Updates will be provided on the admission portal after application deadline.

Q: How many choices of degree programs can one indicate on the application?

A: Applicants can pick between one and three program choices in order of preference during registration.

Q: What is the grade requirement for O’level admissions?

A: Credit passes in at least 5 subjects including Maths, English and other relevant subjects to program choice.

Q: What is the acceptance fee for admitted students?

A: Admitted candidates are to pay non-refundable acceptance fee of N20,000 to confirm their admission.


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