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Undergraduate Programs at Clifford University, Nigeria

Clifford University is a private Christian university located in Owerrinta, Abia State, Nigeria. Founded in 2019, the university has rapidly grown and evolved into one of the leading faith-based tertiary institutions in the region.

Clifford University currently has over 3,000 students enrolled in its undergraduate programs across 6 faculties.

Clifford University Courses Offered


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Introduction to Clifford University

Clifford University aims to provide students with quality education anchored in Christian values and ethics. The university seeks to develop students intellectually, spiritually and morally into graduates able to make positive impacts in society.

The university boasts a ultramodern campus with facilities including an extensive library, high-tech laboratories, lecture theaters, student accommodation, sports complex and chapels. Clifford University also maintains linkages with partner universities overseas to facilitate student exchanges, adjunct teaching and collaborative research.

Clifford University received its operational license from Nigeria’s National Universities Commission in 2019 and all its programs are duly accredited. The university continues to enhance its offerings, facilities and partnerships to provide a conducive environment for learning. READ MORE HERE.

Faculties and Academic Departments

Clifford University runs undergraduate programs across the following 6 faculties:

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities promotes study of human culture, creativity and communication.

Department of English Language and Literature

Programs offered:

  • B.A. English Language
  • B.A. Literature in English

The English program equips students with strong writing, reading, communication and analytical skills. Graduates can work in education, publishing, public relations, journalism, law, business and other fields.

Department of History and International Studies

Programs offered:

  • B.A. History
  • B.A. International Relations

Students gain in-depth knowledge of historical and current global events, international policy, foreign relations, conflict and more. Graduates are prepared for careers in the civil service, diplomacy, global organizations, research, or further studies.

Department of Philosophy

Program offered:

  • B.A. Philosophy

The philosophy program helps students develop strong reasoning, critical thinking and writing abilities. Graduates are equipped for further studies or roles requiring rigorous analytical competencies.

Department of Religious Studies

Programs offered:

  • B.A. Christian Religious Studies
  • B.A. Islamic Religious Studies

Students explore the texts, beliefs, practices, history and theological foundations of Christianity and Islam. Graduates are prepared for roles in religious institutions, education, counseling and social work among others.

Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Programs offered:

  • B.A. Theatre Arts
  • B.A. Media Arts

These programs provide training in various aspects of visual and performing arts. Graduates can work in Nigeria’s thriving film, media and entertainment industry.

Faculty of Social and Management Sciences

This faculty focuses on human relations, business and organizational behavior.

Department of Economics

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Economics

Students learn economic theory, policy, analytical tools and principles. Graduates can work in the public sector, banking, business, consultancy or further their education.

Department of Business Administration

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Business Administration

The program provides foundation knowledge covering core aspects of business operations, management and strategy. Graduates are suited for diverse roles in the corporate sector.

Department of Accounting

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Accounting

Students are equipped with accounting skills including financial reporting, budgeting, auditing, taxation and managerial accounting. Graduates are prepared for careers in finance and professional certifications.

Department of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

The curriculum covers workplace relations, personnel management, HR policies and laws. Graduates are equipped for HR roles across different organizations.

Department of Banking and Finance

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Banking and Finance

Students gain well-rounded expertise in banking operations, financial management and investment analysis. Graduates can work in financial institutions or related agencies and corporations.

Department of Marketing

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Marketing

The program focuses on customer behavior analysis, advertising, marketing research, strategies and intelligence. Graduates are suited for roles in sales, advertising, public relations and more.

Department of Mass Communication

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Mass Communication

Students explore concepts in media theory, writing and production for print, broadcast and online media. Graduates are equipped for diverse media and public relations careers.

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

This faculty provides science-focused education to prepare students for professional careers in healthcare and medicine.

Department of Anatomy

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Human Anatomy

Students learn about the structure and functioning of human bodily systems and organs. Graduates can proceed into medicine, research, lecturing or work in medical labs.

Department of Physiology

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Human Physiology

The curriculum covers the normal functioning of human body systems. Graduates are equipped for further studies or careers in medical testing and health sciences.

Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science oversees programs exploring diverse natural systems and applied sciences.

Department of Microbiology

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Microbiology

Students gain extensive knowledge of microbial organisms and their impacts. Graduates can work in healthcare, biotechnology, food and beverage, agriculture and research fields.

Department of Biochemistry

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Biochemistry

This program covers the chemical processes within living systems and organisms. Graduates are prepared for further studies or roles in industries like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and medicine.

Department of Chemistry

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Chemistry

Students explore diverse areas of chemistry including organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and industrial chemistry. Graduates possess relevant competencies for education, manufacturing, oil and gas, research and more.

Department of Industrial Chemistry

Program offered:

  • B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry

The curriculum covers application of chemical principles to production, manufacturing and extraction processes. Graduates can work in process industries, quality control, consulting, or research.

