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Understanding Admission Cut-Off Marks and Aggregate Scores for Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH)

Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) located in Osara, Kogi State is a leading private university focused on science and technology programs in Nigeria. Gaining admission into CUSTECH is highly competitive. Hence, all prospective students must fully comprehend vital aspects like the departmental cut-off marks, aggregate score calculations, eligibility criteria and the overall admission selection process.

Overview of Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission screening into any program at CUSTECH, the three basic requirements include:

  1. O’Level Result: Minimum 5 credits in relevant subjects (e.g. Mathematics, Physics etc)
  2. UTME Result: Meeting stipulated cut-off mark for your chosen department
  3. Post-UTME Result: Scoring up to the faculty-stipulated Post-UTME aggregate score

Meeting the above core criteria ensures your eligibility for the next stage – competitive selection based on academic merit.

How Aggregate Scores for CUSTECH Admission are Calculated

The single most crucial factor that determines if one secures admission at CUSTECH or not is the aggregate Post-UTME score. This score comprises:

  • 40% from your UTME score
  • 60% from your Post-UTME test

Here is an example:

Jane applies to study Computer Science at CUSTECH.

Her UTME Score is 180 Her Post-UTME Score is 78

Jane’s aggregate Post-UTME score will be:

0.4 * UTME Score + 0.6 * Post-UTME Score

0.4 * 180 + 0.6 * 78 = 72 + 46.8 = 118.8

So Jane’s aggregate Post-UTME score = 118.8

The higher your aggregate Post-UTME score vs other applicants, the higher your chance of securing your desired program’s coveted admission slot at CUSTECH.

Minimum Departmental Cut-Off Marks

While the general UTME cut-off mark is 160 for CUSTECH, various departments have stipulated different minimum cut-off marks one needs to attain before becoming eligible to take the Post-UTME test.

For instance:

  • Medicine & Surgery – 240
  • Law – 220
  • Accounting – 180
  • Biochemistry – 170

Refer below for the Post-UTME cut-off marks for key CUSTECH programs:

ProgramDepartmental Cut-Off Mark
Medicine & Surgery240
Computer Science170

Do hit these program-specific cut-off marks as your first milestone.

Post-UTME Aggregate Cut-Off Scores

Additionally, various departments outline different baseline Post-UTME aggregate scores one needs to achieve to stand a chance of admission into coveted programs.

For example:

  • Computer Science – 60%
  • Law – 65%
  • Accounting – 70%

Strive to score well above your department’s required Post-UTME aggregate score benchmark.

Importance of Excellent O’Level Grades

Finally, to get eligible for CUSTECH admission screening, having outstanding grades in relevant O’Level subject combinations is absolutely essential.

While the baseline is 5 credits in English, Mathematics and other subjects – certain combinations are vital like:

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics etc. for science programs
  • Literature, CRK, Government etc. for arts/social science courses

Meeting departmental prerequisites in your WAEC/NECO results is mandatory before applying.

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How to Check Admission Status at Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH)

Gaining admission into the prestigious Confluence University of Science and Technology (CUSTECH) is highly competitive. Each year, thousands of eligible applicants vie for limited admission slots. Naturally, checking one’s admission status is met with anxiety and apprehension. This guide provides a step-by-step process on how to check your CUSTECH admission status – plus insights into their selection process.

Overview of the CUSTECH Admission Selection Process

To set the right context, it is vital to first understand the key stages in CUSTECH’s rigorous admission screening and selection process:

Stage 1 – Initial Eligibility Check

On application submission, CUSTECH admission officials assess if applicants meet:

  1. O’Level requirements – relevant subjects, minimum 5 credits etc.
  2. UTME results – meeting departmental UTME cut-off marks
  3. Post-UTME results – surpassing stipulated aggregate Post-UTME scores

Meeting the above baseline criteria qualifies an applicant’s eligibility for merit-based selection.

Stage 2 – Competitive Selection

The next crucial step is assessing applicants strictly by order of academic excellence and merit. This involves:

  1. UTME scores – ranked highest first
  2. Post-UTME aggregate scores – ranked highest first
  3. O’Level grades/scores – ranked highest first

Applicants who emerge highest on academic merit get selected first for the limited admission slots.

Stage 3 – Provisional Admission List Release

Once academic ranking and selection is complete, the CUSTECH admission board approves and releases batch-wise provisional admission lists on their official website and portal.

Selected candidates names and registration details feature on these merit-based lists.

Stage 4 – Confirmation & Acceptance

Finally, after the provisional admission lists are released, respective applicants have to log on to the academic portal to confirm acceptance of their admission offer. This marks your confirmation into CUSTECH.

Payment of non-refundable acceptance fees may also apply to cement your admission.

How to Check CUSTECH Admission Status

Equipped with a strong grasp of the admission selection stages above, checking one’s admission status is made simpler.

Here are the key avenues to check if you have been provisionally offered CUSTECH admission:

1. Check CUSTECH Academic Portal

  • Go to the CUSTECH e-Portal:
  • Click on “Check Admission Status”
  • Login with your application number/email and password
  • Your personal admission status will now be displayed

Remember: Even if offered provisional admission, you MUST login to ACCEPT the offer within stipulated period.

2. Check JAMB CAPS Website

You can cross-verify your admission status on the JAMB Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) portal using:

JAMB CAPS displays admission offer details and next steps.

See CUSTECH Portal: Admission | Student | Screening

3. Check CUSTECH Provisional Admission Lists

With each admission batch, CUSTECH publishes provisional admission lists on their official website:

  • Navigate to “Admission” Section
  • Click on relevant “Merit Batch List” as they get released
  • Open file to search/check if your details exist provisionally

Remember, your name being on the provisional lists alone doesn’t confirm admission. You MUST login to academic portal to accept the admission offer within stipulated period. Else, the admission slot gets transferred to next eligible candidate in merit queue.

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In summary – highly attaining each of the following is crucial to secure admission into CUSTECH’s prestigious specialized programs:

  • department’s stipulated UTME cut-off score
  • excellent Post-UTME test aggregate score beyond stipulated bench mark
  • outstanding relevant O’Level subject combinations/grades

Competition is very high for the coveted CUSTECH admission slots. Strategically achieve academic excellence in these areas to succeed.


What is the Post-UTME aggregate score formula used by CUSTECH?

0.4 * UTME score + 0.6 * Post-UTME score

What is the current Post-UTME cut-off mark for Law at CUSTECH?


I have Cs in Literature and Biology. Can I still apply for Biochemistry?

No, CUSTECH typically needs minimum of 5 Credits (B3 grade) in sciences like Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics.

When is the deadline for CUSTECH admission applications?

Usually end April. Apply well before closure to optimize your admission chances.


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