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A Comprehensive Guide to the Emmanuel Alayande University of Education Portals

Emmanuel Alayande University of Education (EAUED) is a specialized university in Oyo State, Nigeria focused on education and teacher training programs. The university provides two main online portals – the student portal and the admission portal – to facilitate academic processes and access for current and prospective students. Let’s examine these portals in detail:

EAUED Portal


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EAUED Student Portal

The EAUED student portal is an online platform targeted at current students to provide access to academic resources, records, and university services. VISIT HERE.

Key Features

Academic Records

Students can access their academic transcript, monitor their CGPA, view completed and registered courses, and track program progress each semester via the portal. This allows students to regularly monitor their academic standing.

Course Registration
At the start of each semester, students can log in to the portal and register for upcoming courses by selecting required and elective courses for the term. The portal displays course availability and schedules to facilitate the registration process which is mandatory for enrolment.

Fee Payment
The student portal allows students to conveniently pay their tuition, accommodation, acceptance and other university fees electronically through integrated payment gateways. Payment receipts can also be downloaded. This eliminates the need to physically visit banks and queues.

Resource Library
Lecture notes, course textbooks, assignments, past exams, general academic materials and program-specific learning resources are available for download through the portal library. This aids students in their learning and revision.

Assignment Submission
Students can submit coursework assignments including essays, reports, projects and take-home exams by uploading them through the portal. The portal tracks submission deadlines and sends notifications to prevent late submissions.

University Updates
Important notices, newsletters, events calendars, and announcements from the university administration and departments are shared on the portal. Students can remain updated about campus happenings.

Discussion Forum
Students can participate in topic-specific forums moderated by faculty to discuss course concepts, ask questions, clarify doubts, interact with peers and enable collaborative learning.

Help Desk
The portal offers a Help section with user guides, FAQs and tutorials about portal features. Students can also submit support tickets for any technical issues which are resolved promptly by the IT department.

Other Features
Additional facilities include online hostel management, ID card requests, department association interaction, polls and surveys, internship postings, alumni networking and more.


  • Ease of access to student records anytime, anywhere
  • Convenience in registering for courses, managing enrollment
  • Secure fee payment options
  • Availability of learning resources for exam preparation
  • Reduced workload through assignment submissions
  • Effective communication channel for university updates
  • Collaborative learning through forums
  • Quick resolution of portal issues

The student portal serves as a one-stop platform for students to manage their academic activities and access services seamlessly.

EAUED Admission Portal

EAUED provides an online admission portal specifically targeted at prospective students seeking admission into the university’s programs.

Key Features

Application Form
Prospective students can fill and submit the admission application form through the portal itself along with uploading necessary documents like transcripts, test scores, photographs and identity proof. This simplifies the application process.

Payment Gateway
The admission portal allows applicants to pay their application fee securely through the integrated payment gateway using credit/debit cards, bank transfer, mobile money etc. Applicants get instant confirmation upon successful payment.

Admission Resources
The admission requirements, application guidelines, program details with fees, scholarship information, academic calendar and other relevant resources are hosted on the portal for easy access by applicants.

Application Tracking
Applicants can track the status of their admission application in real-time through the portal once submitted. Any shortlists, selection updates or communication from the university will be visible on the portal dashboard.

A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions provides quick answers to common applicant queries related to eligibility, required documents, program details, scholarship availability, accommodation and other admission-related aspects.

Notices and Updates
New notices relevant to applicants are updated regularly on the admission portal. Important dates, deadlines, shortlists and general admission announcements are posted on the portal.

Help Centre
The help centre has user manuals, tutorials, contact forms and support resources that aid applicants in navigating and optimally utilizing the admission portal for their needs.


  • Simplified application submission procedure
  • Secure and convenient application fee payment
  • Availability of admission information in one place
  • Transparent tracking of application status
  • Quick resolution of applicant queries
  • Timely communication of admission updates

The admission portal makes the application and admission process easy and efficient for prospective students of EAUED through its student-focused features.

In summary, the Emmanuel Alayande University of Education provides dedicated online portals catering specifically to current students and applicants respectively. The student portal offers an array of academic services, learning resources, records access and updates for enrolled students while the admission portal facilitates the admission application process for aspiring students. Both portals utilize technology to make university processes convenient and hassle-free for students. The interactive portals put student empowerment and support at the core of their design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two main online portals offered by EAUED?

The two main portals are the student portal for current students and the admission portal for applicants and prospective students.

Who can access the EAUED student portal?

The student portal is only accessible to currently enrolled students at EAUED using their unique login credentials.

What services does the student portal provide?

Services include course registration, fee payment, academic records, resource downloading, assignment submission, updates, discussion forums, and help desk access.

Who can access the admission portal?

It is publicly accessible but mainly targeted at applicants who want to apply for admission to EAUED programs.

What is the main purpose of the admission portal?

It allows prospective students to submit their admission application, pay fees securely, track status and access information online.

How can students reset their portal password?

Students can use the password reset option, verify identity and reset their password. The portals also offer forgot password assistance.

Can the portals be accessed on mobile devices?

Yes, the portals are mobile-responsive allowing access seamlessly from any device using the internet.

I hope this detailed overview provides comprehensive information about the student and admission portals offered by Emmanuel Alayande University. Let me know if you need any clarifications!


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