Department of Physics

Programs offered:

  • B.Sc. Physics
  • B.Sc. Applied Physics

Students explore principles governing matter, energy and the universe. Graduates have relevant competencies for sectors like telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, consulting and research.

Department of Mathematics

Programs offered:

  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Industrial Mathematics

These programs equip students with analytical competencies and problem-solving skills applicable in diverse sectors. Graduates are prepared for careers in data science, analytics, engineering, education, business, and finance.

Department of Computer Science

Programs offered:

  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Information Technology

Students gain expertise in software development, databases, operating systems, networks, analytics, security and more. Graduates can work in technology operations, consulting and technical ventures.

Faculty of Law

Program offered:

  • LL.B Law

This program equips students with expansive knowledge of Nigerian legal systems, corporate, criminal and civil laws, litigation and advocacy. Graduates can proceed into diverse legal careers.

Faculty of Education

This faculty trains graduates for teaching careers across various levels of education.

Department of Science Education

Programs offered:

  • B.Ed. Biology Education
  • B.Ed. Chemistry Education
  • B.Ed. Mathematics Education
  • B.Ed. Physics Education

Graduates qualify to teach biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics in secondary schools.

Department of Arts Education

Programs offered:

  • B.Ed. English Education
  • B.Ed. History Education
  • B.Ed. Christian Religious Studies Education

Graduates are equipped to teach English, history and Christian religious studies courses in secondary schools.

Department of Primary Education Studies

Programs offered:

  • B.Ed. Early Childhood Education
  • B.Ed. Primary Education Studies

The department prepares graduates for teaching careers in nursery and primary education.

Department of Educational Administration and Planning

Program offered:

  • B.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning

Students gain knowledge of educational leadership, management, economics and planning to prepare them for administrative careers in education.

Programs equip graduates with teaching skills and content mastery for excellent instructional delivery.

Application Requirements

To apply for undergraduate programs at Clifford University, prospective students require:

  • 5 credits in SSCE/NECO including English, Mathematics and relevant subjects
  • Minimum UTME score of 180
  • Completed online or hard copy application form
  • Some programs may require aptitude tests or interviews

Tuition fees and Funding

Annual tuition fees for

Here is a continuation of the overview of undergraduate programs at Clifford University:

Tuition Fees and Funding

Annual tuition fees for undergraduate programs at Clifford University range from N200,000 – N350,000 depending on the program.

The university offers the following financial assistance:

  • Merit-based scholarships for exceptional students
  • Need-based grants and discounts for disadvantaged students
  • Work-study program enabling students to work part-time on campus
  • Payment plans allowing installment payments of fees

Students can also access loans through the Tertiary Education Trust Fund and commercial banks. External sponsorships from corporate bodies and organizations are also available.

Facilities at Clifford University

Clifford University provides the following facilities and resources:

  • Library with extensive print and digital resources
  • Standard classrooms equipped with multimedia tools
  • Science and computer laboratories with modern apparatus
  • Language laboratory with audio-visual resources
  • Arts, design and media studios
  • Chapels and worship centers
  • Sports complex, courts and gymnasium
  • Cafeteria with local and intercontinental dishes
  • On-campus clinics with basic healthcare
  • Campus accommodation with laundry services
  • Free high-speed internet connectivity
  • Shuttle services across campus
  • Standby power generators and water supply

International Partnerships

Clifford University maintains academic partnerships with these overseas universities:

  • Texas Southern University, USA
  • University of Dundee, Scotland
  • Kenyatta University, Kenya
  • University of Lagos, Nigeria

These facilitate student exchanges, split-degree programs, faculty visits, research collaborations and more.


Clifford University offers a wide range of accredited undergraduate programs across fields like arts, social sciences, science, law, education and medicine. With its faith-based approach, specialized facilities, international affiliations and academic excellence, the university provides students a supportive environment for spiritual and intellectual growth. Graduates are empowered with knowledge, skills and values to thrive professionally and contribute to societal advancement.


Does Clifford University accept international students?

Yes, Clifford University welcomes international students from any country. International applicants need to meet equivalent academic entry requirements.

What student support services are available?

  • Counseling and health services
  • Career advisory and placements
  • Entrepreneurship support
  • Disability services
  • Professional tutoring
  • Academic writing support
  • Extracurricular activities

What accommodation options exist?

  • On-campus hostels for male and female students
  • Private off-campus student residences nearby
  • Affordable rental apartments and rooms around the university

What IT resources and facilities are provided?

  • Computer laboratories
  • Free campus-wide WiFi
  • Access to global electronic libraries and journals
  • Software licenses for study and research
  • Printing and scanning services
  • Video conferencing capabilities

How safe is Clifford University and its environs?

The university has 24-hour security patrols, CCTV coverage, access control systems and emergency hotlines to ensure a safe and protected environment. The surrounding area also has low crime rates.


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