PLASU Cut Off Mark For All Courses | JAMB & POST UTME

The Plateau State University (PLASU) cut off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session is a crucial piece of information for all prospective students.

The cut off mark determines the minimum score that candidates need to be eligible to apply and potentially secure admission into their desired courses at the prestigious university.

PLASU Cut Off Mark For All Courses


The PLASU cut off mark applies to all courses offered at the university. However, while there is a fixed JAMB cut off mark set at 160, the specific departmental cut off marks often differ based on the course of study.

The departmental cut off marks are typically released after the general JAMB cut off mark and provide more targeted score requirements for each department and course.

Meeting and even exceeding these departmental cut off marks is essential to improving one’s chances of securing the highly coveted admission slot.

Key Details on PLASU Cut Off Scores

  • JAMB Cut Off Mark – 160
  • Departmental Cut Off Marks – Varies per department (TBD)
  • Release Date – Yet to be announced by the university
  • Application Deadline – Usually July/August (TBD)

While the departmental cut off marks are not yet available, it is expected that the university and various faculties will provide these details before the application window closes.

Prospective students are advised to check the official PLASU admission portal and website regularly for updates.

Importance of Meeting PLASU Cut Off Marks

Meeting the defined JAMB and departmental cut off marks for your desired course is extremely essential to actualizing your dreams of pursuing higher education at PLASU.

Here’s why it matters:

  • Achieving the cutoff marks makes you eligible to apply in the first place
  • It significantly improves your chances of securing admission
  • The admission process at PLASU is highly competitive
  • There are limited slots available for students
  • Higher cutoffs apply for popular and competitive courses

Therefore, meeting and even exceeding the set cutoff marks can determine whether or not you’ll be part of the next batch of PLASU students. Strategic planning, commitment and hard work are required.

Tips on How to Meet PLASU Cut Off Marks

Here are some valuable tips to guide you in your efforts to attain the PLASU cut off marks for your course(s):


  • Thoroughly prepare for the exam – study past questions, DOT subjects, etc.
  • Ensure strong grasp of core subjects like English, Math, Physics etc.
  • Take mock exams for practice
  • Work on your speed, accuracy and technique

Carefully Select Your Courses

  • Choose courses you perform well in
  • Target less competitive courses to improve chances
  • Confirm the usual cut off marks for your choices from previous years
  • Apply for all related course choices (1st, 2nd and 3rd choice)

Apply Early

  • Apply as soon as applications open (usually Jul/Aug)
  • Complete all aspects of the application accurately
  • Ensure you meet all prerequisites early


The PLASU cut off mark is a pivotal benchmark that every prospective student must work towards attaining. Though the specific departmental cut off marks are not yet defined, the general 160 JAMB cut off mark applies.

As the application deadline draws near, check the official university admission portal regularly for updates on the departmental cut offs. Furthermore, make use of the tips outlined to optimally prepare for your UTME, apply for strategic course options early, and boost your chances of admission success at PLASU.

All the best!


What is the PLASU JAMB cut off mark for all courses?

The PLU cut off mark set by JAMB for all courses is 160. All candidates who score 160 and above are eligible to apply for their desired programmes.

Are the PLASU departmental cut off marks out?

No, the faculty and department specific cut off marks are not yet released by PLASU. The cut offs often differ based on the course of study. Prospective students are to keep checking the university website for updates.

When is the PLASU admissions application deadline?

The application deadline varies but is typically in July or August of the next academic year. Eligible students are advised to apply as soon as the portal opens to improve their admission chances.

Does PLASU accept second-choice candidates?

Yes, PLASU accepts and admits some candidates who apply to study there as their 2nd or 3rd choice. However, first choice candidates are prioritized during selection.

What is most important in meeting PLASU cut offs?

Scoring the minimum 160 JAMB cut off mark is essential. However, students require higher cut off marks depending on their course(s) of choice. Meeting departmental cut offs for competitive courses is crucial.


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