FULOKOJA Aggregate Score for all Courses

FULOKOJA Aggregate Scores and Cut-Off Marks

Gaining admission into your desired course at the Federal University Lokoja (FULOKOJA) requires surpassing a series of benchmarks and assessments.

A pivotal determinant is attaining the prescribed aggregate cut-off score stipulated by Nigeria’s fastest-rising federal university.

For FULOKOJA, the baseline aggregate score for consideration in all courses currently stands at 170. This implies scoring a minimum aggregate of 170 to initially qualify for screening into any programme.

However, some high-demand courses have exceptions with markedly higher benchmarks due to their competitive nature. As an aspiring student, attaining these base scores grants you formal eligibility to advance to other crucial stages in FULOKOJA’s stringent admission process.

This article provides in-depth insights on navigating the aggregate score equation, including vital departmental cut-off marks per course you need to factor in.

FULOKOJA Aggregate Score for all Courses

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FULOKOJA Aggregate Score Fundamentals

As a premier national university, FULOKOJA adopts a rigorous mechanism in determining successful candidates admitted into its diverse programmes annually. This process considers your academic performances in multiple examinations, weighted differently towards an aggregate score.

The aggregate cut-off score for each course is calculated thus:

FULOKOJA Aggregate Score = (JAMB Score × 40%) + (Post-UTME Score × 60%)

From the above:

  • Your UTME performance accounts for 40%
  • Your Post-UTME constitutes 60%

These individual percentage contributing scores are what is computed towards your aggregate.

To qualify for FULOKOJA’s admission for most courses, you require:

  • Minimum UTME Score of 170
  • Competitive Post UTME Score
  • Aggregate Cut-Off: 170 and above

However, this varies significantly for exceptionally competitive Schools and Faculties in the University. This brings us to a crucial aspect – departmental cut-off marks.

Departmental Cut-Off Marks

While FULOKOJA’s baseline aggregate score is 170, several of its Schools, Faculties and Departments have instituted additional benchmarks you need to surpass. These departmental cut-off marks are imposed to further screen eligible candidates and admit only the highest performing for their respective programmes.

FULOKOJA Departmental Aggregate Cut-Off Marks

Faculty/DepartmentProgrammeCut-Off Mark
Medicine and SurgeryMBBS250
EngineeringAll Engineering Programmes220
Natural SciencesNursing Science220
Natural SciencesAnatomy210
Natural SciencesPhysiology210
Natural SciencesBiochemistry210
Natural SciencesMicrobiology210
Natural SciencesIndustrial Chemistry210
Management SciencesAccountancy190
Management SciencesBanking and Finance190
Management SciencesBusiness Administration190
Arts and HumanitiesEconomics190
Arts and HumanitiesEnglish190
Arts and HumanitiesHistory190
Arts and HumanitiesPhilosophy190

This schedule above displays key competitive faculties and departments with additional cut-offs ranging from 190 to as high as 250.

The implication is that even if you achieve FULOKOJA’s general 170 aggregate score for most courses, selected Schools would require higher scores. For instance:

  • To study Civil Engineering, you need at least 220 aggregate
  • To attempt Medicine, you need minimum of 250 aggregate

Therefore, identify and strategically target the appropriate departmental cut-off mark for your chosen programme.

Surpassing these heightened departmental requirements coupled with stellar Post UTME performance puts you in prime position for admission. However, one final hurdle typically remains – the admission quota.

Admission Quota Factor

An underlying factor governing FULOKOJA admissions is the quota for intake allocated to each programme annually. Even if you achieve departmental cut-off marks, limited vacancies mean admission is still intensely competitive.

The admission quota per department varies and is influenced by:

  • NUC Accreditation: Nigeria’s regulatory National Universities Commission stipulates maximum carrying capacity of programmes based on available learning facilities and personnel to ensure academic standards.
  • Competitiveness: Applications received annually for specific programmes also impacts amount of candidates admitted. Exceptionally high interests in particular courses like Medicine exerts quota pressures.

Therefore, aim to score comfortably above FULOKOJA’s general and departmental cut-off marks to enhance your chances of fitting into the admission quota.


Demystifying the FULOKOJA aggregate score requirements is integral to charting your admission success map.

Blend exceptional performances in UTME and Post-UTME to achieve the base 170 aggregate score. More crucially, identify and surpass your department’s specified cut-off marks to formally qualify.

This foundation sets you firmly on track to accessing higher education at one of Nigeria’s most rapidly advancing universities.


What is FULOKOJA’s general admission cut-off mark?

170 is the universally set aggregate score for admission consideration into most undergraduate programmes at FULOKOJA

What percentage weight is allocated to UTME and Post-UTME towards the aggregate score?

UTME constitutes 40% while Post-UTME makes up the larger 60% segment.

Where can I confirm departmental cut-off marks?

Refer to the table in this article outlining competitive Faculties and Departments with elevated cut-off requirements. Also check FULOKOJA’s website.

Can I still change my programme after admission?

Yes. FULOKOJA allows students admitted into a particular programme to apply for an internal change of course, subject to conditions like available vacancies and meeting cut-offs.

What if I score above the cut-off mark but admission chances still seem dim?

Apart from meeting cut-off marks, admission is largely dependent on quota. Therefore aim for marks sufficiently above stated cut-offs and excel in post-screening.


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