BMU Aggregate Score for All Courses

Admission Requirements and Aggregate Scores for Bayelsa Medical University (BMU)

Bayelsa Medical University (BMU) is one of the leading medical sciences universities in Nigeria, with a strong focus on healthcare, medical and health science programs.

Gaining admission into BMU is highly competitive and prospective students need to fully grasp the aggregate score calculations, eligibility criteria and selection process to stand a chance.

BMU Aggregate Score for All Courses

An Overview of Admission Eligibility at BMU

For one to be eligible for consideration for admission into any program at BMU, there are three key criteria that must be fulfilled:

  1. O’level requirement – Minimum of 5 credits including English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. Specific subjects may apply for some courses.
  2. UTME requirement – Meeting stipulated UTME cut-off mark per department.
  3. Aggregate Post-UTME score – Scoring up to par on course-specific aggregate Post-UTME score

Once the above criteria are met by an applicant, the next crucial step is competitive selection where aggregate Post-UTME scores are ranked highest to lowest for admission.

How Aggregate Scores for BMU Admission are Calculated

The single most vital element that decides if one secures admission into their desired course at BMU or not is the aggregate Post-UTME score. This score comprises:

  • 30% from your UTME score
  • 70% from your Post-UTME test

Here is an example of how it works:

*John applies to study Medicine at BMU. *

UTME Score: 90 Post-UTME Score: 82

His aggregate Post-UTME score will be:

0.3 * UTME Score + 0.7 * Post-UTME Score

0.3 * 90 + 0.7 * 82 = 27 + 57.4 = 84.4

John’s aggregate Post-UTME score = 84.4

The higher your aggregate Post-UTME score compared to other applicants, the higher priority you receive for competitive program admission at BMU.

Specialized Program-Specific Cut-Off Scores

While the general BMU aggregate cut-off score is stipulated as 140, this applies mostly to non-specialized courses like Physics, Statistics, Mathematics etc.

However for highly sought-after medical programs at BMU like Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry etc. special higher aggregate cut-off scores exist. This due to their extreme selectivity and competitiveness.

Some examples of top courses and their respective cut-off include:

  • Medicine and Dentistry – 200
  • Nursing Science – 220
  • Pharmacy – 220
  • Optometry – 180

Refer to the table below for the specialized cut-off scores for competitive medical programs at BMU:

CourseAggregate Cut-Off Score
Medicine and Dentistry200
Nursing Science220
Medical Laboratory Science180
Radiography and Radiation Science170
BMU Aggregate Score for All Courses

These cut-off scores get adjusted year-on-year based on program demand.

Hence do verify them directly through the BMU admissions office before applying.

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Prefixed Departmental UTME Cut-Off Points

Apart from attaining a high aggregate Post-UTME score, to qualify for even sitting for BMU’s post-UTME, one needs to first cross a prefixed departmental UTME cut-off score.

This refers to a minimum UTME score stipulated per program, below which your application does not get sent for post-UTME screening regardless of your grades.

For example, the UTME cut-off score to qualify for BMU’s post-UTME for Pharmacy is 240. Hence even if you score a 90% Post-UTME score but had 230 in UTME, your application won’t advance since you missed the 240 fixed UTME cut-off mark for Pharmacy.

Do target scoring well above your program’s set UTME cut-off score – this differs per BMU department and changes yearly depending on intake quota.

Relevant O’Level Subject Requirements

Lastly, qualifying for BMU’s program admission or post-UTME eligibility requires having relevant O’level subject combinations. While MAT161 (English + Mathematics) is central, certain combinations are vital.

Here are some examples:

  • Medicine: Chemistry, Biology, Physics + English, Mathematics
  • Computer Science: Chemistry/Physics/Biology + Mathematics, English,

Some medical programs may also need stronger credit grade passes. For instance:

  • Nursing Science: 5 Credits at ONE sitting (Passes in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology)

Confirm subject relevance from faculty brochures before applying.


Gaining admission into BMU’s elite specialized programs hinges greatly on attaining prefixed departmental UTME cut-off scores, having strong Post-UTME test scores to yield an outstanding aggregate score above the cut-off for your program, and obtaining relevant O’Level passes.

Competition is intense for limited coveted BMU medical admission slots. Strategically excel in meeting grade requirements to succeed.


What’s the aggregate score formula used by BMU?

0.3 * UTME score + 0.7 * Post-UTME score

What is BMU’s cut-off mark for Medicine?


What O’level grades do I need for Optometry at BMU?

Minimum of 5 Credits in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Does BMU accept awaiting results?

No, only fully ready results are accepted to qualify you for admission screening.

When is the BMU admission deadline?

Usually end of April. Apply early before portal closure to enhance your odds.


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