YSU Aggregate Score for All Courses

Are you aspiring to join the ranks of the esteemed scholars at Yobe State University (YSU)?

If so, you’ll need to navigate the intricacies of the admission process, which includes understanding how YSU calculates the aggregate scores for admission into various courses.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll shed light on the 4:1 ratio used by YSU, the components of the aggregate score, and the minimum score requirements for some popular courses.

YSU Aggregate Score for all courses

YSU Aggregate Score for all courses

Unravelling the YSU Admission Formula

YSU uses a unique approach to calculate aggregate scores, which plays a pivotal role in gaining entry to their diverse range of courses.

To break it down, the formula consists of two key components:

The JAMB UTME score and the YSU Post UTME score.

The JAMB UTME score accounts for 40% of the aggregate score, while the YSU Post UTME score carries the remaining 60%.

Let’s take a closer look at the calculation:

  1. Divide your JAMB UTME score by 8.
  2. Divide your YSU Post UTME score by 2.
  3. Add the two results together.

For instance, if you achieved a JAMB UTME score of 250 and a YSU Post UTME score of 65, your aggregate score calculation would go as follows:

YSU Aggregate Score = (JAMB UTME Score / 8) + (YSU Post UTME Score / 2) = 250 / 8 + 65 / 2 = 31.25 + 32.5 = 63.75

In this example, your YSU aggregate score would stand at 63.75.

It’s essential to bear in mind that the minimum aggregate score for admission into YSU can vary depending on the course you’re applying for.

Nevertheless, the general minimum aggregate score requirement is set at 150.

This means that to get admission into any course at YSU, you must attain an aggregate score of at least 150.

To provide a clearer picture, here is a table outlining the minimum aggregate scores for some popular courses at YSU:

CourseMinimum Aggregate Score
Human Anatomy170
Human Physiology170
Computer Science170
Arabic and Islamic Studies150
Arabic Studies150
YSU Aggregate Score for all courses

These scores represent the threshold you must meet to be eligible for admission into these specific programs.

Keep in mind that the requirements may differ for other courses.

Thus, it’s crucial to verify the minimum aggregate score for your intended course on YSU’s official website.

YSU Aggregate Score for all courses

In Conclusion

Understanding the intricacies of the aggregate score calculation for Yobe State University is of utmost importance.

Remember that the process revolves around the 4:1 ratio.

With your JAMB UTME score accounting for 40% and your YSU Post UTME score making up the remaining 60%.

Ensure that you meet or exceed the minimum aggregate score requirement for your chosen course, and you’ll be one step closer to realizing your academic dreams at YSU.

For more detailed information on the minimum aggregate scores for all courses at YSU, I recommend visiting the official Yobe State University website.

This will provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate admission criteria to guide you on your educational journey.

Always check for all campus information at ngschoolboard.com

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