NITDA Blockchain Scholarship 2023/2024

The 2023/2024 NITDA Blockchain Scholarship scheme has started receiving applications. Its purpose is to teach blockchain technology to 30,000 Nigerians for future job opportunities. To apply, you must meet certain qualifications.

Are you eligible for this scholarship program? Let’s explore the application criteria and process here on Ngschoolboard.

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NITDA Blockchain Scholarship
NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

About the 2023 NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

The NITDA Blockchain Scholarship, 2023 Scheme, is a joint effort by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Domineum Blockchain Solutions.

Launched in 2022, this program aided over 20,000 Nigerians from diverse regions. Ashifu Inuwa CCIE, NITDA’s Director General/CEO, emphasized its core goal: to accelerate blockchain adoption in Nigeria, making the nation a key player globally.

Whether you’re entering the blockchain field or planning to, seize this chance to be an early contributor to the fourth industrial revolution.

Domineum Blockchain Solutions, the program’s implementation partner, collaborates with BSV Blockchain Academy for course content.

This scholarship program offers a hybrid learning approach, blending physical and virtual meetups across all states in Nigeria, enabling applications from every corner.

Furthermore, outstanding project teams will have a London incubation opportunity to refine their industry skills, while other beneficiaries can engage in various blockchain projects within the BSV Ecosystem.

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Application Requirements

To apply for the 2023 NITDA scholarship program, you need to meet some straightforward requirements. The program welcomes applicants who meet these criteria:

Nigerian Citizenship: Applicants must be Nigerian citizens residing in any state of the federation.

Time Commitment: All applicants should be ready to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week to the program.

Access to a Device: You’ll need access to a laptop or desktop computer to participate in the program and attend classes.

Stable Internet: It’s essential to have access to fast and reliable internet throughout the program.

Commitment and Determination: Applicants must demonstrate commitment and determination in learning and the tech industry.

Importantly, you don’t need any prior programming experience to apply, and having such skills won’t give you an advantage over others. However, if you do have prior programming skills or experience, you are still welcome to apply for the program.

Eligibility for NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

For PhD Applicants: University or polytechnic lecturers holding an MSc in any information technology-related field are eligible for sponsorship.

For MSc Applicants: All Nigerian citizens with a First Class or Second Class (Upper) Honors Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in an information technology-related field are eligible if they haven’t previously benefited from the Agency’s Scholarship Scheme.

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Criteria for NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

The scholarship is purely merit-based and is distributed evenly among the six geopolitical zones for Ph.D. candidates and across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for MSc applicants.

There’s no prerequisite for prior programming experience. The scholarship is open to any Nigerian willing to commit a minimum of 20 hours per week, possessing a laptop or desktop computer, and showcasing a strong passion and determination.

Duration for NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

The master’s program spans one year, while the doctoral program extends over three years.

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How to Apply for the NITDA Blockchain Scholarship

Applying for the 2023 NITDA blockchain scholarship is a straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

Visit the NITDA Scholarship Application Page

Typically, you would find an application Google form provided by the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) on their website. However, please note that the application is currently closed, and it will reopen from 31st October to 28th November 2023.

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Review the Website for Updates

Keep an eye on their website for any new information or updates regarding the scholarship.

Read Instructions Thoroughly

Before filling out the form, carefully read and understand all the provided instructions.

Complete the Form with Care

Fill out the application form with accurate information, and take a moment to review your responses.

Submit Your Application

Once you’ve filled out the form and reviewed it, proceed to submit your application.

Stay tuned to their website for further details and updates.

Benefits of the NITDA Blockchain Scholarship Scheme

Participating in the NITDA blockchain scholarship scheme brings forth a multitude of advantages for students. It’s crucial, however, to have a genuine interest in delving into the world of blockchain technology to apply.

Here are some of the benefits that await those who become part of the NITDA blockchain scholarship:

Financial Support: Selected candidates receive comprehensive financial backing, encompassing tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses. This eases the financial load associated with pursuing advanced studies or research in blockchain technology.

Skill Enhancement: The scholarship program offers a platform for recipients to nurture their skills and knowledge in blockchain technology. They gain access to top-notch education from esteemed institutions, thereby boosting their proficiency in this emerging domain. This, in turn, opens doors to a broad spectrum of career opportunities within the blockchain industry.

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Networking and Collaboration: Scholars have the chance to connect with experts, industry insiders, and fellow scholars in the field of blockchain. This network and collaborative atmosphere facilitate the exchange of ideas, foster interdisciplinary learning, and create avenues for future partnerships and joint ventures.

Research Prospects: The NITDA blockchain scholarship strongly encourages research in the realm of blockchain technology. Scholars can contribute to advancing this field through their research projects, potentially leading to innovative solutions, academic publications, and real-world applications.

Career Advancement: The scholarship significantly bolsters the career prospects of its beneficiaries. Blockchain technology is gaining prominence across various sectors, including finance, supply chain, healthcare, and more. By acquiring specialized knowledge and skills through this program, scholars position themselves for promising career prospects and improved job opportunities in the blockchain sector.

Recognition and Prestige: Being selected as a recipient of the NITDA blockchain scholarship signifies acknowledgment of one’s potential and dedication to blockchain technology. It adds prestige to a scholar’s profile and serves as a valuable credential when pursuing future opportunities, such as employment or further academic pursuits.

Contribution to National Development: The NITDA scholarship aligns with the agency’s mission to drive the development and adoption of information technology in Nigeria. By supporting scholars in the field of blockchain technology, the program contributes to the growth of the country’s digital economy and positions Nigeria as a hub for blockchain innovation.

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Application Timeline

The 2023 NITDA Blockchain Scholarship program is set to reopen for applications from October 31st to November 28th, 2023. If you’re interested, it’s strongly recommended to submit your application before this deadline.

Please take note that NITDA does not intend to extend the application deadline, so any submissions made after the specified date will not be considered valid.

Following the application period, a total of 30,000 applicants will be shortlisted to take part in the scholarship program. The course is scheduled to commence on December 1st, 2023, right after the selection process.

Final Words

In conclusion, NITDA is steadfast in its commitment to creating extensive employment opportunities through digital skills development. Their latest endeavor is an ambitious project aimed at training one million software developers across the nation. The NITDA Blockchain Scholarship (NBS) program plays a pivotal role in this mission, equipping participants with the skills needed to elevate their ventures.

Considering that blockchain technology is still in its nascent stages and signifies the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, Africa holds the potential to narrow the technology gap with other continents. This can be achieved by embracing early adoption and cultivating a pool of skilled professionals in the blockchain industry.


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