40 Fantastic Free Google Slides Templates and Themes for Teachers

As an educator, you’re constantly seeking innovative ways to engage your students and make learning more enjoyable.

One powerful tool at your disposal is Google Slides, which allows you to create dynamic and interactive presentations. However, designing a presentation from scratch can be time-consuming.

That’s where free Google Slides templates and themes for teachers come to the rescue.

In this post, I’ll explore 40 fantastic templates across various subjects, helping you add an exciting dimension to your classroom.

40 Fantastic Free Google Slides Templates and Themes for Teachers

General Education

1. Education Free Google Slides Theme

2. Colorful Education Google Slides Theme

3. Back to School Google Slides Theme

4. Classroom Google Slides Theme

5. Student Google Slides Theme

6. Teacher Google Slides Theme


7. Math Google Slides Theme

8. Math Mat Template

  • Link: Math Mat Template
  • Description: Turn your lessons into interactive experiences with this math-themed template.

9. Geometry Google Slides Theme

10. Algebra Google Slides Theme

11. Calculus Google Slides Theme


12. Science Google Slides Theme

13. Biology Google Slides Theme

14. Chemistry Google Slides Theme

15. Physics Google Slides Theme

16. Earth Science Google Slides Theme

English Language Arts

17. English Google Slides Theme

18. Literature Google Slides Theme

19. Grammar Google Slides Theme

20. Writing Google Slides Theme

21. Vocabulary Google Slides Theme

Social Studies

22. Social Studies Google Slides Theme

23. History Google Slides Theme

24. Geography Google Slides Theme

25. Government Google Slides Theme

26. Economics Google Slides Theme

Foreign Languages

27. Spanish Google Slides Theme

28. French Google Slides Theme

29. German Google Slides Theme

30. Chinese Google Slides Theme

  • Link: Chinese Google Slides Theme
  • Description: Introduce students to the beauty of the Chinese language and culture with this template.

31. Japanese Google Slides Theme


32. Art Google Slides Theme

  • Link: Art Google Slides Theme
  • Description: Inspire creativity and artistic expression with this visually appealing template.

33. Music Google Slides Theme

34. PE Google Slides Theme

  • Link: PE Google Slides Theme
  • Description: Encourage physical education and fitness using this interactive template.

35. Technology Google Slides Theme

36. Career Education Google Slides Theme

Bonus Templates

37. Interactive Google Slides Theme

38. Gamified Google Slides Theme

39. Project-Based Learning Google Slides Theme

40. Differentiated Instruction Google Slides Theme

Where to Find Free Google Slides Templates

Now that you’ve discovered an array of amazing Google Slides templates, you may wonder where to find them. Here are some reliable sources:

  • The Google Slides Template Gallery: The official Google repository offers a variety of templates that you can easily use.
  • SlidesMania: This website provides a wealth of creative and free templates, including many of the ones mentioned in this article.
  • Template Monster: A hub for high-quality templates, some of which are available for free.
  • Envato Elements: A subscription-based service offering a vast selection of templates, including those for Google Slides.
  • Canva: A user-friendly platform for designing presentations, Canva offers free templates for Google Slides.
  • Creative Commons Search: Explore open-access resources for free templates to suit your needs.

To download a template from the Google Slides Template Gallery, simply click on the template you want and then click the “Use Template” button.

For templates from the other websites, you’ll need to create an account and download them in a Google Slides-compatible format, such as .pptx or .pdf.

Once you’ve secured a template, you can seamlessly open it in Google Slides and customize it to your heart’s content.

Tailor the colors, fonts, images, and text to create a presentation that perfectly suits your educational requirements.

By incorporating these free Google Slides templates into your teaching strategy, you can transform your lessons into engaging and interactive experiences.

Happy teaching!

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