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The Federal University Wukari (FUWUKARI) portal at fuwukari.edu.ng is an invaluable online resource for both current and prospective students of this esteemed Nigerian university.

As your one-stop shop for all things related to admissions, student life, and academic screening at FUWUKARI, the user-friendly portal aims to provide up-to-date, comprehensive information to empower students to make informed decisions about their academic journey.

Admissions Information and Resources

Navigating the admissions process can be challenging, but the FUWUKARI portal strives to simplify matters by centralizing essential information and resources.

Undergraduate Admissions

For those looking to gain undergraduate admission to FUWUKARI, the portal outlines step-by-step application instructions, deadlines, and requirements.

Application Deadlines

  • Early applications open: March 1st
  • Regular applications close: August 31st

Key requirements include:

  • SSCE/GCE O’Levels/NECO with at least 5 credit passes
  • Minimum cut-off marks in UTME exams
  • Post-UTME screening
  • Pre-admission screening

The portal provides direct links to the undergraduate application form and examination bodies for obtaining certificates.

Helpful articles guide applicants through the entire process from registering for entrance exams through to admission offers. The frequently asked questions (FAQs) section addresses common undergraduate queries.

Postgraduate Admissions

The portal also houses essential information on postgraduate diplomas, master’s degrees, and PhD programs.

Application components generally include:

  • Minimum GPA/class of degree requirements
  • Relevant entrance examinations (e.g. POST-UTME)
  • Departmental screening

Deadlines, fees, available departments, and instructions for the various postgraduate programs are outlined in detail. Links to application forms make initiating the process simple.

Student Life Resources

Once admitted to the university, FUWUKARI aims to ensure students transition smoothly into academic and campus life. The portal offers access to critical information and services covering vital aspects of the student experience.

Student Records

Students can securely access their academic transcripts, enrollment status letters, attendance reports, term results, and other records through the portal. These can be downloaded or printed anytime, helping students monitor their performance.

Financial Aid Services

The portal provides comprehensive information on available scholarships, bursaries, and study grants. This covers eligibility, application timelines and procedures.

For affordable student living, FUWUKARI also facilitates applications for on-campus hostel accommodation and means-tested meal tickets.

Student Support Services

To enable wellbeing and success, the university offers extensive support services that students can explore on the portal, including:

  • Counseling services – for mental health, relationships, stress, addictions etc.
  • Academic advisory – guidance on program planning, learning resources etc.
  • Career services – internships, mentorship, job applications support etc.
  • Disability support – assistive technologies, sign language interpreters etc.
  • Chaplaincy – spiritual and religious guidance.

Contact information for each service is provided on the portal for ease of access.

Academic Screening Details

Gaining admission is just the first step. Ensuring students meet minimum academic ability standards is crucial for their success. The portal provides key details on pre and post-admission screening processes.

Pre-Admission Screening

All applicants must complete pre-admission screening before offers are finalized. This computer-based standardized test assesses quantitative reasoning, literacy, and critical thinking abilities across diverse fields.

Key details include:

  • Registration deadline: July 31st
  • Screening location: ICT centers in Wukari/Jalingo
  • Test duration: 60 minutes
  • Registration procedures and sample tests help applicants prepare adequately.

Post-UTME Screening

Admitted students undergo further screening through the Post-UTME exam tailored to their proposed department/faculty. This determines subject knowledge and ultimate suitability for their program.

Assessment components vary but generally involve:

  • Computer-based tests – covering core subjects, literacy, quantitative skills etc.
  • Oral interviews – to gauge wider aptitude, communication abilities etc.

The portal provides the Post-UTME schedule, registration process, scope of examination, and other key details. Applicants can also access previous years’ question papers for revision.

Other Notable Resources

Apart from the major categories above, the portal houses many other valuable resources for students including:

University Calendar – Details key academic dates and deadlines for payments, examinations, holidays etc.

Campus Map – Interactive map of the 638-acre campus with all academic and residential building locations.

Directory – Contact information for all university departments and staff.

News & Announcements – Regular university updates on events, policy changes etc.

E-Learning – Access online course materials, recorded lectures, discussion forums etc.

FUWUKARI Email – Secure student email service accessible on- and off-campus.


In summary, the FUWUKARI portal seeks to ease every step of the student journey – from admissions to graduation and beyond. By providing centralized access to academic resources, administrative services, and community support, it enables applicants and students to make smooth transitions as they work towards their education goals.

Information is tailored not just towards admitted students but prospective applicants as well, painted a clear, insightful picture of life at FUWUKARI.

As the university strives towards excellence as a research-intensive institution, the user-friendly portal will continue evolving as well to match the needs of 21st century students.

Whether just starting the admissions process or approaching graduation, all FUWUKARI students and applicants are encouraged to fully utilize the wide-ranging resources on the portal.


Q: What is the deadline for undergraduate admission applications?

A: The deadline for early undergraduate applications is March 1st, while the final deadline is August 31st each year.

Q: Can diploma students also use the portal?

A: Yes, diploma and certificate program students have access to all portal resources just like undergraduate and postgraduates.

Q: Is screening compulsory even for postgraduate applicants?

A: Yes, all students undergo standardized pre-admission testing. Postgraduate applicants may also face oral assessments.

Q: Can I access previous years’ past examination papers?

A: Yes, the portal has a database of previous POST-UTME papers across departments to aid your preparation.

Q: Apart from academic records, what else can students access?

A: The portal allows students to access campus accommodation applications, financial aid status, discussion forums, career guidance resources and more.


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