FSBN Scholarship 2023 Application Ongoing

The Federal Scholarship Board of Nigeria Scholarship (FSBN) has a long-standing history of promoting academic excellence. Through its various scholarship programs, it has enabled countless Nigerian students to pursue their educational dreams.

In this article on Ngschoolboard, we’ll delve deep into one of its most prestigious offerings, the FSBN Scholarship.

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FSBN Scholarship
FSBN Scholarship

What is the FSBN Scholarship?

The Federal Scholarship Board of Nigerian Scholarship (FSBN Scholarship) is a government-funded initiative designed to support Nigerian students in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The scholarship is given to students based on merit and is aimed at promoting academic excellence in the nation.

Eligibility Criteria for FSBN

Before applying for the FSBN Scholarship, it’s essential to know the eligibility criteria:

Nationality: Must be a Nigerian citizen.

Educational Level: Depending on the specific scholarship category, applicants might be undergraduates or postgraduates.

Academic Performance: A consistent high level of academic performance is essential. This often means a minimum GPA or its equivalent, depending on the scholarship type.

Here is the official link to the Federal Scholarship Board for more details on the eligibility criteria; https://fsbn.com.ng/.

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FSBN Exam Format

Here is a list of the subject combinations for the Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN):

1. Analogy

2. Arithmetic

3. Current Affairs

4. Information Technology

5. Verbal Reasoning

6. Quantitative Reasoning

7. English Language

Application Process

Online Registration: Start by registering online on the official FSBN website. Ensure you fill in accurate information and upload the necessary documents.

Document Verification: After submission, there’s a verification process where the FSBN team checks the authenticity of the documents submitted.

Examination: Eligible candidates might be required to take a qualifying examination.

Interview: Successful candidates from the examination might be called for an interview.

Award: After the interview, successful candidates are awarded the scholarship.

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Benefits of the FSBN Scholarship

Tuition Fee: Depending on the category, FSBN Scholarship covers either full or partial tuition fees.

Monthly Stipends: Beneficiaries often receive a monthly allowance to cater for their living expenses.

Research Grants: For postgraduate students, there’s sometimes a provision for research grants.

How to Check FSBN Exam Date

To find out when and where your Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN) exam will take place, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your web browser.

2. Use either Google Chrome or Safari on your phone or computer.

3. Visit the Federal Government Scholarship Board exam portal at https://fsbn.com.ng/applicants/cbt.

4. On the portal, enter your phone number or the last 6 digits of your applicant number. For example, you can input 09027811917 or FSB/NA/2020/000000.

5. After entering your details, click the CHECK button to see your exam date.

6. Once you’ve done that, click the green check button to reveal your FSBN CBT center and exam date.

7. Don’t forget to print out your examination slip by clicking on the Print button.

By following these steps, you’ll easily find out the date and location of your FSBN examination.

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FSBN Exam Venues

Here’s the  list of the examination venues for the Federal Government Scholarship (FSBN):

  RiversPort Harcourt


The Federal Scholarship Board – Nigerian Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for Nigerian students to alleviate the financial burden of higher education.

Not only does it recognize academic excellence, but it also provides a platform for beneficiaries to excel in their respective fields. If you believe you meet the criteria, don’t hesitate to apply. This could be the stepping stone to a brighter academic future.

Note: Always refer to the official FSBN website for the most up-to-date information on the scholarship and its application process.

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